Complete Savages

ABC (ended 2005)


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  • this show was great. one of the best things on friday nights. now what is there to watch?

    this was such a great show because there was just so many different types of people that it made it funny and enjoyable to watch. each person brought something else to the table. Sam was the type of brother that was smart so if he would then you would pay him to do your homework. and jack and chris were the brothers that t.j and kyle could look up to. they got into trouble but they were so cool and fun you just liked 'em. and evey family has to have a bad-boy and they had kyle. none of the others could keep track of him. but the one that everyone had to love was t.j. who could turn their head from the cute youngest brother that was to young to get blamed for any real danger. the real reason why the show was so fun was that nick, no matter how he would try, could never keep the boys from the trouble that we all know they would get into (and uncle jimmy didn't help much). its funny and clean and thats what make it so good. people can watch a show and not have to tell their kids to close their eyes or go to bed. its for everyone. so please put it back on the air.