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Consumer Connection

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Consumer Connection is a consumer awareness show from the American Public Broadcasting System filmed in the Maryland Instructional Television studios. Attorney David Wano joins hosts Caron Tate and Doug Tillett to facilitate a discussion on consumer rights. The season opens with Wano explaining how someone can borrow money from their life insurance policy to pay for personal items. Local rock group, The Stains, bring their contract into the next show, asking Wano to help them read the fine print. During his counsel, the lawyer explains to the group the difference between oral and written contracts. By mid-season, Tate and Tillett add investigative reporters Mandy Zlotnick and Joseph Gonzalez, Jr. to their crew and send them out to investigate some consumer dilemmas. Gonzalez visits a banker who gives financial advice to viewers. Zlotnick heads to Virginia to help a young couple in debt. At the end of the show, Wano gives the couple some consul on Virginia's credit laws, which may relive some of the couple's debt. Other subjects that appear on Consumer Connection are understanding lease options, dealing with an abusive landlord and balancing a budget.