Confessions: Animal Hoarding - Season 2

Wednesday 9:00 PM on Animal Planet Premiered Jul 21, 2010 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • She Gets My Goat
    Episode 10
    A young man named Shane has become a troubled, drug-using youth ever since he found out his dad was not his biological father. He has acquired over 150 animals in hopes of opening up a pet store, but the animals are coming between him and his fiance Diana. A middle-aged woman named Jean has had a happy life with her husband, Mitch, until she gives birth to a stillborn baby. To cope, she collects multiple animals, which interfere with her relationship between her family members. Also, Mitch is worried about his and Jean's daughter, Chelsea, who spends most of her time caring for the animals.moreless
  • Drowning in Cats
    Episode 9
    Young commercial fisherman Lloyd has been orphaned when he was still a teen and allows stray cats in his home, causing problems. Lloyd's house becomes a complete mess, he receives many warnings from Animal Control, his relationships with his friends are falling apart, and he even becomes depressed. After two unsuccessful marriages, the second of which was abusive, a middle-aged woman named Dawn has developed a compulsive desire to save animals. Unfortunately, the animals are coming between her and her daughter, Deanna, so much that Deanna is thinking about moving in with her father.moreless
  • 3/4/11
    A middle-aged woman named Flower acquires thirty-seven cats to make up for the lack of affection she experienced with her mother as a child. Unfortunately, the cats have turned her house into a mess, forced her thirteen-year-old daughter, Natalee, to move in with a neighbor, and caused Flower's husband, Todd, to develop an allergy to cats. A young woman named Christi has had an unhappy childhood with an abusive father and lack of supportive parental figures. Christi has become so obsessed with cats that she allows feral cats to enter in her boyfriend's home and ruin her thirteen-year-old stepdaughter's social life and respiratory health.moreless
  • 80 Cats and a Baby
    Episode 7

    Carol has had an unhealthy attachment to her mother for many years and has been adopting cats with her. Now that her mother has died, she has continued to collect cats. She has married Albert and wants to start a family with him, but unfortunately, they have eighty cats that are messing up their home and creating unsanitary conditions. An older woman named Mary Katherine has lived a rather unhappy life growing up. She was sheltered as a child, got pregnant when she was only eighteen, experienced a marriage that ended in divorce, and even became an alcoholic. Mary K. has stopped drinking, but her daughter Lynn had died from brain cancer. She has become depressed, even suicidal at times, and started adopting stray cats to cope. Consequently, Mary K.'s house has become messy with the cats' hair, feces, and vomit.

  • Big Dog Crisis
    Episode 6

    A middle-aged man named Ray has been dealing with problems caused by a hole in his heart and his wife's death for nine years. Feeling guilty about his wife's death, Ray has acquired fourteen dogs, twelve of which are mastiffs, which have trashed his house. Aflight attendant named Donna has had almost no relationship with her father, and her older brother has died. She met and married David, but her many cats and several dogs are threatening their marriage.

  • Trapped by Cats
    Episode 5
    After being in five unsuccessful relationships, Vera has acquired seventy-six cats for comfort. However, this has created unsafe conditions in her home. Her twenty-six-year-old daughter Nicole is becoming tired of caring for the cats when she wants to move on with her own life and spend her babysitting money for herself. Having been unloved by his family, an older man named Matthew hoards objects and dogs to cope. Unfortunately though, many of his dogs develop health problems in the messy conditions of his property, and his children decide to intervene.moreless
  • 2/4/11
    An older woman named Carolyn has acquired over eighty dogs, taking dogs from shelters that were euthanizing dogs and even stealing dogs out of other people's homes. Her situation creates unsanitary conditions in her home. After dealing with three marriages that ended in divorce, and her daughter moved out, an older woman named Cynthia begins collecting multiple birds and hoarding objects. Unfortunately, she has had to have several operations simply because one of her birds bit her finger, and her house is in a mess.moreless
  • Too Many Pitbulls
    Episode 3
    After dealing with the divorce of his parents and the death of his first pit bull, a young man named Shane begins collecting unwanted pit bulls. Unfortunately, they are depriving him of money, attacking each other and other family members' pets, destroying his mother's home, and coming between him and his two-year-old daughter, Lana. An older woman named Sharon has grown up with a single mother with no friends or relatives and has lost her son to suicide. To cope, she collects cats, which destroy her home by toileting everywhere, leaving her with almost no electricity.moreless
  • Chihuahua Hell
    Episode 2
    Sad from losing her mother and grandmother, aspiring nurse Brandy adopts several cats and dogs and hoards objects to cope with her feelings. Having grown up with a cruel father, forty-four-year-old Alan has acquired eighteen dogs, which come between him and his partner, Richard.
  • 1/14/11
    Having grown up with an alcoholic father who was never there for him, retired Army linguist Peter has been keeping 158 chickens, in addition to a few dogs and cats, in his house. Having grown up with a mother who never loved her since she had her at the age of 42, Catharine, nicknamed Kitten, has acquired over thirty cats in her house and is unable to keep up with the cats' messes. She begins to smell of cat urine, which has gotten her fired from her job as a waitress.moreless
  • Peter and Kitten
    Episode 1
    A retired Army linguist has filled his house with 158 roosters and hens. A popular waitress is fired because she reeks of cat urine.