Confessions of a Matchmaker

Season 1 Episode 4

Mary and the Singles Mingle

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jun 23, 2007 on A&E

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  • The LIST & The MINGLE

    Everybody has an idea of what they want in a potential mate, but not everyone carries around a sixty item typed list of exactly what attributes they require--except Mary, Patti's newest client. With a list called--what else--THE LIST--Mary's created such a difficult test to pass for any potential suitor that she'll probably end up alone. When Patti tells her to burn the list, it's up to Mary to keep the list out of her head and in her past where it belongs. Meanwhile, it's go-time for Patti's big yearly single event, The Mingle, but will the wintry weather keep the minglers away and make all of Patti's hard work be in vain? New real-life series about matchmaker Patti Novak, who uses her no-nonsense style of tough love to bring lonely hearts together.
  • Patti tries to help a divorced mother find a man.

    This woman Mary decided that she needed a "list" aka a boyfriend application to evaluate a man.

    The list routine is idiotic and I'am constantly amused by people who have the need to "evaluate" a life partner by virtue of an application of high expectations that the person themselves can't meet.

    Patti brings it up and tells her not to use the list. Mary isn't blessed by great looks at all so her personality will have to win over men but even then Mary seems unflexible to the task.

    She insults her date "Dennis" and comes across as an aged slut when she throws sexual questions at him. Dennis is rather confused by her behavior (maybe she had too much to drink) and decides to flirt with the other woman around. Mary is so insecure with herself that the date goes from bad to worse.

    Hilarious as hell episode. Mary's problem is obvious but she is too stubborn and set on her ways to do anything about it. This is a great lesson for anybody who continuaally wants to use these stupid lists. This shows clearly that the list doesn't work.

    As hard as Patti tries, I don't think it matters. Meanwhile, Patti throws a mingle party for her single clients in Buffalo. Her party almost falls apart from the beginning but lucky for her it works out in the end.