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Cold Open
This week’s cold open in the future involved the murder scene of a Sadtech engineer who just so happened to be working on the time travel device. She had also apparently been making multiple trips to a certain penitentiary (where Theseus was held I’m assuming) so that increased the sketchiness factor. Add in the digital cloaking device used by the killer, the immediate “this is outside your pay grade” order, and Alec’s floating fortress ominously sitting in the sky above the scene and there were all sorts of alarm bells ringing in our (the viewers) minds. However, there wasn’t any clarification beyond that, but hopefully next week (fingers crossed because I love it when the future scenes eventually tie together).

This Week’s Cool New Toy From The Future

Floating camera robots that can immediately recreate a 3D hologram of something that just happened. A little big brother scary, but very cool nonetheless.

Kellogg Shows His True Colors

This week started off with Kellogg once again pushing for action against Escher, although his attempts to be the alpha dog in his new venture with Sonya took a rather rapid sidewise turn when Travis stepped in. In what could only be described as weasel-like Kellogg promised that he had the resources and other various things that Travis and Sonya needed to expand Liber8’s reach. He followed this up by threatening to expose Emily’s shady past (criminal) and association with Escher if she didn’t direct Alec into doing what Kellogg wanted. Kellogg also gave up the CMR and suit to Travis by giving him access to Alec. Kiera figured this out rather quickly and decided to teach Kellogg a lesson this time by searing a permanent scar along Kellogg’s cheek.

Kiera and The Cops: The Jig is Up

Kiera finally remembered that she was working on a case with Gardiner and that at one point the theft of the bodies from the future was actually a high priority for her. However, I will forgive all, writers of Continuum, for giving Carlos the “Aww, you miss him” line immediately after that, laughs were had. Unfortunately for Kiera the Freelancers must have decided that it was time to initiate her downfall because they left Gardiner’s decomposing body in the trunk of a car with a hard drive full of evidence pointing directly at Kiera. Luckily, Carlos managed to get a preview of the incoming framejob and was able to warn Kiera off before she returned to the precinct. As predicted Gardiner’s replacement immediately threatened Carlos with jail time and a public announcement that Kiera was a Liber8 terrorist.

The Time Travel Device Conundrum: Kiera’s Salvation or the World’s Doom?

Now that Alec has access to all the parts of the time travel device he was able to tell Kiera that it would be operational and able to take her back to the future – all he needed was antimatter as a power source. Naturally, everyone’s best friend Escher had recently bought a company that might produce such a thing in the near future. However, immediately after this great news (for Kiera), Alec immediately began to bag on her about returning to the future. His reasoning: her future most likely wouldn’t be there and someone needed to fight the Freelancers and Liber8 in the present. Kiera reiterated that her true driving force through all of this is somehow get home – so Alec dangling the possibility in front of her and telling her not to take it was a little harsh. Kiera then met with Escher to attempt to obtain antimatter, which he had, but like Alec Escher seemed to have little interest in helping Kiera return to her future and that their “mutual interests” might not be so mutual anymore.

Alec then further turned on Kiera later in the episode by entrusting the device to Emily to be destroyed because of all the violence that had entered the world due to the presence of the device. Needless to say Kiera was not happy with this development. The Freelancers chose this as the perfect time to interrupt and the ensuing gunfight and physical fights were a true pleasure – especially the fact that the “bad guys” actually hit things (Kiera took several hits protecting Emily) and the good guys missed. This is the point though, where things took a turn for the unimpressive. For no true apparent reason Emily stood directly up into the field of fire and just threw the device away. Seriously, she just threw it off the roof. Then she stood stock still in plain view allowing the Freelancers to easily kill her. Considering that it took Kiera about 15 seconds of screen time to retrieve the device, this became even more pointless. If Emily needed to die for the storyline to work (which it looks like it did), then at least kill her in either an emotional or reasonable manner. Anyway, Kiera ended the episode stashing the device in Alec’s lab.

Alec’s Personal Life Takes Center Stage

Alec and Emily’s relationship came to the forefront this week as both of their carefully crafted lives built around giant secrets they were hiding from each other were shattered. Emily began the episode trying to get her freedom from Escher, which only led him to make snide remarks about her “love” for Alec. However, he did offer an out for Emily, all that she had to do was steal the time travel device from the lab and then she would be free to do as she pleased. Following this meeting Emily’s past continued to catch up with her as Kellogg threatened to expose her past to Alec. With the crushing pressure of lying to Alec, not wanting to screw Alec over with his work, fear of Escher, and fear of Kellogg Emily decided to make a run for Thailand – and romantically enough Alec decided to go with her (along with the time travel device), much to her joy. However, before the happy couple jetted off Alec finally received the DNA results from the paternity test he did with Jason’s DNA (that took a while). Before Alec and Emily could get into an argument about whether they could see Jason before they left, Travis came waltzing right into the lab and demanded the activation of his CMR.

Alec was able to stun Travis and escape with Emily, but Travis’s CMR was reactivated and he was able to steal the other suit. Alec and Emily fled to Jason’s apartment and Alec had a circumspect discussion with Jason about his past with Jason floating in and out of comprehension, but with the overall outcome that he had stayed away to protect Alec – which Alec seemed to accept as reasonable. Emily then outed herself to Alec as Escher’s spy, which he also took reasonably well. The arrival of Kiera and Carlos then immediately led to the outing of Alec’s secret life involving the time travelers.
After Emily’s death Alec marched directly into Escher’s building – which is where we will start off next week’s episode.
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