Complete Savages

Season 1 Episode 11

The Man Without a Ball

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 03, 2004 on ABC

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  • The dog is a hoot!

    Sooner or later, Betty White would go from a Golden Girl to a crochity neighbor, Mrs. Agnes Riley!

    But it was the dog (Kelly) who stole the show! Seeing the dog with a bow ribbon on his hair was a hoot! The best part was when Nick told the dog to fetch the basketball, and he gets Mrs. Riley's leg! I laughed my head off when the dog took her artificial leg & she screamed, "I'm coming for you Savage, and your little dog too!"

    Unfortunately when this first aired, it wasn't seen in Houston due to a chemical fire in SW Houston. So a fan from Colorado was kind enough to send me a vcr tape.
  • a must watch!!!

    When Nick is off to go and play golf wiv Uncle Jimmy, he leaves the boys to rake the yard (last years leaves). When Nick leave th boys get started on playing rakeball!! Sam tries to show off to the dog but accidentaly hits the ball over the fence into Old Lady Riley's yard. Kyle jumps over the fence to get it back but Riley gets it first. The boys remember that its Nick's game ball from when he was young, so they have to get it back. They make a deal with her, they will get the ball back if they clean her yard. After they clean it, Riley pretends not to remember. So when she goes out, they go into her house looking for it. They can't find it. they take her bird as hostage. they call her up and try to blackmailher but she has there dog. nick goes to her house to try an get him back, so he escapes and takes her artificial leg. they go back home. riley arranges to meet ick in her yard to swap back. he agrees and gets his ball back.
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