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  • Season 3
    • No episodes have been added for this season of Conan.
  • Season 2
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  • Season 1
    • Antidote
      Episode 22
      One of Hissah Zul's men poisons Conan with an arrow. Conan breaks down. A medicine man examines Conan's wound and states that Conan will die unless someone procures a Gegengift leaf, which would act as an antidote. Will Conan survive?
    • Lethal Wizards
      Lethal Wizards
      Episode 21

      Conan arranges an army to the attack on Hissah Zul's fortress. They close in with the intention of taking itr. Zul sends a man out, Conan make friends with him and then with Gefolgsleuten they go to a secret tunnel, which Zul wants to collapsed.

    • Heir Apparent
      Episode 20

      Conan and his companions help Queen Vita return from her exile in a cave. They must fight against a sea-monster, which is controlled by a Magier. But when the Queen leaves the cave, Conan finds out that the Magier works for Hissah Zul. Conan defeats it, kills the sea-monster and guarantees that the daughter of the Queen is appointed her successor.

    • The Cavern
      The Cavern
      Episode 19

      Hissah Zul causes an enormous storm and Conan and his friends run into a cave. There they make a fire and after a few moments Hissah Zul causes an earthquake, which breaks the ground causes Conan to fall in the crevasse. Then the earth closes and Conan is trapped underground.

    • The Labyrinth
      The Labyrinth
      Episode 18

      Conan and his friends fight against Hissah Zul, but meanwhile three woman and a girl are kidnapped and Otli is worried about them. Can Conan save the day and the women?

    • The Crystal Arrow
      The Crystal Arrow
      Episode 17

      A magic arrow given to Conan spurs Karella's search for her relatives. However, Hissah Zul has other plans for the arrow.

    • The Child
      The Child
      Episode 16
      Conan and his companions are taken prisoner by Kannibalen. Conan is tortured and led then together with the others taken to Galgen. Conan succeeds in freeing himself the others with the help of a young person.
    • Shadows of Death
      Shadows of Death
      Episode 15

      Conan saves Karella from the clutches of Hissah Zul's General Nor, who wants to make her his Sexsklavin. Before the soldiers can catch up, Conan with his men flee to a boat to go to a island called Vilayet. Frustrated, General Nor follows them in another boat.

    • Red Sonja
      Red Sonja
      Episode 14
      Conan and his friends help a caravan of soldiers repair a bridge so they can cross, not knowing they are Hartan bandits, who have kidnapped a boy, Lutai, who they are holding in a wagon in the caravan. Red Sonja appears afterwards and attacks Conan, who she believes has helped the kidnappers, and reveals to him that she is out to rescue Lutai, who she knows is actually a sorcerer and one of the Keepers of Truth, who must be protected at all costs.moreless
    • The Taming
      The Taming
      Episode 13

      King Orad, who once saved Conan's life, asks for help to save his daughter, Princess Hana. She is being kept imprisoned by the Zauberer Novia. Hana is engaged to the Prince of a neighboring kingdom called Tamul. The wedding was arranged in order to unite the two kingdoms.

    • Homecoming
      Episode 12

      Conan and his companions cross Bayu's homeland. Actually they assume that Bayu wants them to visit his village, but he refuses, since allegedly all would hate him there. Conan insists however on the excursion, in order to bring Bayu closure with his past.

    • Amazon Woman
      Amazon Woman
      Episode 11

      Conan saves the beautiful girl from enemies that want to steal the baby which she protected. She must bring the child to its father Prada. The soldiers were sent out by Zorga, the king of the Hesmers. Can Conan get the child to his father without them both getting killed?

    • Impostor
      Episode 10

      The Zauberer Evad creates a double of Conan. This double destroy a Kumpanen village. A little later the genuine Conan enters the village, and he is attached by the doppelganger.

    • The Curse of Afka

      Katrina, a beautiful Gypsy dancer and her pickpocket partner steal money from Conan and his friends. They pursue the thieves to a close by Gypsy camp and demand their money back. Katrina explains to them that the money was already spent on horses, which they need for their journey. The old Seherin Gagool persuades Conan to allow him to them to go the city, where she promises the to sell horses, so that Conan can get his money back.

    • Ransom
      Episode 8

      Bandit leader Garth is kidnapped and is brought before the future bride of Baron Ursath's, with his gang Adraina. It looks like his friends can see into a crystal ball and see Conan and his allies moving through Verzauberten forest. Conan and his companions travel without knowing that the sword was cursed, and will lead him towards Ursath's castle.

    • The Three Virgins

      Conan and his friends roam across the area on the search for Karella and their bandits. During the journey Conan is attacked and his companions are taken by slave traders, who are led by a giant named Mog.

    • The Ruby Fruit Forest

      Our four heroes come into the Verzauberten forest, which is inhabited by a monster named Kala. Kala eats the fruits of the Corundrumbaums and kills everyone whom he comes across. In the meantime Hissah Zul general Nor sends in in his troops in order to look in the forest for rubies, which he needs, in order to bring in the Totenkopf.

    • A Friend in Need
      A Friend in Need
      Episode 5

      Conan and his companions are on there way to Agida, where they hope to find Hissah Zul. They meet Savann, an old friend of Conan's, who have fought many common battles. together Savann tells them that he is on the way to the lock of the cult of the blue stone. Since Savann wants to begin alone against the entire cult, Conan says he is ready to help him with the release of his wife and against the cult if his friend needs it.

    • The Siege of Ahl Sohn-Bar

      Conan and his friends save a beautiful young woman from a monster, which wanted to devour them all. They bring it into the village to Ahl Sohn-Bar. First the village inhabitants are glad over the fact that Conan protects them from the monster, But then things start to go wrong.

    • Lair of the Beastmen
      Conan is imprisoned by strange creatures and kidnapped under the earth. He is locked up with other humans, who are designated of the beast people. Conan discovers fast that the other prisoners are completely demoralized and possess no escape will. Only a beautiful girl named Arali did not give up hope. Together they get the slaves to start an open revolt against the beast people and with them defeated they can return to the surface.moreless
    • The Heart of the Elephant Part 2

      En route to Yara's stronghold, Conan and Otli are ambushed by the female bandit Karella and her archers.

    • The Heart of the Elephant

      The evil sorcerer Hissah Zul, who rules the land as King, has a nightmare in which a powerful warrior challenges his rule. He throws red rubies into a conjuring pool, summoning The Skull That Talks - an oracle that Hissah Zul once turned into all but a talking skull. The Skull tells Hissah Zul that the man is Conan and he will acquire the mythical Sword of Atlantis, then he will dominate Hissah Zul and become the new King.