Season 2 Episode 19

Conflict: Execution Night

Aired Tuesday 7:30 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • What is the connection between a baffling murder case and the initials "M.F.Q."? Anything to do with an odd fellow named Michael Francis Quillan?

    A minor but vaguely intriguing drama which has stuck in my mind for over 45 years, because it was shown (not as a series episode, but as an isolated one-off) on British television at the time Will Hutchins was starring in "Sugarfoot", a now-forgotten Western series where he played an awkward, polite young lawyer out west who couldn't shoot a gun or win a fist-fight if his life depended on it. This drama showed another side to Hutchins's charming-hayseed persona - Michael Francis Quillan is a rather strange young man who gauche persona could easily be a front for a psychopathic personality. Could Sugarfoot be a murderer? It seemed a shocking suggestion - but he turned out to be innocent in the end.