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Continuum S02E06: "Second Truths"

"Second Truths" is the closest thing we've gotten to the more procedural episodes of Season 1. Normally I'm not a big case-of-the-week fan. (I know. I'm sorry. It's perfectly fine if you're a fan of the format. Variety makes the world interesting! It's just not my thing.) But with that said, I can always get behind a good procedural episode—and "Second Truths" featured a very good case, plus juuuust enough of Continuum's serialized storyline to keep those of us who are more interested in the "big" story happy.  

Things were bound to catch up with Kiera eventually—her unparalleled insight to Liber8, the way she just seemed to know when and how things were going to happen, as though she could see the future or something. Ha. The Section 6 cover was never terribly solid to begin with, and it didn't take much prodding from an authority figure who actually cared where Kiera and her intel came from to almost shatter the whole thing, as shown in last week's "Second Opinion." You had to wonder at Carlos's detective qualifications—or maybe just marvel at his incredible mastery of willful blindness—to justify his continued acceptance of Kiera's seemingly endless supply of fruitful leads. Granted, he couldn't have known that she was a time traveler from 2077, but c'mon, she was obviously something a little more exotic than what she claimed to be. 

In our obligatory introductory flashback, we learned that in 2077, Kiera and her fellow officers investigated a serial killer with a bit of a thing for eyes. The case in 2077 paralleled a case from present-day Vancouver that had been dubbed "Ouroboros" because the 38 bodies were all found along a defunct bus route that made a nifty little circle o' death with no beginning and no end due to the lack of clues. However, even Kiera's limited evidence from the future was a windfall to the officers of 2013—so much so, in fact, that Carlos finally decided to question where Kiera's intelligence was coming from. She knew things that only the killer could know, and since entertaining the idea of Kiera assisting a vengeance-driven serial murderer was too out-there for Carlos, after the initial shock of her big reveal, Carlos decided that "time traveler" was way more plausible. So that's out of the way. GOOD. Welcome to the "in" crowd, Carlos. Good to have ya. 

Meanwhile, Alec got himself a ladyfriend who was so eager to see his secret lab that she was obviously a spy for, idk, Liber8 probably. Who else, besides Kiera and Kellog (who have no reason to spy on Alec and who can easily intimidate most information out of him on their own), knows what Alec will someday become? Poor Alec. He just wants some lovins'. 

For a rather cut-and-dry procedural episode, "Second Truths" featured a great deal of progress for Kiera as a character, building on the forward movement she enjoyed last week after her chat with her automated mental-health professional. Bringing Carlos into the fold is symbolic of Kiera's willingness to make something resembling a home in 2013, complete with friends and family—to build a support network that's stronger and more reliable than her fellow time-travelers (half of which keep trying to kill her) and a 17-year old super genius who might grow up to be Big Brother someday. While reaching out to Carlos doesn't change any of Kiera's larger concerns at all—you know, like getting back to 2077 and hopefully not breaking the future—he's important as a character who allows us access to Kiera's thoughts on a personal level. Kiera has most certainly been carrying around her fears of erasing herself from history since she landed in the present day, but she's never had the opportunity to vocalize those fears. Carlos gives her the chance to do that, and not only are they fears that Kiera needs to voice for her own in-universe well-being, but I think that we the viewers also needed to hear it.

Kiera can be plagued with tunnel-vision at times, and while objectively, anyone can understand her desperation to get home, on a personal level, her stubbornness to even entertain an alternative can be misconstrued as selfishness at times—especially when, deep down, she has to know that the Corporations aren't exactly just and noble leaders. An enlightened Carlos provides Kiera with a sounding board to voice her deepest concerns, those that run deeper than the canned CPS objectives. We needed it. Kiera needed it. Everybody wins!


– Kiera got to meet mysterious Mr. Escher of Piron Corporation. Looks like he played Let's Make a Deal with Dillon and then stole a promising up-start from Kellog's sights. Dude had a busy day. I don't like him. 

– I was hoping Kiera's acceptance of her situation last week would enable her to more clearly see through the corporate government's bullshit, but I guess not. I'm sure we'll get there eventually. 

– Okay, so ritualistically murdering all the kiddie-diddlers in Vancouver is the sort of questionable vigilante justice that the police and mainstream society tend to frown upon. However, clearing the way for your local Family Watchdog profile to keep doing his or her thing kind of detracts from the "Kiera saves the day" theme, so I'm just going to assume she quietly ousts the pedos until told otherwise.

– Dillon + Escher: good idea or bad idea?

– What's Emily's deal?

– What'd you think of "Second Truths"?

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