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  • he is the best, his name is conan

    great show , best ever hahaha
  • Conan

    ow my goshness i didn't know he didn't do late night show for 2 years but now hes back and better than ever
  • This is one of my favorite talk shows to ever air on TBS

    Other than "Lopez Tonight", this is also my favorite talk show to watch. "Lopez Tonight" and "Conan" are my talk shows to ever watch and they make a good team on TBS. Conan O' Brien is so hilarious and he makes a clever and goofy kind of comedy which is hilarious. Andy Richter who I've always like before "Conan" is the partner in "Conan" and he is hilarious in this show as well. I always enjoy Conan O' Brien's stand up comedy in the first 12 or less minutes. I never miss an episode of "Conan". I watch this talk show every single night along with "Lopez Tonight". Just remember everyone, I never miss an episode of "Conan" and "Lopez Tonight". I also love the guest stars that Conan O' Brien has on his show such as Tom Hanks, Seth Rogen, Eva Mendes, Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Garner, and even George Lopez (the talk show host of "Lopez Tonight"). I love the fan corrections bit that Conan O' Brien has pretty much every week and it's so dang funny. It's also entertaining when Conan O' Brien has stuntman and animal keepers to come to his show. Overall, this talk show and "Lopez Tonight" are the best talk shows I've ever seen and I watch them every single night. 10/10
  • Guess who's back?

    After the whole NBC scandal, Conan has now moved to the Cable and now has his own show on TBS with his co-star Andy Ritcher. Is it good? Hell yes. The clips he shows are always funny and enjoyable. So far, the guest stars have been good, but not solid. We'll have to see how they turn out to be over the next couple weeks. Andy Ritcher is great on this show, and I think he is the perfect sidekick for Conan. In my opinion, I find this way better than Lopez Tonight. Oh, and Basic Cable Band are epic. Those guys know how to play him off!

    An overall awesome talk show so far. Keep up the good work Team CoCo!
  • Coco's back baby, better than ever.

    His new show is much funnier than the Tonight Show and Late Night. He's back to his roots and his self-deprecating humor is back. He is probably... no he is the best late night talk show host on TV. His skits and monologues are hilarious. He has a lot more freedom on this show and that means more comedy. Conan's supporting cast is also hilarious. Andy and the Basic Cable Band are a perfect fit for Conan. The only downside to his new show is the new set. It is really ugly, but thats expected with the lower budget. Thankfully it doesn't detract from Conan's awesome performance.
  • Finally got to see his show after dang Corden's monologue is like 2 jokes

    (Every ep since Apr 2015) TBS
  • Emmy award winning ACTRESS, Ricky Gervais

    Right before commercial break Conan, told the audience (at home and in the studio) that he'd be talking to Emmy award winning ACTRESS, Ricky Gervais-umm, I think Conan needs to go to 'Sex Ed' class AGAIN, in high school-lmao! (No offence Conan!) :o)
  • Fish on show last night

    It is a disgrace what was done to that fish on your show last night. It wasn't funny. You should have your breathing compromised, get thrown into a hot pan, and smashed! I will never watch your show again, after what I saw last night.