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Right, so just to be on the safe side, let me again say this upfront:

This recap contains SPOILERS from the season 3 of Continuum. Since not everyone watches the show on the Canadian schedule, there will be those of you who haven’t seen it yet. That’s why I am telling you upfront:


This weeks installment of Continuum, called "Minute Man" gets another recap after at least some of you seemed to have read last week's recap.

Anyway, off we go:

--------- Spoilers Ahead -------------

Well, after the season premiere last week wrapped up some story threads from the season two finale, this week's episode wrapped up many of the questions presented by said premiere. Therefore this episode contained less surprises and change, and more a return to the normal pace of the show that we were used to from the previous two seasons.

That is not necessarily a bad thing. You can’t keep changing stuff at a pace like the first episode did. The result of that was, that one could very much feel the slowed pace this week. With no action at all and a lot of talking, the contrast seemed quite stark. It was not a bad episode though. It brought the rest of the characters back in and some of them up to speed. It pushed the non-timetravel-plot foreward with the police and Liber8. And after last weeks turmoil, this week the waves that Alec’s timetravel created seemed to somewhat settle down again.

Ok, onto what happened:

First off, I have to say:
YAY – An origin story of the CPS-protector Kiera Cameron from 2067.

Second: Future repo-men are major dicks. And you have to pay to get your stuff confiscated. And you have to listen to stuff like this: “Nostalgia is a waste of space and energy”. To me that whole scene from 2067 almost had the quality of comic-relief. Under the 'life-debt-relieve and rectification statutes' Kiera’s mom got most of her stuff confiscated. And we see Kiera’s sister again, the one who later died when under the influence of some future-drugs. And apparently the Cameron family has lived in the apartment for generations…

Even worse: you are not allowed to have books or vinyl records anymore – all ‘old media’ is banned as contraband. We certainly have not heard about that before. The ‘old media’ term was well chosen by the writers with the term ‘new media’ encompassing everything digital nowadays. I certainly would like to read some of those books:

Uhh... I want to know more about those theories... :D

Now: YAY again – for a new title sequence and one that has no weird voice-over but some new graphics and music. It’s nothing special when compared to what shows like POI does or what Fringe did, but I thought it certainly was better than the old one.
After the stuff from 2067 – do we call that a flash-back or a flash-foreward? - we are back with future Kiera and Alec in the lab.

That in this pic is some of the worst fake blood I have seen in a long time on any show. I noticed it last week, but this week there was a better shot for me to make a screen-cap. Anyway, the issue of the dead Kiera gave us this gem of a conversation:

Kiera: “Who killed me?” – Alec: “Which one are you?” – Kiera: “I guess that ends with which one you are.”
Only SciFi can give you stuff like that. And that's one of the reasons why I love it...

After some blame was thrown around (not for the last time in this episode) we had to realize, that despite being a tech-genius, future Alec seems to be a somewhat slow and dimwitted idiot. He did not realize that with his timejump he brought back a timemachine and he admits that he did not care for the consequences when he jumped back. And one of those was this:

It also seems that future Kiera is (acting?) somewhat cold with Alec. That is an old but working plot device: to break up the team or at least sow some mistrust. And it is not totally unwarranted here.

And since this was the scene of the weird dialogue, Kiera said this: “The future is catching up with you” to Alec. WHAT? Ok, I am certainly not the smartest guy around, but I think I’m about average and I do have a college degree – but I can’t figure out how that works, the future catching up to you. Wouldn’t it have to slow down instead? That sentence makes no sense, even for a timetravel show. Or can you explain it to me?

After that we are with Tahmoh Penikett’s Mayor-elect Jim Martin and a weird, creepy and drug-using attorney at some random party. Turns out both of them work for Liber8 (we knew that about the Mayor) and Mayor Martin gets told that his plan to divide Liber8 has failed. That prompts a face:

and these words: “Don’t stress my friend, don’t stress” Usually sound advice, but maybe not when you plotted against Liber8 and got found out.

When we are back with Kiera and Alec, they meet up with Carlos during the night to discuss some private stuff:

I guess Kiera’s explanation of why she involved Carlos in getting rid of her dead body makes sense. You tend to more easily believe weird stuff when you see it with your own eyes. It also shows how much she trusts Carlos, and that she wants to involve him right from the start, in whatever fallout she will have to deal with at some point.

The next day, at the police station, Kiera gets back into her old routine with everyone there. But when she contacts past (green) Alec, the lies to cover up the time-jump start up. You can already tell at this point, that Kiera will run into trouble with keeping all her lies straight.

Inside the station the Mayor-elect tries to turn himself in and become a police informant. Outside Kiera meets with future Alec and we see that Kiera is on the hunt for an apartment:

In the following conversation both characters still try to figure out their trust issues and what to call who. But at least both are on the same page as far as past events go and how everybody got to this point in time.

And when past Alec finds the pieces to the past time machine in the lab, the central issue thus far reappears: Who killed past Kiera? Last week we all speculated that it might have been Kiera herself. But in this episode she doesn’t directly deny that, she is just is very adamant about finding her killer. I think she is still on the (my) suspect list, but it seems more likely that someone else did it.
The list of suspects includes: Alec, Kellog, any of the Freelancers, Emily and Kiera herself. Adding to that mystery is the question of why whoever did it, left the timemachine in the lab.

Kiera and past Alec have totally different issues than Kiera and future Alec. Here those issues involve knowledge of events that transpired and Kiera not telling him the truth. I think all those issues around Alec will intensify in the future. And we might see a “trust-reversal” between past and future Alec and Kiera. The scene is certainly set for an event that will make her trust future Alec more, and past Alec less.

When Carlos takes the old biker buddy of Liber8 into custody, on a tip from the Mayor-elect, Garza shows up and meets back up with Travis, who btw really does not have a super-suit:

And Liber8 is reunited, except for Lucas, who is still in police custody. The fact that Kiera set Garza free seems to be not much of an issue to everyone there. Maybe that will come up at a later point, especially when Kiera needs something from Garza. Garza (and us) then gets the short version of the new Liber8 strategy which is designed to make their actions more likable and appealing to people. And I think to the TV-audience as well.

And then, on the day on which Emily got killed in the red timeline, future Alec almost bumps into himself when at Jason’s. There, past Alec just got the news about Jason being related to him. In an effort to continue to keep Emily safe, he prevents her from going to Jason’s place as well, since that was when in the red timeline, the Freelancers showed up and Emily was shot on the roof.

Later, when Kellog shows up at the police station to get ahead of the fact that he met with Escher just prior to his shooting, Dillon and the Mayor-elect are going at it, accusing each other with corruption. The one interesting bit of information we get out of that conversation is, that Dillon at this point, is already in bed with Pyron Corp. Or better put: on their board of directors. I just wonder, who runs Pyron Corp. now that Escher is dead? And will it (they) still have an evil agenda and try to create the CPS?
It is also revealed that Betsy at this point is still a Liber8 mole and that Carlos almost certainly does not know about that yet.

Later on Kiera has a heart to heart with Kellog. In an attempt to get one up on Kellog, she tells him that Escher was Alec’s father and in that reveals that there are two Alecs.

You should guard your words better, girl. Stuff you say is being used against you.

At the same time the Mayor-elect hitches a ride in an ambulance (!!) out of the police station. On the way he promptly gets abducted by Liber8 and they shoot a little confession-video about his corruption:

THAT thoroughly pisses off Inspector Dillon. In an attempt to get future Alec into the lab, Kiera enlists the help of past Alec in the search for the Mayor-elect. At the same time, future Alec is starting to look into restoring dead Kiera’s CMR video data in an attempt to find out who killed her. All that suggests again that Kiera did not kill her other self.
When Betsy is quicker in locating the Mayor-elect than past Alec, she almost immediately draws his suspicion. After all he is supposed to be VERY good at this stuff and he just got bested by the office help.

When finally Emily and Kellog meet, Kellog once again gained the upper hand because of the info he got from Kiera. With the treat of exposing Emily’s role in Escher’s killing, Kellog gets her to work for him. We don’t know yet what exactly that involves, but she is most certainly keeping him apprised of whatever one of the Alecs does.

Emily certainly seems to be the low girl on the totem pole. She has almost no power, except for her fighting prowess, and she has no friends except for Alec. I wonder why she didn’t at least punch Kellog in the face ONCE in that scene.

Finally we see that Kiera gets a new place – the old place. If she buys it and lives there, and in 2067 we learn that her family lived there for generations, is she the one that starts that tradition by giving it to her grandmother Lily Cole who she rescued in S01E05?

In the second flash-forward we learn that ‘old media’ is considered contraband because of intelligence issues, meaning it and it’s access can’t be monitored electronically.

Well, WELCOME TO THE FUTURE, the future of the NSA: Any media has to be electronically accessible in order to be monitored by law. Great news, George Orwell… Will this be our future? Looking forward to it…

In the last scene we get reminded again of the issue of the day (or maybe the season):

Questions of Time:

Many questions were answered:
  • Carlso knows about Kiera’s timetravel and the multiplication of “stuff”.
  • Future Alec knows almost everything – except about Escher being his father and Emily killing him.
  • Kellog knows about the two Alecs
  • Dillon already works with Pyron
  • Escher is really dead in this timeline.
But new ones appeared:
  • Will future Alec sacrifice himself somehow and for some reason? Or even kill himself?
  • Kiera becoming a CPS agent – desperate move or calculated, planned intent?
  • How does Kiera afford the flat? How does she get paid if she doesn’t really work for the government?
  • Can anyone figure out why this episode was named "Minute Man"? What's with the naming of the episodes anyway? Will next season's episodes all be named with 'hour' in it in some way?!?

What did you guys think of this week's episode and the developments it presented?

Thanks for reading... xub.
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