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  • Yuk

    Con was a really stupid show, i hated it and the host was really annoying. The show was obviously so fake with none of the pranks or cons actually being real and even the real cons that would actually work like how to get free pop refills etc were just stupid like serious you will go through the garbage and get germ filled free pop someone else maybe spooged in to save what like fifty cents? He was just a jerk and the show was never funny with very bad actors playing all the parts. The worst part though was how fake this show was and how big an ego the host had when he was so terrible.
  • Was a very entertaining and funny show. I enjoyed watching it and just to see what crazy things the guy would do and how he would break the law.

    Was a very entertaining and funny show. I enjoyed watching it and just to see what crazy things the guy would do and how he would break the law.

    Some episodes were better than others. I liked the one part where he opened his trunk and had cups from all the fast food restaurants so he could always get free drinks.

    The problem with the show is in its concept, how would anyone have all the resources that this guy has or take a week planning with all these peoples help to do something. The cost for the preparation is sometimes more than the actual thing.

    Wasn't that great, but I seemed to watch anyway.
  • The show Con is itself a con. How very ironic.

    The show Con is itself a con. How ironic: A show about tricking and cheating people, which does exactly that to the audience.

    This show is about Skyler Stone, self proclaimed Con man. Each episode he finds one major goal and tries to get it completely free, doing various other small cons on the way.

    It is supposed to be reality, but at the end it says that certain phone calls may have been recreated or reenacted. So its about a guy who tricks people, but you'll never really know the truth of it because they can change it however they want.

    What's the point if it's not even completely real?
  • Con is about a prankster who cons his way around for our enjoyment.

    Skyler Stone is a prankster and a con man that cons and pranks his way into getting his way and loves pulling fast ones on people using any means necessary. He seems to have the tools and the means to achieve even the wildest and best of pranks. He is definitely good at what he does and takes pride in being the best of best in conning the least suspecting people. I definitely give his show a ten out of ten as it is very entertaining and a good show to watch on a night when friends are over and you are looking for something to watch or even when you are alone at home and you are bored and lacking visual stimulation.
  • Bad

    This show is bad and so fake it's laughable. All the "cons" are set up and/or pathetic. Driving around with different fast food pop cups in your trunk to get free refills? Wow, how cutting edge, nobody could have thought up that awesome con! The "big" cons each episode were just stupid and fake, like pretending to con a ski resort into thinking he's in a boy band, and so desperately trying to be funny. This show stinks and the guy "conning" people has no talent at all. This show never should have made it on TV in the first place. I can't believe what kinds of TV shows get made today.
  • Garbage

    Con is one of the stupidest shows I've ever seen and it's also one of the most obviously fake "reality" shows I've ever seen. Skyler Stone is not funny and definitely not a real con artist. The only con he actually tries to pull is to con us viewers into actually believing he's so clever, and his dupes are so incredibly stupid, that his "cons" actually work. Basically in an episode there is one big con (i.e. he and his friends pretend to be a boy band to get a free day at a ski resort complete with exclusive access to a hill) with a bunch of smaller cons thrown in (i.e. keep your fast food drink cups in your trunk so you can get free refills for the rest of your life; if you get a parking ticket just destroy the no parking sign and take a picture of it to prove it wasn't there). The big cons are so ridiculous they're obviously planned, you can tell watching it that everyone is just going through the motions. The acting is terrible. The small cons are so obvious and pathetic everyone's already thought of them a million times. Seriously, keep your fast food cup? That's nothing new, it's not that people haven't thought of it it's that keeping your used drink cup in your trunk for weeks and then using it again is disgusting - I'd rather pay the 50 cents for a new one. Another "con" he had was to take a cheeseburger receipt in to McDonalds, say they forgot to put cheese on it, then get a replacement burger. Wow! What a con! This show is pathetic, avoid at all costs.
  • The "Learn How to be a Swindler" Show

    Host and self-proclaimed con-man Skyler Stone freely admits that spending money is not his forte. It’s not necessarily because he doesn’t have it to spend, but it’s more due to the fact that he has the unusual talent of getting things that he wants for free (without the use of threats or weapons). From obtaining a free Spring Break trip to the Caribbean, to receiving an “Extreme Makeover,” Skyler definitely knows how to work his way around the system. Simply put, he cons his way into getting these things that he wants, and he is generous enough to show the home audience how to do so themselves.

    In one of his more elaborate schemes, Skyler swindles a fancy four-star Hollywood restaurant into getting a complimentary meal for him and his friends. The scenario: fool the restaurant into thinking that you are the producer of a “Punk’d” style hidden camera show called “You got Bitched” that is out to give A-list celebrity Brad Pitt the worst dining experience of his life. Throughout the show, Skyler and his production crew convince the establishment’s manager and waitresses to put Brad through a night of culinary hell, doing everything from spilling drinks on his lap, to intentionally making his food taste terrible. However, what these gullible employees don’t know is that the Brad Pitt they are serving is nothing more than a mere look-alike. It is in fact, Skyler’s good friend Colin, who bares a striking resemblance to the famous Mr. Pitt. So while Colin is being put through hell, Skyler (playing the role of “Brad’s” associate and dining buddy at the table) is enjoying a delicious gourmet meal, compliments of the house. In true hidden camera show form, it is revealed to “Brad” that he is the victim of a new hidden camera show, and his pseudo surprise leads to a round of applause by ignorant restaurant employees, who are relieved that the Hollywood heartthrob is being a good sport about the whole situation. As a sign of their good sportsmanship, the restaurant offers Skyler and his whole production crew a round of meals to-go as a gesture of gratitude for choosing their location as the site of the gag.

    Although many of these cons are indeed clever, and usually work out in Skyler’s favor, by the end of each episode I’m usually stuck thinking the same two questions: First off, is all the effort put into the preparation and execution of each con worth it? And secondly, can the Average Joe Somebody watching at home really pull off these cons themselves?” Although the case may vary from person to person, not everybody has access to professional video production crew, nor to an A-list celebrity look-alike who are willing to offer their services for free.

    There are other mini-cons, however, that Skyler pulls off throughout the show that seem much more likely to be pulled off by those of us watching at home with meager resources. On the same episode, for example, Skyler shows the home audience how to get out of a parking ticket. On another, he demonstrates how to get a free beverage and cheeseburger from a very notable fast food chain. Overall, the premise of the show is very entertaining. Watching all these unknowing victims fall for every word and action that Skyler throws their way is actually somewhat gratifying. And as cool as it may be to get things for free by playing this crafty, yet devious game of “Skyler Says,” it may be best to leave a lot of the major cons to the pros. Who knows, one of us may fall victim to it one day.