Complete Savages

ABC (ended 2005)


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  • Complete Savages is based around five different teenage boys, who live with their widowed father. It shows their lives and the mayhem they cause. Very funny.

    Complete Savages must be one of the funniest programmes on Nickelodeon. It's based on five teenage boys and their widowed father, who tries to keep them out of trouble. The mayhem they cause is hilarious and will definetley make you laugh. Each of the boys are different and it shows their individual problems, which bring the show up more on the funny scale. Unlike most of the shows on children's channels it uses the words such as a** and cr*p. Due to this, I'd say it's suitable for teenagers and if adults have nothing better to do, they should watch it also. Jack, the one that is a bit of a lady's man, cheats on girls and two times them and turns into into a comical thing, which gives the viewer the impression that it's cool to cheat on girls. That is really my own downfall on the show, but I'm not really bothered about that kind of thing, but I know most women/girls will be.
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