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Continuum S02E04: "Second Skin"

In The Incredibles, we learned that choosing the right attire is just as important for up-and-coming superheroes as mad invisibility skillz, uncanny marksmanship, and some glow in the dark alien DNA. Capes may look chic, but they'll get you sucked into a jet engine midair. In some cases, the suit enables the hero to be the hero to some extent—like Batman's bottomless utility belt and, yes, Kiera Cameron's high-tech catsuit. Unfortunately, Kiera's getup isn't a custom job, and in her own time, it's not even all that special—it's a standard-issue 2077 police uniform. While it seemed improbable that Kiera would ever encounter a suit like her own in our time, seeing as it hasn't been invented yet, Jason's revelation regarding freelance time-travelers and even the common knowledge of Kiera not being the sole party-crasher from from the future who's running around present-day Vancouver made the possibility of encountering another one more likely than you'd initially think. 

However, I'm pretty sure no one thought that encounter would happen at a yard sale.

In our handy-dandy opening flashbacks, Kiera and her partner Elena barely made it through a training exercise when holographic Travis took Kiera's holographic son as a hostage. I mean, holy crap Kiera, you knew it was a training simulation heading in. I get that Kiera is completely driven by the need to get back to her child, that he's her focus and everything she does or thinks is born out of that singular goal, but the explanation that she had just as much of a hang-up before getting sucked into 2012 just made her look neurotic—in my humble opinion. 

Anyway, that was my one issue with "Second Skin," and that ain't bad. 

SO. When Kiera got tangled in time, she landed in 2012, which was probably super disappointing coming from the land of flying taxi cabs, but Kiera's partner, Elena, wound up in 1975, which was— Idk, Starsky & Hutch was on TV and Starsky & Hutch was/is awesome. <3

After waiting around for a rescue that never came, Elena accepted her fate, stashed her super-suit in the back of a closet, got hitched, and raised a family. Then, in the present-day, she got Alzheimers and ended up in hospice care, and her son decided to sell some of his mom's "junk"—including the long-forgotten spandex. 

Sometimes the superhero's suit can elevate merely deadly ninja skills to deadly ninja skills armed with the latest defense technology and, in rare cases, the hero's entire ability hinges on wearing the suit—think Tony Stark, generally speaking (I know it's not like he's useless without the suit, but still. Just go with it). The poor schlub who ended up in possession of Elena's suit was kind of like a dim Tony Stark without his Iron Man suit... in addition to not having any kind of physical prowess whatsoever. After accidentally discovering that the suit couldn't be burned or pierced by a bullet during the most unfortunate day ever, the Daring Dry Cleaner decided to do some good for the citizens of Vancouver. Things didn't work out too great for him. Maybe he should have incorporated a helmet? 

With a little assist from Elena turning on her long-dormant CMR— thus enabling Alec to trace the suit's disruptive presence to an actual address—"Second Skin" became a race between Kiera and Liber8 to see who could nab the suit first. Travis and Sonya also wrote weird, violent, love letters to each other with their chosen Liber8 targets and were totally in denial about it. Love them. 

Kiera won the quest for the suit, but also kind of lost because Elena passed away. Elena's son said that Elena wanted to tell Kiera that she'd loved her life, and Kiera could too. SO not what Kiera wanted to hear.


– Social media loves it some Liber8. That sounds like something social media would do. 

– Liber8 is trying to woo the public by attacking companies that everyone hates anyway. Brilliant. 

– Elena was delightful. "Who's this asshole?" OMG come be my sassy grandma, pleeeeeeeze?!

– Ugh. Gardiner. Why so slimy?

– What did you think of "Second Skin"?

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