Conan the Adventurer

Season 1 Episode 1

The Night Of Fiery Tears

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 12, 1992 on FOX
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The Night Of Fiery Tears
Conan a young barbarian in Cimmeria has his family turned to stone by the cruel warlord Wrath-Amon. Now the yong warrior must go on a quest to break the curse on his family and end the tyranny of Wrath-Amon.

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  • The Night Of Fiery Tears

    The Night Of Fiery Tears was a perfect first episode of Conan The Adventurer because it pretty much layed out what the entire series is going to be about. This show has a very interesting mythology with aspects relating to ancient alien theory as well as other tv shows. This was one of the coolest cartoons growing up with because it followed the hero's quest pattern, the begining of which was this episode, and cool characters as well as character and plot development. This episode was a strong foundation for the begining of the series. I look forward to watching the next episode of Conan The Adventurer!!!!!!!moreless
  • Wrath Amon seeks star metal so that he may bring his master Set back from limbo. When Conan's father refuses to help him, he turns Conan's family into stone. Conan vows revenge, but soon finds himself drugged and aboard Wrath Amon's slave ship.moreless


    The episode is written by Christy Marx (Jem and the Holograms).

    The hatred Conan feels for WrathAmon is believable.

    The use of imagery that seems ancient, as if it really belongs in Conan's world (phoenix, ouroboros, dragons).

    The idea of a star metal sword is pretty cool.

    Marx brings in the snake men, which was really an idea from Howard's Kull stories, not Conan.

    Conan may be powerful but he's inexperienced and needs to learn about the world he lives in.

    In contrast to the Conan of the movies and the comics, this Conan has morals and is a suitable character for children's television.


    let's hope his morality doesn't make him wishy-washy and flat.

    annoying comic relief characters: Amon's pet cobra, Needle (am I really supposed to believe he can help Conan in his quest?)

    annoying oneliners.

    the animation blowsmoreless
  • The adventure begins

    This is the episode where it all begins: In Cimmeria, Young Conan and his grandfather witness chunks of \"Star Metal\" falling from the sky and bring it to Conan\'s father, the blacksmith Manir. Manir forges the metal into weapons, including a sword which Conan will one day wield when he is strong enough.

    A year later, the fiendish sorcerer Wrath-Amon comes to Cimmeria demanding the Star Metal. Manir replies that he has sold it all, and Wrath-Amon begin tearing up the village. Conan runs to retrieve his sword, but by the time he returns, Wrath-Amon has cast the Spell of Living Stone on his parents and grandfather. Conan defeats several of Wrath-Amon\'s serpent men (who are transported into the other-dimensional Abyss by Star Metal), but Wrath-Amon escapes. Conan vows to destroy Wrath-Amon and restore his family to life.

    Setting out on his quest, Conan finds a horse (who Conan had set free earlier at the merchant\'s bazaar) to be his mighty steed, and names him Thunder. On the way into a nearby city, Conan encounters a ghost that tells him to travel to Mt. Golamira. There, he finds the tomb of the great sage, Epimetrius. The ghost of Epimitrius starts him down his path to defeating Wrath-Amon, and entrusts him with a shield containing a fledgling, pomegranate-loving phoenix named Needle.

    Beginning his search in a city, Conan is approached by a red-haired woman who offers him a job as a sailor. Unfortunately, it\'s a trap, and Conan finds himself drugged and sold to be a slave in Wrath-Amon\'s slave pits.

    An admirable first episode, which are often hit-or-miss. Although the characters would take some time to develop, the premiere sets the action for the rest of the series into motion and is well-written enough to capture interest. It also establishes its own mythology for the series (such as how Star Metal is pivotal in tying everything together...Wrath-Amon\'s Black Ring is constructed from it, it is necessary to free Set from the Abyss, yet it is the only thing that can defeat Wrath-Amon and his minions). There are some interesting subtleties in \"Night of the Fiery Tears\" that turn up later: The bald man in yellow who purchases one of Manir\'s daggers later appears as a relative of a major character in \"Winfang\'s Eyrie\", and the amulet that Conan\'s grandfather gives him becomes crucial later in the series. Michael Donovan (who voices Conan) is an excellent voice actor, but it\'s evident that he was still finding his stride at this point. Still, he captures Conan\'s bullheaded but naive nature very well.

    The next episode, \"Blood Brother\", is a direct continuation of this episode.moreless
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