Season 1 Episode 1

A Stitch In Time

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 27, 2012 on Syfy

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  • Brilliant pilot!

    This pilot was absolutely amazing and sensational! I am already so hooked onto the show and I can't wait to see more!

    The mai n reason I decided to watch was f or Rachel Nichols who I loved on Criminal Minds during a brief spell, but after watching the pilot, there are many other reasons to keep watching!

    The storyline is incredbile and really interesting! I love how it started and the first scenes were done really great.

    There was a lot to like about it - the intentions of the Liber*8 people were really great and really interesting with their intentions and schemes to change things.

    Kiera's character was extremely interesting as well!

    All up, fabulous episode and can't wait for more!
  • Does this show back the wrong side?

    As an American, I've only been able to watch the first episode. With the 4th amendment already taken away with the Patriot ACT, and the 2nd Amendment under severe attack at present, and this show suggesting by 2076, the entire Bill of Rights will be erased (at least that's the idea I was given), and with talks of a civil war already percolating and being talked about on FB as though it's almost inevitable, I watch a show like this and see the bad guys--those who'd like to see things brought back to, at worst, say, the rights we had in the 1940s (maybe even the 1840s, as I'm a strong believer in removing the prohibition against drugs--take a look at what Portugal has done and I think it's pretty obvious they made the right decision, and we here in America are wrong), I'm absolutely disgusted to see corporate America as "the good guys" and those fighting for what I tend to think is the reinstatement of the constitution as the bad guys.

    Watching this (again, only from episode 1, but from the other reviews I've read, my first impressions seem to be the way the producers and directors are depicting things), for me, seems like I'm watching Avatar, just with those annihilating the planet as the good guys and the Na'vi as the bad guys. Such a movie would be deplorable, wouldn't it? Or maybe it would piss us off, and open enough North American eyes to realize maybe we SHOULD start the re-revolution (a move back to the constitution--reinstating the full Bill of Rights WITHOUT RESTRICTION!).

    If nothing else, I think this show should start some major arguments, and maybe it's better we're forced to look at what the US would be like under corporate rule, and without the bill of rights NOW, while we can still do something about it.
  • Great show and episode(no spoiler)

    A very Interesting overall storyline! Background is great, megacorp vs total freedom, order vs chaos.

    This episode give us a view of a very complex storyline(unlike most sci-fi shows). Alot of question was rised. Which side are actually the good and which are the bad, or the right question would be:WHO is right and WHO is wrong.

    There are some choices(made by writers), which I think may cost problem on the long run, but none are big. This show's complex storyline is somewhat like "Homeland".

    The cast is very good. It's great that "smoking man" is back on another sci-fi shows XD

    Can't wait for the next episode.

  • Pilot episode to get you hooked

    a great premise with an awesome pilot, got me hooked right from the start

    i wont give away any spoilers, but some of the small details the put in both about the past and the future are really interesting,

    also what did the guy know?
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