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Right, so just to be on the safe side, let me again say this upfront:

This recap contains SPOILERS from the season 3 of Continuum. Since not everyone watches the show on the Canadian schedule, there will be those of you who haven’t seen it yet or who are not caught up to the current episode. That’s why I am telling you upfront:


Since the show started airing in the US by now and for those of you from the US, here are the links to my previous season 3 recaps: Episode 1, 2 and 3.

--------- Spoilers Ahead -------------

Kiera’s skepticism that is being established via the flashbacks is something new and unexpected. We have not seen any indication of that attitude towards the system in 2077 before. It seems like sort of an afterthought or a thing that’s required for the season 3 storyline to work. It doesn’t really feel organic to the story that has already been told. That is my only complaint though, because I think it makes the character more interesting, more conflicted and less predictable.

I also think that Kiera is set up to get into a conflict over the “truth” with the 2014 VPD. Because of her tech she is likely to discover information and connections that no one else has and believes. That would put her nicely into conflict with Dillon, Piron and past-Alec.
The other development that really came into its own this episode was Carlos’ troubles over loosing past-Kiera and all that ensued. I appreciate that the show doesn’t just move past this like nothing happened. These situations always tend to be the basis for some sort of character development and plot-drive. And the whole issue is one that you really can’t move past very easily. Just like when Carlos discovered that Kiera was from the future. These time-travel revelations tend to upset your routine just a tiny bit. I know I would need some time to deal with the appearance of a time-traveler…

The theme of this week’s episode seemed to be “Dynamics in small teams and how they change” – doesn’t that make for a nice management-workshop-title? So here we go:

And with that we are right in the middle of this week’s episode where first off, Carlos confronts Theseus because he had something to do with breaking out Lucas. What was that? Did you notice anything? I sure didn’t. Anyway:

Is it the actor or does he play creepy and somehow shifty guys on both shows? But thats also why I like him both times :)

Over on the local university campus there is a party going on in support of Liber8 and free speech. I’m all for free speech, but I’m not sure I am all for Liber8’s methods.

Why do the campus police have a “list” of people when they go into the Liber8 party and where does that list come from? Do you think that guy with the gun had some ulterior motive? Anyway, the are a bit on the aggressive side of things and with these being Liber8 supporters the campus cops get their asses handed to them. During all that the one gun the one guy brought goes missing. Obviously :)

So much for the starting setup for this weeks episode. Back with Alec we see him hanging out at Piron HQ. past-Alec that is. It seems that after discovering that information on Emily last week, he invited her for a “friendly” chat.

The whole thing goes south immediately and Alec and Emily basically break up while past-Alec and Piron seem to be the new “couple”. The one question that comes to mind from what Emily said during all of that is: Who is it that Emily had the strength to safe? I hope we will learn that at some point.

Back with the police, Carlos and Kiera are involved in investigating the campus incident from the start of the episode. In this team, Carlos and Kiera start out at opposite sides: Kiera suspects everyone of colluding with terrorists and seems very pro police and pro system.

Carlos on the other hand is more of an independent thinker and is willing to consider that free speech is a value in of itself and worth protecting even if they align themselves with Liber8.
In the course of this investigation, while looking for some files, Carlos accidentally stumbles upon evidence that Betsy is the mole in the department that they have been looking for since season 2.

Well, that certainly went different than expected – after the last episode we suspected Alec would be the one to expose Betsy, but I guess this works too. It does seem a bit forced but I guess they wanted to further isolate Carlos and change up another team dynamic. Not my favorite storyline payoff this show has achieved...

Over at Piron, past-Alec attends his first board meeting:

Of course he almost immediately gets dismissed as a smart but power-less kid that has no real business sitting at the big-boys-table. Well that won’t come back to bite them at all…. Also: again with the artwork and that UGLY wall paper – that is just SO 1980’s it is very disconcerting.
The student center where the Liber8 party happened is financed by Sonmanto. Isn’t that ironic?!

When Carlos and Kiera interview the faculty advisor, he delivers delivers a speech on terrorism and its history. He brings up some VERY valid points that translate very well from TV into real life. In retrospect this seems like the point at which Kiera’s change of perspective starts.
While all this is going on inside, outside the same guys from the party are holding another free-speech/Liber8 rally that quickly turns into a disaster. After some smoke granades (not tear-gas right?) and some firecrackers get thrown in the mix, one campus-cop pulls his gun and shoots people because he is scared.

What I wanna know is:
  • Who was it that incited the incidents at the Free-speech-demo outside?
  • Does the smoke instead of teargas suggest intent and did they WANT there to be deaths?
  • Who policed the brass from the shooting?

Then, over at Piron, Kellog shows up and gives a nice motivational speech to Alec. He also compares him to Steve Jobs. Nicely done, especially the: “Do you even own a turtleneck?” line.

I wonder how Kellog even got into the building. After all he was the “nemesis” of Escher, and the building security should certainly be aware of his “no access” status. Not only did he get in the building, he also tries to weasel himself into Piron by being Alec’s “shark” with the board.

Back with the investigation, Carlos shuts Betsy out of the investigation because he suspects her as the mole. But first we get a nice look into Kiera’s system-conform attitude when she says: “The system protects the people so in order to protect the people we have to protect the system.” Well there is debate for the ages. Intuitively I would disagree. This basic pro/contra approach to “the system” is what sows some of the conflict in the Carlos/Kiera team. At this point, Carlos still defends Cantor, the cop that shot the students at that rally.

When he and Kiera get sent out to question some students from the university again, the police find not only batons but also the missing gun. In the aftermath of that, Nora from IA is back. Her storyline feels like it will be important at some point. It also seems like it is set up that she and Kiera will work together in their fight against Piron influence on VPD. She advises Kiera to “come into the light of the truth” – at that point we are still not sure what that is, but to Nora, the whole case seems to ‘clean cut’ and therefore suspicious.

This is about halfway through the episode and also where Carlos and Kiera start exchanging sides on the investigation. The seed of that doubt for Kiera is that the guy they found the gun with, had no gunshot residue on his hands when Kiera scanned him at the crime scene. But since only she knows and places value in that info, she can not yet exonerate the guy. Carlos on the other hand does not have the luxury of a CMR and therefore has to base his police work on what he can prove without Kiera’s future-tech.

This seemed the furthest apart those two were at any point in this episode. They also did a complete 180 on their starting positions: Where Carlos was firmly skeptical of the police’s position in the beginning he is now firmly on their side and where Kiera started out as a firm supporter of “the system” she by now begins to suspect a different truth. I think the Carlos/Kiera friendship will help them prevail and survive even though it might be a bit strained at times.

On TV, Theseus is pushing Carlos and Kiera as the “bad guys”. I wonder what his motivations for that are. The nice thing we get out of this is another discussion about terrorism.

Following that, we get a great Carlos-scene in the freezer where he keeps dead-Kiera’s body.

“I sure as hell don’t know why I trust you more than I trust her”. That sums up very nicely Carlos’ Kiera-dilemma. Also: very creepy talking to a dead frozen body. Oh, and what about the CMR in dead-Kiera’s head? If in season 2 the Freelancers collected all the tech and bodies from the ‘future people’ why haven’t they come for this one?

The second discussion between the faculty advisor and Kiera is as relevant for RL as the first one. Companies DO fund university research, they DO influence science, they DO suppress opposing and they encourage positive research. Just take a look at what Tabaco-companies used to do and still do when it comes to smoking, addiction and cancer.

In order to ask the “right” questions you have to be independent. That seems like a universal truth. But: What about Kiera tells the faculty advisor that she wants to ask the right questions?? Did I miss something? With the new evidence, which she shows Carlos, Kiera coins this beauty: “I have to reevaluate my position” Wow, a small sentence that seems VERY heavy in meaning.

Carlos in turn tells Kiera about suspecting Betsy as the mole and he runs a ploy on her to reveal her. Kiera though asks her a very valid question: Why, as a tech person, would you use the same SIM-card for a year?

When Kiera confronts Cantor, he confesses to being confused and shooting unarmed people. With all that new info Carlos and Kiera present their findings to Dillon. He is decidedly unhappy to have to put dirt on the police department and to get IA involved.
Betsy gets used as a “turned spy” and as bait for Liber8. Not a very nice fate to look forward to. I certainly wouldn’t like to be in her shoes.

Over at Piron, past-Alec comes around and steps up at another board meeting. He wins Dillon as an ally and starts taking more control of Piron. I do expect there to be more opposition to him in the near future.

I appreciate that the show is trying to give the two Alecs a distinguishable look as to not get us as the audience confused. But that hair and that suit make him look very Wall-Street-y and very cold. Also, with the white shirt he looks like he just got back from a funeral. Alec and Dillon basically want to expand on the police and control business. Great.

Nice speech and role reversal by Theseus when he confronts Carlos in the parking garage. What does he mean by: “You certainly talk the talk, but I haven’t seen any walking”? To me it seems like he suggests that Carlos somehow is associated with Theseus now. Remember what happened in the old timeline in last season’s finale when Carlos sought refuge with Liber8 at the end? I'm not exactly sure what will come of all that, but I hope it is interesting.

Finally, Kiera comes around to a more independent and progressive view on “the system” when she is at the vigil for the dead. But, in a dose of reality, Cantor changes his mind about telling the truth. That goes to show that basically people do not act out of convictions but much more out of self-interest.
In the 2077-scenes Kiera has to pay for rescuing a child, after failing to rescue the ‘more valuable’ company executives. Well… I see some flaws in that approach: If you can make Kiera pay for the value lost from the deaths of those execs, can she also be credited with the (potential) value earned by the two kids she saved? Who knows, maybe they will become very rich and successful?!? Also: Kiera has some major life-debt now. But what happens if you die? Can you also have life-assets?

It seemed like all the other CPS guys were on board with what Kiera did. Does that suggest some kind of ‘civil unrest’ in the ranks of the CPS?

In other news: Past-Alec finds out what happened at the Piron power-source lab from some security footage and goes to meet his other self. That was an awesome scene that I was really looking forward to.

That reminded me a bit of the first time Olivia met BOlivia on Fringe, just without the fighting. But I bet these two will settle their dispute on a very different field of battle.
In the end we see that Emily chooses future-Alec.

In that she seems like a bit of an audience stand-in: choosing the more sympathetic Alec. Also: making out in a seedy motel room with you girlfriend: very classy :D

My conclusion for this week’s episode is:
The overall picture looks decidedly like it is right on track for the 2077-future. If that is a good or a bad thing is up to your own opinion.

Questions of Time:

See, some of these questions get answered rather promptly. Last week I asked:
Will one Alec create Sad-Tech and the other take over Piron?” and this week we get the answer: Yes.

That poses a new question: If future-Alec will be the guy running SAD-Tech and Emily chooses future-Alec, will Emily become Jason’s mom?

Who is it that Emily had the strength to safe?

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Now: discuss! :D

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