Season 1 Episode 3

Casablanca: Who Holds Tomorrow?

Aired Tuesday 7:30 PM Sep 27, 1955 on ABC

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  • Rick Blaine helps a refugee.

    What a crummy idea this was - to take Carl Jules Weyl's famous, still-standing sets for the 1943 movie "Casablanca" and use them for a whole series of new mini-adventures for cafe-owner Rick Blaine. There was no chance of getting Humphrey Bogart to repeat his legendary role, of course, but hiring Charles McGraw instead smacked of real desperation. Marcel Dalio, who had actually been in "Casablanca" (as a croupier), was promoted to Claude Rains's old role of Captain Renault, and this great French actor gave this catchpenny imitation what little quality it had (apart from those sets). And who on earth thought it would be a great idea to have Rick and co. operating, not in World War II, but in the Cold War? Madness.