Confessions of a Matchmaker

Season 1 Episode 3

Kevin and Brenda

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jun 23, 2007 on A&E

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  • Kevin the Poet and Brenda the Party Mom!

    Lookout, it's Party Mom! When Brenda, a 40-something mother of two, walks into Patti's office with a fondness for rocker boys in tight jeans, it's time to help her get real about the kind of man she deserves--but first, Brenda has to walk the straight-and-narrow and break up with her already-attached boyfriend. Meanwhile, Patti has to figure out what's going on with her nerve-wracked poem-spouting client Kevin, the one poet in the world who can't find love. It won't be easy finding an artsy girl in Buffalo, but when Patti finds her, will Kevin rhyme his way into her heart or will his nerves get the better of him? New real-life series about matchmaker Patti Novak, who uses her no-nonsense style of tough love to bring lonely hearts together.
  • Patti helps a mediocre poet find love and helps a "party" mom try to settle down with a great guy.

    This episode was a laugh a minute. Sometimes you ask yourself if these people are real or are they paid actors as no one can be that stupid, yet in real life we know these kind of people exist.

    Patti tries to help a poet named Kevin Fehr (pronounced fear) to attract the right guy. This guy's poetry is simply horrible. I wouldn't even call it poetry as a couple of his poems are just bad. It's like a bad comic telling bad jokes and killing the audience with mediocrity. Nonetheless, the kind hearted Patti tries to work her magic on this guy. She actually sets him up with a very nice girl whose name escapes me at the moment. The conversation while stale is on-going. Suddenly, the self-proclaimed poet tries to recite his poetry (which is something Patti said not to do). The poem he recites has something to do with having sex with mayonnaise (I kid you not). The poem is simply God awful but for whatever reason the nice girl decides to go along with it.

    Later, Patti confronts Kevin about everything he did wrong and the fact that there probably won't be a second date.

    However, it feels like everything she sees is drawing blanks. Moving on, the next clien was a bit more fun: A flirtatious older woman whose into younger men. Brenda is a feisty, older woman with a taste for young blood. Unfortunately, even in her own words the younger men she chooses turn out to be jerks. Patti sets her up with a man her own age that goes by the name "Mr. Laundry" who is obsessive about his dry cleaning. The party mom thinks he is a complete bore 9who could blame her) but nonetheless she gives the date a chance and the two eventually do seem to get along. I like this client more than the Kevin fellow as she was more outgoing and definitely had a better personality to boot. Kevin came across as more a joke than anything. An ok episode.