Conan the Adventurer

FOX (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • A Serpent Coils the Earth, Part 3
      With Wrath-amon defeated, Ram-amon uses the opportunity to capture Conan and his group in order to regain favor with Set. As things look their darkest, some unexpected allies join the fight to try and help send Set back to the abyss once and for all.
    • A Serpent Coils the Earth, Part 2
      As his friends defend Tarantia from an assault by Set, Conan heads to Epimetrius' tomb to seek his aid. There he learns that the key to stopping Set is to destroy the spell disc. With the unexpected aid of Mesmira, Conan and his warriors face the newly powered Wrath-amon directly.
    • A Serpent Coils the Earth, Part 1
      After years of effort, Wrath-amon finally succeeds in gathering the star metal and freeing Set from the abyss. As he begins his rampage upon the world, enemies and allies alike desperately search for a way to end Set's wrath once and for all.
    • Into The Abyss
      Into The Abyss
      Episode 61
      After a tentative meeting with Ram-amon to discuss the Amulet of Vathelos, Conan discovers that the Amulet needs to be recharged with some of Set's own dark magic. The result of this is that Conan and Jasmine undertake a perilous quest into the Abyss. Surrounded by hostile Serpent-Men, against which their star-metal weapons now have no effect, can the two make it out alive?moreless
    • The Star-Metal Monster
      In search of friendship, a young orphan girl with innate sorcerous powers breathes life into a grotesque metal statue. Dubbing the extremely protective beast "Titainus", she feels safe at last. Unfortunately for her the statue was forged entirely from star-metal, which means that her new friend has earned the attentions of Wrath-amon!moreless
    • Escape of Ram-amon
      Escape of Ram-amon
      Episode 59
      Frustrated with the lack of progress in finding a cure for his parents, Conan rushes into Wrath-amon's palace, hoping to force him into returning them to human form. There he encounters Ram-amon, whom he reluctantly frees in the hopes that he can destroy Wrath-amon.
    • Amra the Lion
      Amra the Lion
      Episode 58
      Gora, recently banished by Zula, uses voodoo magic to slowly drain the life from Conan and Zula. With the help of his newly discovered totem animal, a lion named Amra, Conan ventures into the forest to stop Gora before it's too late.
    • The Stealer of Souls
      Gora lures Conan, Zula, and Jezmine to Wasai. There, he summons the Stealer of Souls to attack the group and the king, so that he might finally capture the throne and the star metal.
    • Full Moon Rising
      Full Moon Rising
      Episode 56
      Greywolf is thrilled at the coming of the full moon, as it means he will be able to see Sasha and Misha in human form once again. The happy time is tempered, however, when the banished wizard Lokkar returns to seek revenge on Greywolf.
    • Sword, Sai, & Shuriken
      A seemingly unstoppable warrior battles his way through the strongest fighters in Phenion, demanding to fight the 'true champion'. Conan is asked to return and fight as their champion, lest the nation fall under this man's rule.
    • Once and Future Conan
      During a battle with Wrath-amon, Conan falls into a strange vortex. He emerges on the other side in a future where Set controls all and Conan is long dead. With the aid of some aged allies, Conan must get venom from Set himself to prevent this horrible future from happening.
    • Turnabout is Foul Play
      When a new queen is revealed to be a Serpent-Woman, she tricks the king into imprisoning Conan and Zula. Now Conan and Zula, facing execution, must escape and put the treacherous snake's plans to an end!
    • Bones of Damballa
      Bones of Damballa
      Episode 52
      Fearing he is to be replaced, Wrath-amon sends Skulkar to assasinate his potential replacement, a shaman named Shadizar- who happens to be an old enemy of Skulkar's. However, things go wrong and Shadizar turns Skulkar back into his original human form. With no other choice, Skulkar must team up with Conan and Zula to restore himself to his undead form.moreless
    • The Vale of Amazons
      Conan is kidnapped into slavery by a tribe of man-hating Amazon women. Jezmine must pass a series of dangerous challenges to free Conan, or risk becoming a slave herself.
    • Thorns of Midnight
      Thorns of Midnight
      Episode 50
      Mesmira and Greywolf both seek the lycanthos plant as they come into bloom. A fierce battle for the flowers ensues in Mesmira's stronghold.
    • The Last Dagger of Manir
      Conan, Snagg, and Jezmine head to a pirate city, hoping to find the final star metal weapon made by Conan's father. Wrath-amon uses bribes and deceit in an effort to get both the star metal and the lives of his enemies.
    • When Tolls the Bell of Night
      Ying Doo and Windfang unleash an ancient demon, hoping to control it and take over Kusan. When it proves too powerful, Windfang must work with Conan and friends to defeat it.
    • Cornucopia of Grondar
      Conan obtains the Cornucopia of Grondar, a magical horn that can produce whatever object the heart desires. When it becomes clear that Wrath-amon will stop at nothing to have this for himself, Conan must decide what's most important.
    • The Frost Giant's Daughter
      Snagg becomes smitten with a woman who doesn't care for his boastful attitude. She challenges him to bring her a flower from the garden of the daughter of the Frost Giant, knowing this feat will surely get him killed.
    • Torrinon Returns
      Torrinon Returns
      Episode 45
      The diminutive and incompetent magician Torrinon frantically summons Conan, Snag and Jasmine for assistance after he accidentally provokes Wrath-amon's wrath with a magical prank.
    • Conan of the Kosaki
      Crossing the sea to a distant kingdom whose king is enslaving his people to construct one of the stone pyramids that will release Set, Conan, Jasmine and Snag are thrown into prison for their troubles.

      Escaping to join forces with the renegade Kosaki, Conan and Snag must learn to stop their "playful" fighting in order to inspire the Kosaki to cease squabbling amongst themselves.moreless
    • The Wolfmother
      The Wolfmother
      Episode 43
      While traveling in the frozen north searching for the lycanthros plant, Conan and Greywolf are separated by a blizzard. Greywolf is saved by Wendini, a woman who can communicate with wolves, who gives him a greater understanding of what his brother and sister are going through.
    • Dregs-amon the Great
      Chaos ensures when a new ruler takes control of Stygia. All hail... Dregs-amon the Great!?
    • Down to the Dregs
      Down to the Dregs
      Episode 41
      A cruel dealer in rare animals kidnaps Needle. While attempting to escape, he discovers that Dregs has also been taken. The two enemies must work together to obtain their freedom.
    • Conn Rides Again
      Conn Rides Again
      Episode 40
      Mesmira claims to have Conan's parents, and offers to exchange them for the Star Metal. When Conan and Conn fight about how to proceed, they split up and each try to face Mesmira in their own way.
    • Son of Atlantis
      Son of Atlantis
      Episode 39
      Wrath-Amon uses the Horn of Summoning, an ancient artifact which calls forth those of Atlantian blood to it. With the help of Greywolf and his wizard friends, Conan must venture into Atlantis to find a way to stop the horn before he and his fellow Sumerians go right to Wrath-Amon.
    • City of the Burning Skull
      Conan and Jezmine enter a mysterious city inhabited by monstrous reptiles and blue skinned people. They come to learn that the people are being enslaved by an entity known as Burning Skull, and fight to help free them.
    • Nature of the Beast
      Mesmira kidnaps Sasha and transforms herself into a wolf of the same appearance. She uses this guise to trick Greywolf and steal his staff.
    • The Queen of Stygia
      Mesmira uses a magic amulet to take control of Conan, and uses him in an effort to defeat Wrath-amon and conquer Stygia.
    • Dragon's Breath
      Dragon's Breath
      Episode 35
      Conan returns to Phenion, when his master Dong Hee tells him that he may have found a way to help him. He tells Conan that he may find the answer from an old friend the Kari Dragon.
    • Blood of my Blood
      Blood of my Blood
      Episode 34
      Conan encounters a large, simple-minded man who bears a striking resemblance to himself. As Conan seeks to discover this man's origin, Mesmira decides to use this to her advantage and attack.
    • An Evil Wind in Kusan
      Falconer is kidnapped and turned into a demon by an exiled citizen of Kusan, who uses the transformed Falconer to challenge for rule of the country. With the only one left who controls the gift of flight being a weak young man, however, it will take some cunning in order to save the country and Falconer.moreless
    • The Final Hours of Conan
      A false trail instigated by Wrath-amon leads to Conan being stung by a hideous imp created by the evil sorcerer. To the group's horror, the sting slowly starts turning Conan into a Serpent-Man; can they find a cure or will they lose their friend to Wrath-amon's control?
    • The Amulet of Vathelos
      While traveling through Stygia, Conan encounters a man who knew his grandfather, and learns how he came to have the Amulet of Vathelos. Conan sets out to destroy the demon Vathelos and free the town from his grip.
    • Labors of Conan
      Labors of Conan
      Episode 30
      Conan, Jezmine, and Greywolf are traveling by the mountains when they are attacked by Serpentmen. Zulanti, a wizard, comes to their aid and helps them drive away the Serpentmen. Zulanti quickly shows his power to the group and they are quite impressed. Conan is impressed even more when Zulanti breaks the stone curse on a group of people. Conan soon believes that he may have found the answer to help his family.moreless
    • The Book of Skelos
      The Book of Skelos
      Episode 29
      Conan, Jasmine and Zula, in search of the second Book of Skelos (the first having been destroyed in "The Crevasse of Winds"), enter an ancient ruin that leads to a nightmarish pocket dimension controlled by a monstrous demon.
    • Return to Tarantia
      Return to Tarantia
      Episode 28
      Jezmine learns from her circus family that her birth parents have been found in Tarantia. When serpent men are revealed to be hiding among soldiers in the city, however, it becomes apparent that not all is as it seems.
    • A Needle in a Haystack
      Needle gets kidnapped, with the thieves hiding in a massive city.
    • The Treachery of Emperors
      The Princess of Venga has been abducted by Sarenshaw the leader of the hooded ones. The Emperor promises that whoever saves his daughter shall be made King of the western province. Fortunately, Conan is in Venga and hears the proposal and agrees to save the princess so he may become a king.moreless
    • Earthbound
      Episode 25
      Windfang tired of being Wrath-Amons unwilling henchmen steals a spell that can take him to Queen Fridgia to mystic Askaloon where he can break his curse. He kidnaps Jazmine because he needs a witness and they break the curse. Wrath-Amon learns of this and decides to take vengeance against his former slave.moreless
    • Birth of Wrath-amon
      Conan, Zula, and Falconer travel to the mountains and find the Spellbinder. They ask him to break the curse on Conans family but he refuses. Through some bargaining from Conan, he provides a solution; to send Conan back in time before the spell happened. Conan agrees and is sent through a portal, but the place he arrives seems different and Wrath-Amon is no where to be found.moreless
    • In Days of Old
      In Days of Old
      Episode 23
      Conan, and Jezmine travel to village where they are meant to rendezvous with Greywolf. When they arrive he is no where to be found. Until his siblings Sasah and Misha lead them to him. They find him apparently drained of his youth. He tells them that he journeyed to the mountains to find a Sorcerer. The Sorcerer used his magic to take his youth and left him to die. Conan and Jezmine decide to pay a visit to the Sorcerer but will they suffer the same fate as their friend.moreless
    • Isle of the Naiads
      Isle of the Naiads
      Episode 22
      Conan and Snag are in deep trouble after a visit to the mysterious "Isle of the Naiads", home to magical spirits of water, trees and stone, results in them losing their strength to the enchanted waters of weakness. Especially seeing as how Wrath-amon and Windfang are now laying seige to the island!moreless
    • Hanuman the Ape God
      Conan and Jezmine find a magical golden city in the middle of the desert ruled by a man with a magic rod. This entire city seems to worship an ape-god (Hanuman) who crashed to the earth in a big rock, bringing the magic rod with him. When checking the rock to make sure it isn't star metal, Conan and Jezmine find that Hanuman is a prisoner, and free him, giving him back his magic rod.moreless
    • The Crevasse of Winds
      In search of the mystical Book of Skelos, which may hold the secret to releasing Conan's family from Wrath-amon's Spell of Living Stone, Conan and Falconar climb to the infamous Crevasse of Winds, where they discover that the Book has a guardian; a tainted adult Phoenix. Problems arise over precisely where Needle's loyalties lie; with the Phoenix, or with his friends?moreless
    • Thunder and Lightning
      Conan is becoming more frustrated with Thunder's free-willed nature. They soon reach the city of Ranoako. There they find weapons similar to what his father made and ask where the blacksmith duplicated it. He tells them he copied it from the village of Rempier from a blacksmith named Morgo. On the way there Thunder meets a female and decides to meet her. This drives Conan angry and he decides to let Thunder go luckily they meet another horse which Conan decides to become master of and names it Lightning. Has Conan found a permanent Horse?moreless
    • The Red Brotherhood
      Conan and Snagg are in Toran when a female pirate helps them escape a group of soldiers who started a fight with two of them. Her name is Valeria and she wants them to join her crew the Red Brotherhood. Conan and Snagg are hesitant, but agree to join.
    • The Vengeance of Jhebbel Sag
      In search of allies to aid them in their never-ending quest against Wrath-amon, Zula performs a magical ritual that calls the spirit Jhebbel Sag, Master of Beasts, into the material world. Unfortunately, their negotiations with the sympathetic being are interrupted by Wrath-amon's Serpent-Men, acting under the orders of Zula's evil brother to capture Jhebbel Sag and bring him to Wrath-amon, who uses his dark magics to corrupt the spirit into a being of evil.

      Now, Conan and Zula must free the spirit from Wrath-amon's bonds and purge him of his corruption- not an easy task considering that the tainted Jhebbel Sag has turned all the creatures of the wilderness against them!moreless
    • Master Thief of Shadizar
      Conan and Jasmine team up with an arrogant and notorious thief to plunder a wizard's tower, but trouble arises when the wizard turns out to be an old enemy of theirs.
    • Curse of Axh'oon
      Curse of Axh'oon
      Episode 15
      Conan and Zula must deliver the mask of Axh'oon to the Wasai, ancient enemies the Orashawa as payment from Gora so he may be made their king. Conan and Zula are skeptical but agree to the task, for it may deliver peace to the two kingdoms... or it may deliver danger.moreless
    • Tribal Warfare
      Tribal Warfare
      Episode 14
      When Snag's tribesmen, the Vanirmen, are attacked by what appears to be Cimmerians -Conan's tribe- Conan and Snag's friendship is tested. To compliment the matter further, men who appear to be Vanirmen attack the Cimmerians. This escalates to war between the two tribes and now between two friends.
  • Season 1