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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • 2/13/15

      John and Zed return to New Orleans after Corrigan asks for their help finding a missing girl. Meanwhile, the Brujeria put a bounty on John and Papa Midnite sets out to collect it in return for his sister's soul.

    • 2/6/15

      Manny helps John investigate a mysterious attack that leads them to a hospital. When Zed attempts to gain a vision, she has a seizure and discovers that continuing to help John may threaten her life.

    • 1/30/15

      John returns to Ivy University to help one of the Newcastle crew, Ritchie. Ritchie's TA has performed a ritual that has given a killer from another reality access to four of Ritchie's students... and the killer is picking them off one by one.

    • Quid Pro Quo
      Episode 10

      Chas faces a parent's worst nightmare when thousands of people across Brooklyn slip into a mysterious coma, including his own daughter; and it's up to John to figure out how to awaken the victims of this evil force.

    • The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2

      John summons a demon to possess him and save his life from the invunche and Anne Marie's gunshot wound. However, the demon threatens to take over John's body and Anne Marie, Chas, and Zed race to exorcise it before it's too late.

    • The Saint of Last Resorts

      John is summoned to Mexico City by an old friend--and fellow Newcastle survivor--to look into the abduction of a baby by a demon. Meanwhile, Zed has a date with Eddie but discovers that he's not all that he claims.

    • 12/5/14

      Zed's visions and the scry map led her and John to a preacher who can heal injury. John soon discovers that the healing comes with a terrible cost... and finds a fallen angel stranded on Earth.

    • Rage of Caliban
      Rage of Caliban
      Episode 6

      A spirit possesses children and forces them to kill their parents. After the most recent murders, John and Chas try to track down the spirit and stop it before it can claim any more victims.

    • Danse Vaudou
      Episode 5

      Papa Midnite inadvertently raises the dead, who set out to kill the living. To stop them, he must join forces with John and put spirits to rest.

    • 11/14/14

      John travels to Atlanta to stop a demon that an old friend has inadvertently risen... and learns that he may have to sacrifice a great deal to stop it.

    • 11/7/14

      John and Zed travel to Chicago to investigate the death of a record producer, and discover that a voodoo priest named Papa Midnite is seeking a 45 LP that has recorded the Devil's voice.

    • 10/31/14

      John travels to Heddwich, Pennsylvania to stop guardian spirits who are killing the locals. When he arrives there he meets Zed Martin, a young woman who is drawn to John by her visions.

    • Non Est Asylum
      Episode 1

      After a botched exorcism that condemns a young girl to Hell, demonologist John Constantine tries to forget. But a message from an old friend summons him to help a woman who demons want to see destroyed. As he helps the woman, Liv, John is approached by an angel who wants him to serve the forces of Heaven.