Confessions of a Matchmaker

Saturday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jun 16, 2007 In Season


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  • Dating is a train wreck and this show makes if fun to watch.

    Everyone knows that dating is horrible. Now take people who hire a professional matchmaker because they couldn't do it on their own and you have some good TV. You'll be shaking your head wondering how some of these people will get any dates ever! But, the true fun is no matter how messy you are, emotionally mixed up, or don't even know you're gay there's someone out there for you. Patti Novak knows what to do, but more importantly what not to do. Everyone can use her first date tips. Like, hey, don't bring up marriage. Or how about don't eat like a pig with pasta hanging out of your mouth? Simple tips that we all deep down know but somehow forget. And remember, you're not trying to be yourself on the first date. You're trying to be the super cool, clean, put together version of yourself on the first date. Leave the drama to date number 12! Overall, the show is enjoyable and interesting. Train wrecks and loved found. Somebody for everyone. Definitely worth watching. I hope they go for season 2.