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Continuum S02E07: "Second Degree"

Called it: Carlos being in on Kiera's time-traveler status is awesome and not just because Kiera gets to openly run around in her badass suit while they're hunting bad guys. Carlos makes an excellent sounding board for Kiera, a sympathetic ear who, due to his "outsider" status when it comes to the future and Liber8, enables Kiera to be honest and frank with her fears and concerns. We've learned so much about Kiera in the past two episodes and the confirmation that her motivations run far deeper than just the desire to be back with her son have managed to pull her out of the characterization rut she got stuck in earlier this season. Wanting to return to her family is perfectly understandable, but the reality is that Kiera's situation is much bigger and much more important than her single family unit and it was frustrating, week after week, to watch Kiera seem to not get that—or even worse, to not care.

In actuality, Kiera cares quite a lot—so much so, that she managed to put aside her animosity toward Gardiner to enlist his help in tracking down some grave-robbing body-snatchers with a curious M.O.: They only seemed to target the bodies of dead time-travelers. Sure, her initial motive was to just get the creepy dude to stop following her for like ten seconds, but when Gardiner came through with some helpful evidence, Kiera took the olive branch for what it was—and while I doubt this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, I appreciate the break those two characters are getting from their usual hate-fest.

The trial of Julian Randol in 2013 was interspersed with flashbacks to Old Julian's trial in 2077, reflecting how the future and the past are already tangled together and signaling that, while Kiera probably prefers not to think about it, change is in the air. Also: Liber8 is hardcore, man. Despite the schism formed by Travis and Sonya's rivalry, the group claims to have cultivated underground cells everywhere, increasing their influence and already seeming to be able to pull strings behind the scenes with relative ease. Partnered with mayoral hopeful Jim, Sonya used Kiera and Carlos's own drive against them, forcing them to save a juror's family and reveal the blackmail, in turn forcing the judge to dismiss the jurors and rule on Julian's case himself—which was super-convenient because he was already on Team Liber8 to begin with. In two weeks, Julian's a free man. Mommy perjured herself for nothing. Poor Alec.

But hey, at least Alec gets a fierce and BAMF-y girlfriend out of this mess, right? Emily works for Escher, which is probably going to be a real problem later, but for now, she's like the best secret bodyguard ever and she even appears to kind-of maybe sincerely like Alec. I have a feeling this is going to end in epic sadness. We've gotta motivate that super-genius puppydog to turn into a misguided technological mastermind somehow

Anyway, love Gardiner and Kiera playing nice. Love Carlos being a part of the in crowd. Love Liber8 being everywhere. Just didn't care much for the essential-to-the-story-but-still-kind-of-boring courtroom drama. I mean, you can't tease me with grave-robbers and then give me Law & Order. I looooove Law & Order and I'm actually quite bitter about TNT's recent ditching of the Sunday-morning marathons (CURSE YOU, YOUR CHILDREN, AND YOUR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN) but still, grave-robbers and body-snatchers and timey-wimey stuff, you guys! 



– Who do you think that dude that Emily effed up is? 

– Every time anyone asks Betty for help, I cringe. Hoping we address her Liber8 fangirling soon.

– Ugh, Alec's mom, ugh. H8 her. 

– Alec is developing super-fast computer stuff based on the piece of the time machine that Kiera gave him. Iiiiiinteresting. Also yay for not exploding Kiera's brain! Whee!

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AIRED ON 10/16/2015

Season 4 : Episode 6

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