Complete Savages

Season 1 Episode 10

Thanksgiving With the Savages

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 26, 2004 on ABC



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    • (Locked in the bathroom while the turkey is outside trying to break in)
      T.J.: It's still out there.
      Jack: We should have killed it when we had the chance.
      Chris: Now he's gonna kill us.
      Kyle: And I've gotta go to the bathroom!
      Sam: We're in the bathroom.
      Kyle: I can't go with people watching.
      (More banging at the door)
      Angela: This is ridiculous, you're five grown men.
      (Dog barks)
      Angela: Ok six.

      (Watching the parade with balloons floating in the air on TV)
      Kyle (To his brothers): It'd be so cool if all those balloons started coming alive and killing everybody.
      (Kyle looks at the TV)
      Kyle (Heartfelt): Oh there's Santa.

      (Making out)
      Angela: You know Sam, you don't have to tell your brothers every time we're gonna kiss.
      Sam: Yes, I do it's the first time in 15 years that they've envied me.
      Angela: But your captain of the mathketeers and treasurer of the ping pong club.
      Sam: Those titles don't even generate the kind of envy you'd think.

      (After learning Sam doesn't want to spend Thanksgiving with the family)
      Nick (To Sam): You can't abandon us on Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday.
      T.J.: Just because you don't have to buy us presents.

      (After learning Sam doesn't want to spend Thanksgiving with the family)
      Kyle: He's dead to me
      Nick: Kyle-
      Kyle: DEAD!

      (Discussing dressing nice for going out to dinner at a restaurant)
      Jack: Hey dad why do we have to get dressed up? We're going to be sitting at a table.
      Chris: Yeah no one will see us from here down. We really don't even need pants.

      Officer Cox: Happy Thanksgiving Baby
      Misty: You too Steve.
      Officer Cox: Officer Cox.

      (After bringing home the last live turkey from a farm)
      Kyle: Poor fella, nobody picked him for Thanksgiving!
      T.J.: That means he would have gotten to live!
      Kyle: It's still embarrassing!

      (After a failed attempt from Kyle trying to fill it up with cough syrup, the boys try to figure out how to kill a live turkey)
      Chris: No, there's gotta be a nicer way to do it.
      Kyle: Aww, why don't you hug him to death?
      Chris: Why don't you hug my butt?
      Kyle: Oh, I'll hug it...with my foot up it!
      Chris: I'd like to see you try.
      Kyle: So would I!
      Chris: Then do it.
      Kyle: You do it!
      Chris: You want me to put YOUR foot up MY butt?

      (The boys trying to find a rapid Turkey in the dark)
      T.J.: Ow! Something bit me!
      Kyle: Oh you're such a baby.
      (The turkey bites him)
      Kyle: Ow! He bit my leg!

      (Angela hands Sam a gravy boat)
      Sam: Wow if my brothers could see me using a gravy boat.
      Judy: They'd be impressed?
      Sam: No they'd beat me to a pulp.

      Grandma Nana (To Bob about the gravy boat): If I'd given it to you, you would've lost it in one of your divorces or traded it for opium.

      Judy: It needs to be said. We can't all pretend it doesn't exist, like Eleanor.
      Jeff: For God's sake Judy. You promised you wouldn't bring up Eleanor today.
      Sam: Who's Eleanor?
      Angela: Sam, don't!
      Bob: Eleanor is Nana's "roommate".
      Grammy Nana: For the last time we are just sharing expenses.
      Judy: And a bed.

      Jeff: Enough! I am putting the gravy boat back in the hutch.
      Bob: Oh you mean the same hutch that was supposed to be my wedding gift?
      Grammy Nana: She was 16!
      Bob: It was Thailand, things are different there!

      (Jimmy and Nick coming home from work)
      Jimmy: Man, did you see that babe standing outside in her bra?
      Nick: Jimmy...her home burned down.
      Jimmy: I'm not saying it's not tragic, I'm just saying...wowewowow!

      (After Nick and Jimmy run up the stairs towards the bathroom full of screaming savage boys and Angela scared of a live Turkey)
      (The kids exiting the bathroom looking around the hall)
      Nick: What? Was there a burglar in the house?
      Kyle: No it was a…
      (Jack hits him)
      Jack: burglar.

      (Eating Thanksgiving dinner)
      Jack: I'm thankful for...girls
      Chris: Girls.
      Kyle: Girls.
      Jimmy: Girls.
      Sam (To Angela): This girl.
      Angela (To Sam): You liking this girl.
      T.J.: It's a toss up between armpit farts and regular farts.
      Nick: We'll come back to you. You know what I'm thankful for? That I have five sons who would do something as stupid as steal a turkey so that I could have a happy Thanksgiving. And girls. Pass the gravy.
      T.J.: Regular farts. Definitely regular farts.

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    • Grandma Nana: I hate dogs, I was once mauled by a Collie.

      Of course this is a reference to the old show Lassie because June Lockheart (Grandma Nana) played the mother on Lassie.