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Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols), a Vancouver City Protective Services officer, is transported from the year 2077 to 2012 when eight ruthless terrorists, known as Liber8, attempt to escape execution through time travel.

With the help of 17 year old tech genius Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen) and VPD officer Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster), Kiera must survive in our time period, and capture Liber8 before they can alter the course of history and change the future.


    Continuum "The Desperate Hours" Review: Last Train to Clarksville

    Brad showed his true colors, Kiera made a tough decision, and Travis took one for the team in "The Desperate Hours."


    Continuum "Zero Hour" Review: Blast From the Future Past

    Alec picked Jason's scatterbrain for deets on his maybe-future and who his one true love was if it wasn't Emily. Meanwhile, Kiera and Carlos fought about Brad and Time-traveller Jesus made an appearance.

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    • Very Likable Characters

      I liked just about every character in this show. Liber8 were terrorists in the beginning, and then later we realize that they were actually fighting for something worth fighting for. I started rooting for them as much as I was rooting for Kiera. So many have called the Finale "Bittersweet". And I totally agree. Hence the 9.5 score. I felt extremely happy that Kiera finally made it back to 2077. All she ever wanted was to get back to her son. (which is a natural thing for mothers to wish for). And to take that away from Kiera made me sad. But it was still a great finale. We can't always get what we want.moreless
    • Horrible Ending as well as clueless and thoughtless comments

      Kiera went to the past and helped change the future of the world. She could have stayed in the past. She should have. But instead she left her friends and returned to the future. Why? To fulfill her desire to return home and be reunited with her family, specifically her son. Those of us who are parents should understand that. So, Kiera returns to the future. The old Alec is waiting for her. He is ecstatic to see her,understandably. But he should still remember the reason Kiera wanted to return to the future. Old Alec should have been more sensitive. Maybe sit down with Kiera and explain the present state of affairs concerning her son; But he doesn't. It isn't until Kiera sees her son and starts to head toward him that the old Alec grabs her arm. And even after that the old Alec acts like a clueless idiot. Like everything is all wonderful. Well it is not. Kiera has come back to a world where she doesn't belong. And while see can see her son across a fountain square, she can not make her presence known to him, let alone interact with him. The very reason she wanted to return to the future was to be reunited with her son.. There needs to be another season of Continuum that somehow restores Kiera's life or gives her a reason to go on.moreless
    • Perfecto del syfy desinencia!!

      That's how an ending should be, albeit a tad bit here and there, a perfect series finale.
    • Spin off?

      Gods of the tv universe, please make a spin off of Kellog in his new timeline!! LMAO it would make really good comedy tv!! :D
    • Great show, abrupt ending

      I loved the show til the very end, even though the story didn't seem to be going anywhere at some point. The finale wasn't what i expected. They made this huge build up about The Traveler, which ended up leading to nothing special. I would've wanted a few more episodes to properly get the story down, but this works just as well I guess.

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