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Continuum S02E12: "Second Last"

We'll have to wait until next week—unless you were lucky enough to have seen the original Candian broadcast or you're just plain naughty—to know for certain, but I'm going to go ahead and be an A-hole and claim "totally called it" on something bad happening to Emily and consequently inspiring Alec to go all darkside on us. Sooo... 

... called it. 

Escher looked like he was expecting it, though. Because of course he was. 

Aside from a few rough patches here and there, Continuum has regularly proven that it's more than capable of juggling several plots at once. This feat of storytelling trickery was featured prominently in "Second Last," the penultimate episode of Season 2. Escher's been an evil-ish dude all season, but after his people killed Emily, his awfulness got personal. While their brief battle for the top spot in Liber8 was fun, a reunited Sonya and Travis wreaked all kinds of havoc with a little help from Kellog; T-dog now has Elena's suit and a mostly functional CMR. Kiera's own people also turned against her when someone finally found Gardiner's body and the evidence against Kiera looked, well, pretty bad. Something tells me her desperation to snatch her precious time machine even as Escher's freelancers took Emily out might drive an unfortunate wedge between her and Alec. Girl is having a rough week. Alec isn't doing much better.

Remember when Alec did drugs and remembered that Jason totally hung out with Momma Sadler back in the day? So he took that DNA test? And then it was never mentioned again and frankly, I kind of forgot it was a thing that happened until a poorly timed phone call interrupted Romeo and Juilet's escape-from-certain-death roadtrip to turn it back into a plot point? The results are in aaaaand... Jason is totally Alec's dad. Maury would be so proud. 

Unfortunately, as of the end of this episode, having Jason for a dad doesn't really do Alec any good. Sure, Kooky Jason offered a safe haven when Travis busted in on Emily and Alec in the lab, but Jason's a generally decent dude and he seems to have a soft spot for Alec; plus Alec crashed at Chez Jason before he confronted the man anyway. I was braced for some drama before, during, and after the big truth-dump, but Jason didn't freak out or anything... he mostly just seemed confused by Alec's declaration, which is pretty much par the course for Jason. He did readily admit to having spent time in the Sadler household when Alec was a wee baby, though, and he had some nice things to say about Momma Bear, but his experiences seemed more childlike than romantic. More please! <3 Jason. 

Kiera's been declared a Liber8 terrorist based on Gardiner's evidence—which was probably planted or tampered with, IMO, because it should have been encrypted—but she had bigger things on her mind than saving her reputation after Alec told her that he could totally use the time machine to send her back to 2077. But he also delivered the same warning we've all been kicking around in the comments all season long: Chances are, the future that Kiera came from no longer exists. In her typical, single-minded-about-the-whole-time-travel-thing fashion, Kiera didn't care, and as a safeguard against winding up in a different future, she decided that if Alec could just drop her off before the botched Liber8 execution, she could fix everything. I don't think that actually makes any sense, but hey, the woman's running on pure desperation at this point. Can you blame her? 

Continuum loves its gray areas. Typically, that moral/ethical/personal ambiguity is reserved for the big Liber8 vs. the corporations debate, but "Second Last" took the time to shrink the issues down and break our allegiances into even smaller pieces. No one is completely innocent at this point. Kellog was a douche for teaming up with Travis and Sonya, but he made a good point about Escher being the real enemy. If I was in Kiera's position, I'm sure that I too would have thrown myself over the ledge to chase the wayward time machine—but that didn't make it any easier to watch her ditch her allies at a key moment to pursue what was essentially a Kiera-centric goal. Yes, certainly, it's in everybody's best interest to avoid losing the almighty device so that it doesn't end up in the wrong hands, but let's be honest: That's not what Kiera was thinking about when she was chasing it. 

So here's where we are, heading into our Season 2 finale: 

– Escher is a seriously bad dude. 

– Emily is super dead. (BYE 5-EVER.)

– Alec is really peeved about Emily's dead-ness. The show played moody badass music over his final scene and everything. Can you feel his darkness? Hmm? CAN YOU?

– Kiera is a wanted terrorist and she's the prime suspect in Gardiner's murder, but she's all IDGAF because as soon as Alec gets that time machine operational, she's gonna party like it's 2077. 

– Carlos is in trouble for helping Kiera. Whatever. Dillon is such a tool these days it makes my heart hurt. 

– Kooky Jason is Alec's dad or weird uncle or third cousin or something. They share DNA.

– Sonya and Travis are in lurve again and he's all jacked up on Elena's suit. OH GOOD. 

– Everybody hates Kellog. Even Kellog probably hates Kellog, at least a little. 

– Where the hell is Garza? 


– Kiera really wasn't messing around this week. Like, at all. Somebody get Kellog a band-aid.

– Wait... were the freelancers reanimating themselves?

– See you next week for more mind-blowing WTF-ery and awesome craziness courtesy of Canada. Canada, your TV shows are swell. <3

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