Conic Sections In Math

MTV - Music Television (ended 1994)


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Conic Sections In Math

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Conic Sections In Math is an educational-comedy show from MTV that combines math, reality TV and situation comedy into one show. MTV films each episode in reality TV format, using a Big Brother camera focusing on Woodrow (Harvey Silver) and his classmates, Leona (Kathryn A. Cohn) and Corrine (Joyce D. Willis), surviving Professor Mc Conical's (Wes Hobby) math class. Woodrow grows tired of waking up early to attend his teacher's boring lessons, so he does everything he can to spoil the calm professor's class. Woodrow pursuades Leona and Corrine to join his disruptive antics. The school's principal (David W. Adami) almost expels the student, but Mc Conical intervenes and gives Woodrow one more chance. The professor asks for his student's help in making his lessons more interesting. Each week, Woodrow and his friends have to come up with a new theme for their professor to teach his class. One episode has the teacher playing The Flying Nun while teaching Mathletics. Another episode has the class on a field trip, learning numbers while being chased by a strange creature in the forest. Each week, both Woodrow and the viewers at home learn a bit more about math by the end of the episode. As the season winds down, final exams approach, and Woodrow realizes that if he fails math, he won't graduate.