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Continuum S02E13: "Second Time"


Except Continuum can, and Continuum did, and IT. WAS. SO. GOOD. 

TV shows tend to operate under their own logic and their own rules, because sometimes certain things have to happen a certain way in order for the writers to tell the story they want to tell. Sometimes that's painfully obvious—like when a character acts in a way that's ridiculously outside of his or her established norm in order to get the story from point A to point B. Sometimes real-world logic is completely thrown out the window, or established continuity from a series' history is completely ignored for the sake of this one story. I think every show is guilty of fudging things to some extent—even Continuum—but one of the things that separates well-written shows from their poorly written siblings is the ability to move between plot points with a minimal amount of brain pain. 

Ultimately, several characters made several stupid decisions to get Continuum to where we ended up in the finale... and that's okay. Even though many of the big decisions that Kiera, Kellog, Alec, and others made along the way (and certainly many of the small ones, too) were obviously poor life choices, at no point during "Second Time" did I catch myself thinking, "Wait a minute, Alec would never do that," because Continuum's writers have done a stellar job at crafting characters that are detailed, conflicted, and human enough to do just that-- whatever "that" is at a given time. 

Alec betrayed Kiera this week, claiming that her selfishness regarding the time machine, and her tunnel-vision when it comes to getting back to 2077, all led to Emily/Maya getting killed.

He's right.

Kiera countered with the argument that Escher's manipulation ultimately put Emily in the line of fire. 

She's right. 

And to be fair to all parties involved, Emily was the dumbass who decided to stand up from behind her cover, knowing full well that there were probably guns pointed at her, in order to make her big, grand gesture with the tossing of the time-travel device. If there's one moment from the lead-up to Continuum's finale that could probably be filed under "Painfully Obvious Plot Point," it was Emily's actions on the rooftop—but even then, we could chalk it up to the fact that she was a lovestruck teenager with a lot of emotional baggage who probably wasn't thinking too clearly while running from the bad guys right then. Stress is a killer, man. 

"Second Time" also gave us a huge info-dump that thankfully didn't feel like one. Jason and Alec are totes related, but not the way Alec (and I) assumed. Kiera's hubby was a SadTech employee. Old Alec knew about the freelancers all along, and Escher was a freelancer but currently is isn't one. Aside from the body count, Liber8 has pretty much always been the "good" side—in theory, at least. And Escher got to do his best Darth Vader, and Alec actually took the news of his daddy's identity better than expected—and certainly better than Skywalker did. Whew. Okay, now that the Continuum landscape has been fundamentally changed forever, where does that leave us during the long, cold months until Season 3?

I have no freaking idea. Look, I watch a lot of TV; I can usually manage at least some kind of educated guess as to where a storyline is headed and land somewhere near the realm of correctness. "Second Time" left us with Kiera, Kellog, Liber8, and Jason in some kind of plastic freelancer prison—though, honestly, the set-up reminded me much more of a museum exhibit than a jailhouse, thanks to the way the freelancers' captives were being kept in what basically resembled display cases. 

Things got weird because "Second Time" featured a scene in which Kiera tried to escape and was caught, drugged, and dragged back to her cage; it was a scene that we'd already witnessed in an earlier episode. At the time, Kiera dismissed it as a dream, but said it felt more like a memory. if it was a memory, then this already happened—but what does it mean? Maybe this wasn't 2077 Alec's first attempt to change the past? After all, this week, 2077 Alec definitely seemed to know a LOT more about what was going to happen when he sent Kiera and Liber8 back to 2012 than he seemed to in previous flashbacks. 

The seeds of the future that Old Alec was (possibly?) trying to prevent have also begun to sprout—Kiera's very own City Protective Services were created as an initiative of Piron, apparently with Dillon in the lead role. The freelancers revealed themselves to be some sort of timeline police who stop anyone from tampering with the timeline, so Alec's sucky future is supposed to be set in stone. What this means with regard to him going back to save Emily, I'm not entirely sure. 

And finally, one of the most satisfying (for me, anyway) turning points of Continuum's finale: Carlos joining Liber8! With Betty! Looks like he's our only hope. I'm excited to see how the show handles this development when we return; Carlos is in an interesting—and potentially crazy-important—position where he's aware of time travel and the high stakes that everyone's fighting over, but he's never left his timeline. That should make him untouchable by the freelancers, right? Maybe? He's now essentially Kiera's man on the outside, except he has no idea where Kiera's gone. 

SO EXCITED. What are your theories? 

Thanks for reading (and for playing along even though these episodes aired awhile ago for many readers)! It's been fun! Mwah!


– I couldn't help but giggle at the fact that the protector suit was clearly designed to showcase female anatomy. Kiera looks like a total babe when she's rocking the outfit of the future. The guys always look like they're wearing Halloween costumes, even in flashbacks. 

– So Alec is Jason's dad. Who's his mom? Do you think Alec succeeds in saving Emily?

– What do you want to see in Continuum's third season?

– How do you plan to survive the hiatus? 

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