Confessions of a Matchmaker

Saturday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jun 16, 2007 In Season


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  • Patti Novak plays matchmaker plays datemaker to those who want a date and need major makeovers in their lives to seek out the right one.

    This show is like "Blind Date" except with a much heavier dose of reality and honesty.

    In that retrospect this show deserves a lot of credit. You know "Blind Date" people often make up these phony videos claiming to be a real great catch then the date happens and you see their true personalities come to life and the date comes to a horrible and laughable end.

    That's where Patti Novak comes in and tries to finetune these people with issues. It's evident after watching the first episode that first of overall Patti is very opinionated. However, also watching the first episodes I have to say I agree with over half of what she's saying.

    For a lot these trainwrecks they need a major makeover not only in terms of appearence but personality. This is the kinda stuff that you don't see on "Blind Date", "Love Connection" or one of these more manipulative date show that is a realistic look at the dating scene and the fact that a lot of these people really do need help.

    As a show it's actually not that bad. Granted it may lack originality but its fair dose of honesty and reality does make it look more appealing than other phony shows out there.