Confessions of a Matchmaker

Season 1 Episode 1

Charlie and Ashley

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jun 16, 2007 on A&E

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  • Charlie and Ashley

    Matchmaker Patti helps her obese client Charlie, who thinks he should get a "barbie doll" girl because he was "Mr. Nude Universe" -- 200 pounds and 30 years ago. Between his weight and his bad table manners, Patti has her work cut out for her trying to get Charlie in shape for dating. She can lend a hand, but eventually it's up to Charlie to stop substituting doughnuts for love. Then, Patti tries to get her cute young client Ashley to lay off the heavy makeup and the tanning bed long enough to attract a good guy. Tensions run high when Patti tells Ashley what her life is going to look like if she doesn't lay off "the fake look". New real-life series about matchmaker Patti Novak, who uses her no-nonsense style of tough love to bring lonely hearts together.
  • Novak helps two people Charlie and Ashley in getting dates.

    "This is going to be a bumpy ride". You don't know the half of it.

    This is probably one more the realistic in depth date shows I've seen. This show isn't so much like the date (like other shows) but in changing and molding people into being better people.

    The first client , "Charlie" if that is his real name is a complete pig. There are big people who are born big then there are big people who are big because they pig out.

    Charlie is 350 pds and a complete monster. His eating habits are nonexistent, his manners are oblivious. How this guy ever used to be called a hunk and was married defies belief. Worst yet, Charlie is either completely ignorant or
    denial of his outwardly appearence.

    Patti Novak tells him what the viewers know that this guy needs major help. Charlie of course doesn't want to hear it but most of what she says it's true. This guy is 52 years and with his overweight problem could be dead within a day.

    Then there's the other client "Ashley". The complete opposite of Charlie a very beautiful woman. However, Ashley isn't perfect, she's constantly checking her mirror, applies too much makeup and in a way is overbearing to her dates.

    Novak lays down the law and gives Ashley helpful advice in changing her ways. All of this falls on deaf ears. Ashley complains she gets the losers in her dates but it's clear by her attitude that she's part of the problem here.

    When she gets up a nice guy, she completely brushes him and even invites her friends to evaluate him (a really stupid thing to do on a date). Finally the guy has enough and Ashley winds up with nothing.

    Hell Ashley looks like Lindsay Lohan in twenty years!!!!

    This episode was entertaining as hell and part of the reason it is worthwhile is that a lot of stuff isn't sugarcoated like in the other shows. Novak is dead on with her advice.

    People especially girls wonder why attrack such repulsive men yet this episode provides all the evidence and trademarks of why such a thing happen.

    Even though it can be hard to swallow I find the honesty Novak lays a breath of fresh air and most of the issues brought up are common issues for people who can't the right person yet refuse to analyze in great detail.