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OK you readers from the US, I have been informed that you will only be able to see this episode on Friday, so you need to look out if you don't want any spoilers!

Still, you are very welcome to come back and read / discuss after the show has aired wherever you live.

--------------Spoilers Ahead -------------

Damn that was quick, and in more than one way.

First this episode was quick in weirding me out with that fake commercial for Halo. Following that the episode almost gave me whiplash because of the speed the story development seems to have taken on. I’m not complaining here, I’m just saying, this is fast for Continuum. It stays quick when Liber8 seems to fall apart at the seams because of some talk and the whole chess board is basically rearranged.

But I’m skipping ahead so let me start from the top with the Halo commercial:

It is actually not bad as far as a commercial goes. It’s just that the product itself is very much the content of (my) nightmares.

Next up we are with Brad in Kiera’s apartment and he is still suffering from the effects of Flash and trying to sort out his memories. Kiera doesn’t notice and pops out to get some eggs for breakfast. Important to note from his memory-flashes is that he remembers he is the one who killed Kiera and that he worked with Curtis. While Kiera is out getting eggs, Brad walks out on her.

This issue of ‘who killed Kiera’ has been discussed in length in the comments and until this episode we could not be sure but now that Brad remembers events this way and later even says that he killed Kiera, so I think we can consider this question settled.

The next thing that happens is that Jason, with Halo on his arm, shows up at the park and digs up the time travel device from future-Alec who buried it back in the season premiere and put the GPS coordinates in his phone. While watching this it raised the question for me of how did he know where it is? That aside, Jason seems somewhat insane while digging and then, consequently attacks a jogger whom he mistakes for one of the Freelancer dudes. He takes his shovel and starts bashing the guy’s head in. He doesn’t kill him, but while he beats the guy, he yells something about ‘not going back in the box again’. This, I think, settles another question that the community has been discussing, and that is that Jason is the way he is because he has been captured by the Freelancers and put in one of those glass boxes future-Alec is in right now. I wonder how he got out of there…

When Kiera returns home, instead of Brad she finds some broken glass. Kiera immediately suspects the Freelancers are involved and heads over to confront them. But they of course don’t have him either. Kiera once again tries to assert her independence from the Freelancer and they once again try to convince her to remain one of them.

While there, Kiera looks in on future-Alec, who looks not too healthy, just like a guy kept in a glass box prison is bound to look. I don’t think the Freelancer guys and Kiera are going to become best buddies. They don’t know where or when Brad came from, but they consider him a dangerous anomally, especially since he beat Curtis in hand-to-hand combat.

Brad himself is still remembering things, and one of the more important things he remembers is that he used to work with Curtis. We still don’t know if Brad is a Freelancer himself or why exactly he is working with Curtis, but they were a team. That also makes Curtis sort of a traitor to the Freelancer cause. It might have been that Curtis was undercover with the Freelancers or simply that he used them, sort of like Kiera did. But the two of them certainly killed Kiera while working together.

What Curtis and Brad did not know is that there were two Alecs, but they were apparently tracking some sort of “contamination” presumably of the timeline. It seems that alive-Kiera messed up whatever plan they had by becoming a Freelancer. The relationship between Curtis and Brad seemed not equal to me. It sounded like Brad was ‘in command’ or at least deciding the overall course and action. We also get to see the vehicle that hit Brad, and let me say, that did not look planned - it looked like a perfectly random car accident.

It seems Jason was picked up by the police after assaulting that jogger, and Carlos and Kiera are interviewing him. He seems totally out of it and is mumbling some very strange stuff. It turns out that in the end he was just playing for time, waiting for his corporate big shot lawyers to come and get him out. Jason still had the time-travel orb in his possession when he was arrested, so now it is in the police evidence lockup. But during the interview, Kiera has a ‘slip of tongue’ and reveals that she considers future-Alec the one in the Freelancer prison, ‘her’ Alec. That, to me, implies that she changed her mind about which Alec to choose but for now, she is not acting on that. Or maybe I’m just reading things wrong.

Of course Piron comes through for him and gets the charges against Jason dropped. Jason gets all his stuff back (except for the time-travel orb) slips his Halo bracelet on and is immediately lucid. After that, Kiera is off to confront Alec while Carlos is looking into how the charges got dropped. After questioning one of the duty sergeants, Carlos learns that Dillon has gotten a lot of charges dropped in the last few days, all linked to the Halo bracelet.

Alec basically lies to Kiera and in blocking her CMR, tries to throw her of the scent. But even without (or especially without) a CMR it is very clear that Alec is not being entirely truthful. Also note that two of the five open documents are about ‘Weapons technology’ and three are about ‘Financial position’. Jason joins them and insists that Halo actually helps him stay lucid and normal.

Carlos is still out tracking the former Halo beta testers and finds out that Dillon and Piron have been paying off former beta testers who have experienced anti-social behavior and consequently got into trouble with the police. Piron with the help of the VPD are sweeping everything under the rug. It seems like the whole police-corporation cooperation is not yet as finely tuned as in 2077 because Carlos figures it all out very quickly and even the concerned beta testers complain about a lack of competence in the police cover-up.
With all this info, Kiera does not really believe her earlier scan results of Alec, or at least she considers the possibility that Alec might not know about any issues with Halo and is being kept in the dark.

Brad somehow tracks down Kellog and enlists his help in trying to find the Freelancers for whatever reason. In this conversation Brad mentions that he and Kellog will get to know eachother in the future, what in hindsight, refers to the far future and not a couple of months down the road.

Meanwhile over at Piron, there is sort of an emergency meeting underway. It seems Halo causes psychotic behavior in about 6% of people wearing it. Oops. Not really a product you would want to bring to market. I don’t know what the product liability laws are like in Canada, but if they are anything like those in the US, that sort of ‘glitch’ could bankrupt you. But more importantly, in this conversation Jason explains the scientific stuff like he would for a layman and Alec asks: “Are you dumbing this down for me or her” (the lawyer) and Jason sort of evades the issue. It seems that maybe that lawyer lady and Jason are not being truthful with Alec after all. The lawyer definitely seems like a person who knows more about all this, time travel and Escher than she is openly admitting.

Carlos is not amused by what he learns from Kiera about Alec. Well, isn’t it nice to see the team back together, trusting each other and telling their secrets to each other? Finally! Carlos calls in his favor with Julian and gets him to look into what is going on with Halo but not before mentioning that he knows about the deal between Alec, Piron and Julian.

At the same time, in a seemingly random garage Brad is breaking into, he seems to have a weapons cache. It seems he knows the place well. While getting his stuff, a young boy interrupts him. It turns out the boy is Bradley Tonkin (or whatever his last name is) in his pre-teens. Bradley, meet Bradley :D

Almost immediately Kiera shows up, having tracked down the boy with the help of the police. While leaving, Brad and Kiera get captured by Liber8. Wow. That was a quick succession of events…

After some preliminary exchanges of pleasantries, Travis gets down to business and proceeds to beat some information out of Brad. Kiera is taking that very hard but is still interested in what Brad had to say. It seems he has been sent back to clean up Liber8’s mess.

Julian meanwhile follows up on Carlos’ tip about the Halo issues. He does not have access to the relevant information about Halo concerning the beta-testers that exhibited problematic symptoms. As Julian is digging, Jason is lurking in the background. He finally confronts Julian and in turn gets prodded for info. Jason is acting very paranoid and strange again and when he thinks Julian will betray Alec, he locks the room and starts to choke Julian. Alec and the security guy can get to him just in time and save Julian by putting Halo back on Jason’s wrist.

When Garza participates in the information extraction process, she uses a nailgun to put a nail through Kiera’s foot. That finally makes Brad talk:

It seems Brad left his time in the year 2039 because “right here right now is when the timeline became disrupted”. He and his buddies stumbled upon that info when they captured a Freelancer facility. It seems they were convinced that this time was ‘ground zero’ for a cataclysmic time anomaly.

Of course the guys from Liber8 don’t believe him. When the Global Corporate Congress gets mentioned, Brad tells them that it doesn’t exist in his time. It seems that corporations and the government declared war on each other and that in turn lead to all kinds of chaos. Liber8 takes that bit of info as proof that they succeeded and changed history just like Kagame dreamed they would.

Somewhere else in the city Jason and Alec have a heart to heart on which implications I’m not too clear about. Yes, Alec basically admits that he is an insecure boy trying to win his (dead) dad’s approval but what all that means for the relationship between Alec and Jason is not really clear at this point.

Brad also tells Kiera that he bolted because he did not like what he remembered and he tells her that he is the one who killed the other Kiera. So, that’s settled. Kiera manages to get out of her cuffs while Liber8 still tries to figure out if Brad is telling the truth or not.

Kiera makes a move and ends up with a gun to Sonja’s head. Sonja is ready to die because she believes she has changed the future and she is good with that, even if the change seems to be for the worst. Kiera tells Liber8 about killing Travis in her old timeline, about the other dead Kiera and about the two Alecs.

When Carlos confronts Dillon about all those dropped charges, Dillon explains his motivation: He wants Halo because with the data it would send to Piron he would essentially get his own crime-prediction-database and therefore could better protect the innocents. Well, no thank you, Piron. Carlos agrees with me but doesn’t have any proof to bring Dillon down.

Brad tries to make a run for it but Travis and Garza recapture him, Kiera tells Liber8 that Alec jumped back in time and with that created a new timeline. She also tells the story about her escape attempt with Garza from the season premiere. Kiera then proposes that future-Alec’s time jump created the future that Brad comes from. Kiera also reveals that Garza has a separate deal with old Alec Sadler from 2077.

Lucas goes crazy because now everyone is just a pawn in someone else’s game and everything seems useless to him. Brad explains to him and Liber8 that basically everything went to shit because of Liber8 and their ‘rhetoric’. That is when Kellog and Curtis show up to the party. Except for Sonja all Liber8 members are already doubting themselves and their mission but when Brad shows them a holograph recording of an “old” Kellog giving a speech about war, the group begins to crumble. Brad also tells them that Kellog as part of a group of clan-leaders sent him back to change things.

As Kiera puts it: “Kellog is working for himself, Curtis is working for the Freelancers and Garza is working for Alec Sadler. Your plans were compromised from the beginning. No one controls the future. It is an ever-evolving organism, free to change as it sees fit.” It seems in this battle there are no winners and no perfect system.

I think we are about to discover a new and totally different level of stuff going on in Continuum.

When Curtis asks if Brad is still with him, he declines. It seems Travis, Garza and Lucas each went their own way, Sonja is still clinging to her Liber8 way, and Curtis and Kellog are going to continue working together. I bet Kellog likes the thought of himself as a clan leader, the pretentious self-righteous egocentric prick :D

Well, that was an eventful hour of Continuum. I was surprised that a round of talking disbanded Liber8 but it was well written and acted. It seems like the finale will be about Piron, Halo and the police. I don’t know where future-Alec will fit into that, but I am definitely looking forward to the last two episodes.

Thank you for joining me again this week. First, let's vote on the quality of the episode and then feel free to discuss it at length in the comments.


And finally let me say THANK YOU to @bubujin_2 for spellchecking this recap. So if you notice that the rate of grammar and spelling mistakes in my text has decreased, it is his achievement. Any mistakes that might still remain, are mine :D

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