Confessions of a Matchmaker

Saturday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jun 16, 2007 In Season


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  • Season 1
    • Sean K. and Melba
      Sean K. and Melba
      Episode 13
      Patti deals with Sean, a man who writes about his sexual experiences on his blog and then doesn't understand why women don't want to continue dating him. Melba needs help finding the right guy rather than a string on one night stands.
    • Mike and Sue
      Mike and Sue
      Episode 12
      Mike is too busy to find the right woman but desperately wants to be a father. Sue doesn't know how to flirt and ends up being friends with all the guys she meets. Can Patti help these clients find real love?
    • Sean B. and Tonya
      Sean B. and Tonya
      Episode 11
      Patti tries to shape Sean into a guy with confidence and tries to teach him how to hold a conversation with the ladies. Tonya needs Patti's help due to problems she had with a bad relationship. Tonya has shut herself off from the real world and needs help getting back out there.moreless
    • Jamie and Grant
      Jamie and Grant
      Episode 10
      Patti helps Jamie find true love instead of spending all of her time with her pets and tries to get Grant to relax and have some fun so he can find the woman of his dreams.
    • Jack and Andrea
      Jack and Andrea
      Episode 9
      Patti tries to take the “Fratboy” out of Jack by introducing him to a mature woman. Patti then takes “Grandma-Andrea” and tries to make her hot again.
    • Mary and Mick
      Mary and Mick
      Episode 8
      Pattie deals with a rock singer who is looking for a girl to settle down with and Mary, a woman who needs help with her image.
    • Janet and Derek
      Janet and Derek
      Episode 7
      Patti helps Janet deal with the problems she had during her childhood and Derek, a former wrestler, who has a confidence problem around women.
    • Paul and Amy
      Paul and Amy
      Episode 6
      Matchmaker Patti Novak helps Paul to learn better manners and to think of other people while she helps Amy build a new sexy image to attract a new man.
    • Lynn and Matthew
      Lynn and Matthew
      Episode 5
      Patti helps Lynn (33) deal with her age and finally want to grow up and move out of her parents house while finding a partner. Matt is a minister who normally scares off his dates with talk of religion and marriage on the first date.
    • Mary / Singles Mingle
      Everybody has an idea of what they want in a potential mate, but not everyone carries around a sixty item typed list of exactly what attributes they require - except Mary O, Patti's newest client. With a list called - what else - THE LIST - Mary's created such a difficult test to pass for any potential suitor that she'll probably end up alone. When Patti tells her to burn the list, it's up to Mary to keep the list out of her head and in her past where it belongs. Meanwhile, it's go-time for Patti's big yearly single event, The Mingle, but will the wintry weather keep the minglers away and make all of Patti's hard work be in vain?moreless
    • Mary and the Singles Mingle
      Patti tries to help Mary get past the list of 42 requirements that she has for potential mates. Patti also holds her annual Valentine's Day singles mingle party at Club Infinity.
    • Kevin and Brenda
      Kevin and Brenda
      Episode 3
      Patti works with a poet named Kevin Fehr who can't find love. Brenda is a 46 year old divorced mother who has been had a string of party boy relationships due to her party lifestyle.
    • John
      Episode 2
      Patti informs a 41 year old man that the reason he is still a virgin is that he doesn't understand that he is gay.
    • Charlie and Ashley
      Patti tries to get Charlie to learn how to eat like a gentleman and tells him to lose weight. Ashley needs to learn to use less makeup and to not abuse her skin with daily trips to the tanning salon.