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Friday 10:00 PM on Syfy (Returning 4 September 2015)
Right, so just to be on the safe side, let me again say this upfront:
This recap contains SPOILERS from the season 3 of Continuum. Since not everyone watches the show on the Canadian schedule, there will be those of you who haven’t seen it yet. That’s why I am telling you upfront:


This week’s episode was peppered with references to other Sci-Fi greats. I will point some of them out as we go along. Maybe you noticed some more?

--------- Spoilers Ahead -------------

Some things upfront that are more review-y than recap-y:

I am quite surprised by the speed at which the move the overall storyline forward. The show has become much more serialized than it was in the first season. The case-of-the-week aspect has been relegated to more of a B-plot, while the A-plot remains the time travel, it’s aftermath and everything Alec.
Almost all the questions that were posed by the pilot are answered at this point. The situation of the main characters has dramatically changed during these first three episodes, and continues to do so. There is definitely no pulling of the punches anymore. I am not at all complaining about that, I just hope they can sustain that pace and take the audience with them on this awesomely insane ride. Those are the dangers though: because so much seems to change from episode to episode, you really need to watch every week, or you will be left behind. I just hope that all doesn’t affect the ratings and therefore the future of the show.
Something else that is notable is that Kiera as a character has developed quite a bit. Where she was all about getting ‘home’ even in last season’s finale, we have not really heard her whine about that since then. I think giving her some other priorities and motivation, that was a good move by the writers, and somewhat overdue. Her clinging to her future made her seem weak and predictable.
Alec has the most potential for change, not just because there are two of him, but because he has so far to go to get to the guy from 2077.

Ok, on to the recap:

Last week we ended with Kiera getting a new flat, Mayor Martin committed suicide and Carlos was still trying to come to grips with the new situation.
This week we pick up with a proper gun battle in the future. Kiera and her comrades were fighting some mostly unseen enemy troops from Liber8, with big guns and proper combat gear.

Here we also get the first reference, this time to “2001”. But a bit later, the really interesting and foreboding stuff happens.

Someone did an override on Kiera’s CMR and remote controlled her into shooting a Liber8 informant. Why, how or what for, all questions go unanswered, as the subject never comes up again. We don’t even know if Kiera really knows or realized what happened.
Also: note that the date (top left corner) is wrong, as it says 01/06/2012 and not something closer to 2077 as it probably should.

Back in the Freelancer’s Lair we get a fighting-fish reference that seems to suggest something. I’m not exactly sure what, but according to Wikipedia, these fish are territorial and aggressive, they even tend to fight their own reflections. Raise any flags? ? Combine that with the fact that Kiera’s CMR can be remote-controlled and suddenly it is possible again that Kiera killed her other self.

In other news: Lucas got a dog – in the loony-bin. Not a dog as cute as Bear on POI and he didn’t keep him, but still. And Lucas built himself a creepy army of mind-controlled cockroaches:

Also: another reference, this time to the George Orwell classic “1984”. Interesting way to smuggle something into a completly controlled and surveilled environment like a psych-ward.

With all that tech Lucas repurposed from the hospital he was able to basically just walk out of the joint. Well done. It seems neither the police nor anyone else can hold on to their Liber8 prisoners.

This week Liber8 and it’s activities were in the forefront, because the next thing we see is a bank robbery. There really was no need to put a sign on it, by now we all can just assume that whenever something big like that happens, it is somehow connected to Liber8.

Anyway, some dudes in bomb vests wanted into the vault of a bank. Interestingly the bank was named DeutscheBank (which really exists, but with a different logo) and had a logo fairly similar to that of Citygroup. I don’t know what (if any) the relevance of that is supposed to be, I just thought it was noteworthy. The thing that was relevant though was that the robbers were sort of twitch-y, even though we didn’t know why, jet.

The aftermath of the robbery was that the bank robbers got their loot and then ‘detonated’ their vests and were all … for lack of a better word, incinerated.

Over at Piron-HQ, in a meeting between a corporate lawyer, Alec and his mom some secrets were revealed to past Alec. Namely that Escher was his dad and that Emily is a wanted criminal with a dubious past.

Also: What’s with the artwork? Those are similar paintings to the one in front of which Escher was killed. They seem to have some sort of relevance, I just don’t know it.

In the Liber8 hideout the loot arrives and we learn that they are digging for dirt on corporations that will make up the Corporate Congress in the future of 2077. Not a bad plan, I have to say. Even though the means are a bit, shall we say, unconventional?
When Kiera and Carlos investigate what was stolen and from whom, the run into a bit off a wall: Most clients either don’t report anything stolen at all or won’t admit to what it was. They also run into this guy:

He works for a company named Sonmanto (never came up before) and he was a bit of a dick. But, even Carlos had to admit, good at his job. Notable tech-stuff: Kiera gets a 13.5 Gb/s wireless connection with her CMR. I want one of those deals for my wireless connection….

In other news: Carlos still has issues stemming from dead-Kiera and the whole ‘who is my partner’ question raised by the effects of the time travel. Makes HIM kind of whine-y and I really hope he gets over it.
During the autopsy of the victims, Kiera has a new experience. It has nothing to do with the autopsy itself but with the ‘Poprocks’ she tries:

With the help of her CMR she finds proof that the bank robbers were remote-controlled. The evidence she gets to past Alec, who in turn phrases my sentence of the week:

I don’t know, I can’t just look at a thing and automatically know what it means.

After a discussion about the skills required for a job like that, Kiera tells Alec (and us) that at some point in the future there were cyborgs and robots being used for work. But they were all recalled and destroyed after Liber8 hacked their control system and used them as weapons. (Imagine a recall like that and compare it to the pain and suffereing that recalling some cars causes for GM)
Now there are no more non-human workers. Though luck.

When the discussion turns to Escher, Alec tells Kiera that he knows Escher was his dad and that he inherited Piron. Over all Alec does not seem too broken up about Escher’s death. In that speech: The next Sci-Fi reference, this time to Star Wars and it’s famous “I am your father” line.

Because the last batch of puppets from Liber8 had been burned, they had to make some new ones.

Not only did they pick a guy who walks with crutches, the process of getting his “strings” also is somewhat painful and bloody.

Back at the lab, Emily shows up and past Alec is very rude to her because he now knows what Escher knew about her. After he basically throws her out of the lab, she runs into future Alec on the street. His attitude towards her is a completely different one than past Alec’s. But it is not just that which confuses and irritates Emily. There is also this:

Alec tries to explain his conundrum to Emily but he fails because he is somewhat bumble-y. That whole dialogue was a bit cheesy and filled with clichés for me. I know we had to arrive at this point at some time. I just wish they had written it differently. The whole scene seemed strange to me and didn’t really work for me. I guess she had to see both Alecs in order to believe the story. It’s just that the whole dialogue was painful to listen to.

Anyway, back at Piron-HQ past Alec tries on Escher’s chair but doesn’t feel comfortable with the whole situation. Therefore he gets shown some of the Sci-Fi-goodies that Piron is researching. All of that makes the whole show more Sci-Fi even in the present.

While investigating the last bank robbery, Carlos and Kiera happen to be there when the next one takes place. After some ‘cloak and dagger’ stuff from Kiera, she is in the vault when one of the bank robbers opens a safe-deposit box that contains some tech that causes her CMR to malfunction and the puppets to loose contact to Liber8:

As a result, the suit’s cloaking malfunctions and Kiera has to incapacitate the bank manager and the robber. In the process she is revealed to Liber8 and Lucas, who is holding the wireless ‘strings’:

There we get the next Sci-Fi reference, because it looks to me like Liber8 is using Matrix-style screensavers. For whatever reason.

Also notable: Travis is freaked out by the stuff Lucas does. He has remote-control-fear-issues so to speak. I guess he is afraid of being a “controlled thing” himself at some point. Not only do we get to see that Lucas pulls the strings, we also get to see the tech that is on the robbers.

If you look closely, you will notice, not only does this puppet-tech use a USB connector (LOL) it also looks suspiciously like something we already know:

Those were the “connectors” Walter used on Olivia when she went into the sensory-deprivation-tank to retrieve John Scott’s memories in the Fringe pilot. And that would be the last reference, as far as I noticed.

Right, back at the bank, Carlos and Kiera mess up the bank robbery, get drawn into a major shoot-out and finally follow the guy with the loot back to a bar where he meets up with Garza to hand everything over.

Garza and Kiera are no longer friendly, and after a brief fight, that somewhat surprisingly Garza wins, she declares her debt paid and lets Kiera live.

During the fight some of the loot is dropped and the future tech that caused Kiera’s CMR to glitch and her to loose the fight remains behind to be recovered by Kiera. Also notable is that Carlos goes full on psycho on the guy.
Ok, did you notice while watching for the first time that that is the same guy that shows Carlos and Kiera around the first crime-scene? I didn’t. Anyway, I guess that explains why Carlos beats him to a pulp, but only partly. I think there are also some anger-issues involved.

The tech that Kiera recovers is unknown. Not just to her and to Liber8 but also to the Freelancers. But at least they have a cool tech-table (remind you of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD?) that helps them analyze it. Oh, and there is some glowing chinese (?) writing on that tech.

In the shot where Kiera recovers the tech, after the fight with Garza, ther is a shot where someone who knows the language might be able to make out some of the characters on that thing.... Sorry, but I don't know the language.

Finally we get to see that Sonmanto guy again. I guess he will be the new “corporate-bad-guy” now that Escher is gone. He got his hands on some of the puppet-tech that Liber8 used and wants to use it for research. The same company pops up on Liber8’s radar after they discover something interesting from the stuff they stole.
In the final scene we do get another gem: past Alec takes a look at Escher’s computer and finds files on Emily. Only that Emily aka Maya Hartwell is shown not to be a simple criminal from Vancouver.

I watched that whole thing frame by frame and here is part of what her record said:

  • Arrest for assault of a Piron security guard during theft. -& released
  • Arrest for murder of boyfriend. -& released due to lack of evidence
  • Arrest and sentenced to 7 years in Myanmar for artifact theft. -& released
  • Arrest in Myanmar for major fraud -& released
Does that strike you as odd? See, new questions over questions.

Questions of time:

  • Why was Emily in Myanmar? Why steal artifacts?
  • Is Myanmar where that mysterious future tech from the bank vault came from? What language is that on that piece of tech?
  • Why was Emily released every time?
  • What role will Alec’s mom play? She seems duplicitous.
  • Who is Emily aka Maya Hartwell really?
  • Will one Alec create Sad-Tech and the other take over Piron?

I hope you enjoyed the read, and till next week.

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