Confessions of a Matchmaker

Saturday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jun 16, 2007 In Season


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  • Waste of money

    Waste of $995 for year membership. You will have better luck with and plentyoffish as Patti's goal is not to find love for you but to give you the minimum matches per month to meet her contract that you sign. When you first meet with her and sign the contract they will ask you what you are looking for but they do not match you with those people. If you say you want someone never married with no kids between 30 and 40 years old by the 2nd month they will match you with someone divorced with 1 to 3 kids and up to 50 years old. Save your money as this service is a scam!
  • Episode number 11 with Tonya was the best episode. I think the date setting was so elegant and up lifting. To see a man come to a date with roses, being a complete gentleman and dressed so elegantly was as exciting. There's is hope in the dating world.

    Episode 11 was the best. Tonya is amoung many women searching for that Mr. Right or at least someone close to it. I never ecpected to see a date like this. WOW I.m glad she met Mr. Right at the end. It was wonderful and so encouraging. I think Lance Diamond stole the evening with his charm, his dress, oh my goodness the voice, I would love to have been his date for the evening. This is what women are looking for someone who, as Tonya said, knows how to treat a women. I would love to see a repeat of this show. Mr. Diamond is the MAN!!
  • Patti Novak plays matchmaker plays datemaker to those who want a date and need major makeovers in their lives to seek out the right one.

    This show is like "Blind Date" except with a much heavier dose of reality and honesty.

    In that retrospect this show deserves a lot of credit. You know "Blind Date" people often make up these phony videos claiming to be a real great catch then the date happens and you see their true personalities come to life and the date comes to a horrible and laughable end.

    That's where Patti Novak comes in and tries to finetune these people with issues. It's evident after watching the first episode that first of overall Patti is very opinionated. However, also watching the first episodes I have to say I agree with over half of what she's saying.

    For a lot these trainwrecks they need a major makeover not only in terms of appearence but personality. This is the kinda stuff that you don't see on "Blind Date", "Love Connection" or one of these more manipulative date show that is a realistic look at the dating scene and the fact that a lot of these people really do need help.

    As a show it's actually not that bad. Granted it may lack originality but its fair dose of honesty and reality does make it look more appealing than other phony shows out there.
  • Dating is a train wreck and this show makes if fun to watch.

    Everyone knows that dating is horrible. Now take people who hire a professional matchmaker because they couldn't do it on their own and you have some good TV. You'll be shaking your head wondering how some of these people will get any dates ever! But, the true fun is no matter how messy you are, emotionally mixed up, or don't even know you're gay there's someone out there for you. Patti Novak knows what to do, but more importantly what not to do. Everyone can use her first date tips. Like, hey, don't bring up marriage. Or how about don't eat like a pig with pasta hanging out of your mouth? Simple tips that we all deep down know but somehow forget. And remember, you're not trying to be yourself on the first date. You're trying to be the super cool, clean, put together version of yourself on the first date. Leave the drama to date number 12! Overall, the show is enjoyable and interesting. Train wrecks and loved found. Somebody for everyone. Definitely worth watching. I hope they go for season 2.
  • Nasty. Just unrelievedly nasty.

    The reason this rude, shallow, insulting person is apparently successful--underline 'apparently'--with her clients is because by definition, when you resort to a matchmaker, you are ready to accept whomever they throw at you. So that doesn't say a whole lot in favor of her vaunted track record.

    There is almost nothing said on this show in favor of those lost qualities such as charm and intellect. It's all about how to look good, not be stupid in a restaurant, and get them to call you next week. In other words, it's about the conceit of one person, instead of the deeper interests of both. The creation of actual positive feelings, as opposed to superficial impressions, is not only discarded, it's actually ridiculed. No wonder there are so many bad relationships today. If this is what's out there, please, consider celibacy.