Conflict (1994)

PBS (ended 1994)


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Conflict (1994)

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Conflict (1994) is a documentary series about a Native American conflict from the American Public Broadcasting System. The Twin Cities Public Television crew heads to the Dakotas, where over 150 years ago, an uprising took place between the Americans and the Sioux Indians. By using dramatizations and history archives, narrator Garrison Keillor tells the story of a resilient indian nation's intolerance to abusive land squatters and of their quick demise after meeting the Union Army. The series starts with cameras showing the exact place where Sioux Indians massacred white settlers, near a Montana pass. They then follow the path of the settlers, who were lucky to escape, all the way to Minnesota. A two-year conflict erupts. Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman, a decedent from the Dakota nation, then joins Keillor in the narration, translating dialogue and stories from relatives who lived in the tribes during the conflict. Descendants from both sides, white and indian, give conflicting stories on what really happened, but everyone remembers the conflict resulting in the Dakota nation's destruction and assassination of thirty tribal chiefs. Keillor ends the series with a shot of the actual death warrant signed by President Abraham Lincoln.