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Continuum S02E10: "Second Wave"

Well, friendly might be a stretch, but Julian the Friendly Terrorist still let Kiera go, even when his followers really, really wanted him to make an unpleasant example of her. That totally counts for something, right?

This was kind of a weird episode—probably my least favorite of the season so far—but that's not to say it was bad... thought it was certainly all over the place. I've never felt like Continuum has bitten off more than it can chew with its stories, but "Second Wave" had the body-snatchers stuff and the Garza stuff and the Liber8 stuff and the Julian stuff and the Emily/Escher/Kellog/Alec stuff and even some Chen-from-beyond-the-grave stuff just to make sure we've all been paying attention. It was a lot to take in. 

Sure, everything is somehow connected to everything else, so it's not like we really had a bazillion different things going on—but it felt that way, and at this point, all those stories might as well be different.

So let's break it down:

Kiera and Carlos snagged Garza and dragged her to an interrogation room, where she sassed them like the queen of IDGAF that she is. <3 her. She eventually escaped (of course) and tried to meet up with Travis, but Travis has been having wonky issues ever since Alec activated his military chip in an attempt to help Kiera track him down to add to her collection of captive Liber8 operatives. Kiera also experienced her share of weird during the incident; she was able to track Travis, which was the whole point, but she could also hear him, and he could hear her, and that was just waaaaaay too cozy for anybody's liking. Kiera had a long day of technological woes, what with the body-snatchers having a thingamajig that could deactivate her invisibility suit and everything. Hey, at least she got to show Carlos her cool stun gun from the future. She was practically gleeful to show him her toy! 

Leaving Carlos to deal with Garza—because she was getting really out of hand with her bad cop routine and it was freaking him out—Kiera hit the streets and wound up at a Liber8 rally where Julian was perfecting his revolutionary orator routine. Hiding from the body-snatchers got her caught by the gun-toting hippie-kids (oxymoron?), but rather shockingly, Julian let her go and condemned the use of guns among his peeps. So maybe Kiera going all crazy lady on him last week really did change him for the better? That's cool. I'd like to cheer for Julian. I mean, I'm already halfway cheering for Julian/Liber8 anyway, so this development is a positive one—not to mention interesting in its implications with regard to the timeline. Sure, this anti-guns approach might be a phase, but it also might not be. 

Also, for being a big ol' "guns are bad" episode, "Second Wave" certainly featured a lot of guns.

Then there was Emily and Alec and their potentially-evil-genius-finds-true-love-with-secret-female-ass-kicker storyline. Emily asked Escher to take her off of her Alec assignment because she's developed real feelings for him and that's awkward and probably a conflict of interest. Escher basically said "LOL, no." Then he dropped in on date night to give Emily a heart attack and to woo Alec into ditching Kellog and joining his team. OH THE SUSPENSE. I suspect that working with either Escher or Kellog is going to eat Alec's precious little nerd soul, but if he has to pick one, I guess I'd choose Kellog. He's a sleaze, but at least he's a lovable sleaze. Plus: Better the devil you know than the one you don't. 

Oh, and Chen's alive, probably—nice freelancer tats, bro!—and trolling Lucas like a pro. 

Oh, and Garza got taken by the body-snatchers. 

Like I said, there was a lot going on this week, a lot of moving players around and getting them into position as we head into the homestretch of the season. Not a lot of heady philosophical stuff, but definitely a lot of action. 


– Dillon seems kind of shifty now that he works with/for Escher. Thoughts?

– Is Julian's change of heart going to last?

– Chen is totally not dead and is totally one of them freelancers, right?

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AIRED ON 6/27/2014

Season 3 : Episode 13

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