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The Cold Open

In another dystopian scene from the future this week, we were informed that while the general public is told that the CMR overwrites its data after 36 hours, the corporations in fact collect and store all of that data. Another reason added to the long list of ways that the future in Continuum is pretty terrible. While the general condemnations of the future by every character on Continuum does tend to get tiring after a while, I like the way that we are slowly fed week to week small pieces of the giant puzzle that are the injustices perpetrated by the corporations. Also, this scene featured one of my favorite youtube actors from Convos with a two year old, with David Milchard as the technician.

Primary Story

This week’s primary storyline came courtesy of a hacker whose initial attack made public the email and phone records of a good chunk of the population of Vancouver sending the police (cough “police”) department into a bit of a tizzy. The architect behind the hack was Lucas, who immediately continued his downward spiral into crazy town by not following Sonya’s instructions. For some reason Sonya didn’t seem too put out by this, but she did seem really into whatever was happening on her phone.Also, considering that she knew he was going crazy she sure seemed to think that it was not her problem. Isn’t she supposed to be the brains of the remaining Liber8’ers? Hallucination Kagame continued to give Lucas further instructions to wreak chaos throughout the episode resulting in malfunctioning street lights, ATMs, and public transportation. In the midst of this Julian made a public video taking credit for the attacks and followed it up by boldly turning himself in, knowing full well that the police couldn’t actually arrest him for anything. Eventually Alec and Kiera were able to track Lucas down using Arc, a little help in the form of a cell phone number from Kellogg (hooray! Kellogg and Kiera in scenes together is one of my favorites), and a voice changer. The twist to this story came in the final minutes where it was revealed that Hallucination Kagame was actually Julian – Future Julian meet Present Day Julian – you are the same. It looks like the reprieve Carlos and Kiera gave Julian a few episodes back may come back to haunt them. Still, Julian has still stayed true to his word about being an advocate for non-violent change. As long you don’t count the endless injury and violence that came about as a result of Lucas’s hack. Whatever helps him sleep at night I guess, but, I’m only nitpicking here (not really). In the end poor Lucas ended up in a mental ward and was full on hallucinating numerous Kagames. Kiera was also able to recover the rest of the time travel sphere, which could set up an epic season 2 finale choice (does she go or not? .... possibly...potentially).

Didn’t There Used to Be Someone Hassling Kiera on This Show?

In a brief interlude Alec and Kiera discussed looking into what happened to Agent Gardiner. Considering that they were looking into troublemakers from the future and that Gardiner was missing, I am seriously troubled by this bit of character development by Kiera where she has become absent minded about anything outside of Julian and the police department. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the time the two spent working together in the one episode, because there was some good back and forth (R.I.P. Agent Gardiner). Not to worry though, this week we were briefly introduced to the new replacement female Gardiner who I am sure will be hassling Kiera soon enough.

The Police *correction* The Pyron Department

In police department news, Inspector Dillon, who has clearly changed from a white/grey cap in Season 1 to a grey/black cap in Season 2 courtesy of his firing and some quality time with Escher used his newfound power to arrest everyone who even mentioned Liber8 in a positive light. A little extreme sir. No way that could come back to haunt you, alienate people on the fence in the debate between the government and Liber8, or just be god awful PR right? Carlos and Betty continue to try and rein in the crazy Pyron private army train, but didn’t have much success. In the wake of the leak that Pyron controls the police department, Kiera had an excellent suggestion to combat the anticipated PR firestorm. Tell the public the truth – AND THE TRUTH ACTUALLY MADE SENSE – essentially the department couldn’t be effective with the government budget, but it could be with private funding. It may not be the perfect solution, but this isn’t a perfect world so comprises sometimes have to be made. Unfortunately Inspector Dillon is now fully committed to the warpath he has started down and rejected this proposal.

Escher, Emily, Kellogg, and the Arc

Escher continued to play his private game this week and in the final reveal we discovered that he has access to the cities cameras (big shout out to Person of Interest with the cuts back and forth between multiple cameras throughout the episode) and is tracking all of the major players. Kellogg continues to be the only person who seems to think of Escher as a serious potential threat. This makes sense in a way if you take into account the life experience of the respective members of the future squad. Kiera is a cop through and through, without any serious ambition to advance through the ranks (at least, not that we’ve seen). Sonya seems primarily focused on politics, while Travis was a soldier in the field. Only Kellogg has the kind of twisty big picture mind to see the potential havoc that Escher could wreak. Emily and Kiera successfully managed to convince Alec this week of this kind of game changing threat with the resultant “destruction” of the Arc. Unfortunately for our heroes it’s looking like despite her wishes, Emily will end up forking it over to Escher.

Mayor Jim is in Trouble

This week mayoral candidate and friend of Carlos Jim returned to our screen. Thanks to Lucas’s hacking Jim’s connections to Sonya and Liber8 were revealed to the public, much to his chagrin. In addition, both Sonya and Travis were hassling him to be their middleman in various sketchy meetings. Luckily for Mayor Jim the public seemed not to care too much and the prosecutor’s office couldn’t figure out what to charge him with so Jim walked away free and was elected mayor. However, the future isn’t looking too bright for Jim as his plan to get Sonya and Travis to off one another backfired with the two reuniting into a single unified force once again. Their first target: Mayor Jim.

I really enjoyed the song playing in the credits – Everyone is Everyone by Au4 if anyone else was interested.

What is Escher holding over Emily?
What did Escher do to Inspector Dillon?
What was so engrossing on Sonya’s phone?
How much fun did Tony Amendola have playing the multiple versions of himself?
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Aug 19, 2013
Big spoiler: in the finale, Alec wears a brown corduroy jacket.
Aug 19, 2013
Maybe next year you could write these posts when Canada airs. You would get sooooooo many more posts. Including international posts. Just saying. Your reviews are great - but so late that no one cares anymore.
Aug 19, 2013
So if you've seen the Canada airing, are you not allowed to post in this community?
Aug 27, 2013
I have been once in a while...but have to watch what i type as to not spoil anything. kinda boring
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