Confessions: Animal Hoarding

Wednesday 9:00 PM on Animal Planet Premiered Jul 21, 2010 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Bonnie and Don
      Episode 1
      Bonnie refuses to let her many dogs go outside, creating disgusting, unsanitary conditions in her home. Don's living conditions and life has worsened from acquiring thirty cats, so his wife now lives in their daughter's home.
    • Janice and J.D.
      Episode 2
      Janice has acquired so many dogs and cats that her current husband stops supporting her, her health suffers, and her family has to intervene. After a difficult childhood, J.D. has developed an addiction to saving animals, which is ruining her relationship with Patty.
    • 8/4/10
      Robin has been taking in lots of pets and hoarding objects so much that her relationship with her husband suffers. She is depressed that her daughters are moving away from her. Lolette runs a cat shelter that has over 300 cats. Unfortunately, disease is spreading, so many of the cats are sick.moreless
    • Lauren and Jack
      Episode 4
      A young woman named Lauren cares for many unwanted dogs in her home, which is in unpleasant conditions from the dogs' waste and destruction, while waiting for her husband to return from fighting in Afghanistan. A 48-year-old depressed man named Jack has been keeping 45 dogs in his home, most of which are feral, following a pack mentality.moreless
    • 8/18/10
      Flossie has lost her mother and brother. Her younger sister has met her girlfriend, married her, and moved out with her. Feeling lonely, she has taken in multiple dogs, cats, a pig, and a raccoon. Christine works a demanding job and has been in seven marriages, all of which have failed. To cope with her unhappiness, she keeps many dogs and cats in her home.moreless
    • 8/25/10
      A young woman named Shelley and her husband live in a house full of sixty-five cats. Some of them have given birth to multiple kittens since the couple are unable to pay for spaying and neutering. After three marriages that ended in divorce, an older woman named Jackie has been collecting birds to deal with the pain. Unfortunately, her house has become infested with rats from all the bird food, and she has been diagnosed with Bird Lung Disease.moreless
    • Robin, Jack, and Flossie Revisited
    • 80 Cats and a Baby
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4