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Continuum S02E11: "Second Guess"

So, CMRs record memories, and in the future, those memories are stored for the users' "safety." That's pretty creepy and sketch-tastic. "Second Guess" in general was fairly unnerving; Lucas's sudden transformation from "kind of odd" to "full-blown crazypants" and Dillon's quickness to go all police state on the citizens of Vancouver now that he has the blessing of Piron brought to mind an article I read about how, these days, seemingly harmless Google searches can get the terrorism task force on your doorstep. In short, it was a big improvement over last week's messy episode, even though there was no mention of the body-snatchers and no one seems terribly concerned about how Gardiner hasn't been seen in like, weeks. Sure, he was a pain in the pooper, but personal problems aside, shouldn't Kiera's spidey-sense have started tingling awhile ago? 

"Second Guess" featured a fellow who hasn't often gotten much time in the spotlight in the past: Liber8's very own computer-hacking all-star who just wanted Momma Sonya and Papa Travis to get along during this divisive time in Liber8 history. Last week, Lucas owned up to sliding ever closer off his rocker in his conversation with not-so-dead Chen, but even with all the implications that Lucas wasn't all there upstairs, after running into one dude who was supposed to be dead, it didn't seem all that impossible when Kagami popped up too. That Lucas was so blissfully candid about why he was going off of Sonya's script for breaking Vancouver, however, seemed odd—especially when Kagami failed to show his face to his former followers and Sonya herself seemed sincerely concerned about Lucas's mental health. Awww, she cares! Sort of!

Continuum pulled the old switcheroo on us again too (love when the show does that!) by initially presenting Julian as somewhat removed from Liber8 and fed up with their tactics because he's all non-violent and zen about things now—except that he's apparently replaced overt violence with impressive powers of manipulation to achieve his desired results... like posing as Lucas's Kagami hallucination to get him to turn Vancouver's infrastructure into the least awesome kind of amusement park. I think Julian's new approach might just make him a little more scary and sinister than his original method of just blowing up all the things. For the first time since we've been introduced to him, Julian finally feels, to me, like a credible threat instead of some angry punk ass with a copy of The Anarchist Cookbook stashed under his bed. So many of Continuum's key players are terrified of their futures, but Julian is more than ready and willing to embrace his. 

Boy still has nothing on Escher, though. I mean, the man freaked Kellog out and Kellog doesn't seem like the kind of man who gets ruffled easily. Escher got to him effortlessly and sent him running to Sonya for help, but the First Lady of Liber8 was a little bit busy with her bonkers hacker, shiny new Mayor Martin, trying to sever ties after Liber8 was kind enough to assassinate his predecessor for him, aaaaaand getting back together with her B-FRIEND! Yesssss. Martin is so screwed. 

Like Julian, Escher seems to excel at creating his chaos and coordinating his players from afar, except Escher is way more skilled at it; he even has a nifty/stalkery TV room like an evil version of Serenity's Mr. Universe, or, more accurately, like the Architect in The Matrix franchise (which seems to be more in line with what Continuum was going for in that scene). With Dillon happily acting as Escher's attack dog in the field and Emily—despite her increasing reluctance to have anything to do with Mr. E's shenanigans—continuing to spy on Alec anyway, Escher has quite the set-up. Does Escher = the Architect? Given what he told us about the role of the "freelancers" in building the future the way it "needs" to be built, I'd say yes. 

There were quite a few scores for the baddies this week, but Kiera herself also snagged a big win when Alec managed to track down Lucas—mostly by taking advantage of his Kagami-flavor mental breakdown (Poor Lucas!)—and deliver him right into Kiera's waiting handcuffs. While snooping around Lucas's mobile chaos generator, she happened upon the rest of the time machine. Yes! Excellent. Look, it conveniently powered up and everything! 

What's this mean for Kiera, though? She's come such a long way from her single-minded determination to return to 2077 and things with Liber8 here in 2013 are heating up. Despite Kiera's desperation to get back to her family, I have a hard time believing that she'll just up and leave as soon as Alec gets the time machine operational. With the power and influence that Liber8 has amassed, the probability is hight that the 2077 Kiera eventually returns to looks absolutely nothing like the one she left. Plus we still have to find the body-snatchers. Body-snatchers, Kiera! Body-snatchers! 

Two episodes left in the season! I picked a bad time to ditch the nail-biting habit. 


– Totally loved Betty's outrage at Dillion's Piron-backed methodology. One of the strongest points on this show, I think, is that when you strip away the extremists, Liber8 actually makes some really good points. 

– Emily told Alec that he was responsible for what people used his inventions for, which definitely throws a wrench into his "I'm not going to break the world" aspirations. What's an enterprising young super-genius to do? Is it really fair to hold him accountable for what other people do? 

– Something tells me Kiera probably isn't going back to the future anytime soon, time machine or not. Theories? 

– Ooh, a roomful of Kagamis. Very Being John Malkovich. 

– For another take on the episode, check out this review by TV.com user theguylafayette: Escher Is Channeling Gus Fring

What'd you think of "Second Guess"? 

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