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Right, so just to be on the safe side, let me again say this upfront:

This recap contains SPOILERS from the season 3 of Continuum. Since not everyone watches the show on the Canadian schedule, there will be those of you who haven’t seen it yet or who are not caught up to the current episode. That’s why I am telling you upfront:


Since the show started airing in the US by now and for those of you from the US, here are the links to the previous season 3 recaps: Episode Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

--------- Spoilers Ahead -------------

Well bugger me. After that episode last week which was rather slow on action but big on character development Continuum built even more momentum this week. We got to see the consequences of Kiera’s awakening. But that is not all we got to see. Apart from Kiera’s 180, Dillon accelerated even fast towards being a proper fascist. Liber8 and Garza especially were put into defensive mode and the shit basically just hit the fan.

There was more than one scene this week where I thought “damn” – in a positive way. There were some big moments in this episode as far as story- and character-development go. I’ll go more into the details of what I thought when the scenes come up in the recap.

We start the episode off with another flash-forward of Kiera, this time to when she was part of a team that raided a peaceful and rather benign gathering of people who wanted to protect a “heritage building”. What made it relevant was, that Kiera’s mom was one of those people and she outright refused Kiera’s offer to get her out unseen. Quite the opposite, she wanted to be arrested it seems. To what point we don’t really know, but it seems that in the aftermath of last week’s developments this was to remind us that Kiera is about to “rebel” her own way.

At the same time, her mother tells her: “It’s OK to be wrong, but eventually you have to own up.” Well, that was a nice prediction for what was about to happen in the rest of the episode.

After that we got that cool transitional shot from future Vancouver to today’s skyline while panning from her mom to Kiera in her flat. I’m just mentioning it because I really liked it :)

First up in the “now” we have another Firing Point TV-discussion that Dillon clearly won, even though Theseus made some good points in my view.

Somehow I expected Theseus to be wittier but I guess the story required him to lose this round and that’s ok.

After we saw Curtis escape the glass-box last week, this week he calls Kiera out of the blue and makes weird and veiled announcements or threats. “You’ve had so many opportunities and so little insight, we’re going to have to fix that” Say what?
After that we are in the Fermitas boardroom when a board meeting takes place and suddenly all doors lock and a gas is pumped in via the air ducts.

The result is 12 dead in a corporation and Dillon and Kiera immediately get on it and start looking for the bad guys Liber8. Wasn’t the secretary cute when she said: “call someone”? :D

Right, just to screw with our heads, the next board meeting we are shown is over at Piron with Alec at the helm. No, they don’t get gassed as well, they get steamrolled by a sharp and witty Alec that wants to outfit everyone with their own surveillance health bracelet. To get the funding he basically bluffs all the board members except for Dillon who figures the bluff out.

Looks like Dillon now has some leverage over Alec. Who knows what he might be able to do with that leverage. That whole scene also sparked a new theory in my brain: Since right now SAD-Tech basically doesn’t exist anymore, might it be possible that Dillon will force Alec out of Piron at some point? It also seems like Alec is still a bit naïve about stuff.

Strangely, this week the ongoing investigation is led by Dillon and Kiera. Dillon immediately suspects Liber8 while Kiera does the exact opposite as she suggest that the recent M.O. seems to indicate someone else’s involvement.

Our friend Carlos is on a different case this week. He is investigating a whistleblower from Sonmanto and he is supposed to evaluate if the information that is made available is reliable.

Neither Betty nor Kiera can find any connection between the gas attack and Liber8, on the contrary, Liber8 issues a press release of sorts that states that they had nothing to do with said attack. Dillon is not ready to buy that and asks Betty to make contact with Lucas.
At this point we still cannot be sure that last week’s awakening really influenced Kiera. At this point she is still acting the way she always has been.

Kiera asks Betty to try and track Curtis and she agrees to outsource that for her. We also get a bit of backstory to Betty and how she came to be in the department. If that wasn’t some bad foreshadowing, seems that once again a character gets a backstory just in time for her death. Well, more on that later.

Next up is Curtis as he shows up at while Kellog is having some soup (!!) in a random soup place. He basically threatens Kellog into working for him. But what exactly Curtis is working on or towards we still don’t know. He seems to be Continuum’s wildcard, sort of like Helena on Orphan Black, and maybe just as crazy.

On a side note: is that yellow stuff in the glass supposed to be beer? If yes, I am seriously sorry for you Canadians. That looks like some seriously stale colored water if I’m friendly :)

In an effort to track down the Sonmanto whistle blower, Carlos talks to Julian over at the TV-studio. Julian then has (and that’s the only reason I mention it) a funny line with some real-world relevance: “A wrapsheet and an opinion gets anyone on TV”. Because the whistle blower has been calling Julian and Carlos is on the case, Julian sets them both up to talk to each other.

Meanwhile Kellog showed up at the old lab of future-Alec where it seems Jason has been living all this time.

In an effort to build a connection or, as it turns out, spy on Piron-Alec, Kellog dresses up Jason and sends him over to Piron in order to help Alec. Once he arrives he is immediately put to work on the new health-armband that Alec is supposed to develop in two months.

Over at the VPD, Betty comes up with a suspect that is likely to have built the hardware used in the gas attack. With that intel, the police shows up at this guy Bibby’s house. As they are about to raid the place, it blows up but Kiera manages to capture the suspect.

In the following interrogation it still seems like Kiera is on her old, or rather Dillon’s side. But it also becomes fairly obvious that Dillon really wants Liber8 to be the culprit. He basically puts their names in his mouth. That seemed like the point where Kiera disagreed with Dillon. I think she read the situation correctly: Dillon offered the guy a way out, blame Liber8 – get a plea-deal.

When Lucas makes contact with Betty, he asks her to find a connection between Sonmanto and Fermitas. Because Dillon can’t or won’t give up that info, Lucas and Liber8 are going another way.

Overall Betty really seems to be working hard to regain the trust of Dillon and the VPD. I’m not exactly sure why she does that except to get rid of her ankle monitor.
Meanwhile Garza is following this guy:

He is the guy that was watching the police raid on Bibby’s place earlier and presumably triggered the explosion. I’m not sure if he knows about the time travel stuff or even if he saw Kiera use her multitool. But when he gets the drop on Garza we learn that he sure knows how to fight. We only learn later why Garza was following him, but it is immediately obvious that he works for someone, someone other than Liber8, and that he is not to be trifled with. Anyway, the fight between Garza and that guy was great.

When Carlos finally meets with the whistle blower he gets the information that she is willing to leak. Not only that but he also gets laid. WHAT? That was the first time anyone ever had any sexy-time on Continuum as far as I can remember.

When that guy shows up at the VPD in order to file charges against Garza for assaulting him, we learn that he is ex-Navy Seal working as a mercenary for a private security company. In a moment when everyone is distracted, he places what can only be a listening device, in the VPD office. It seems that was the real reason why he was there. No one, not even Kiera catches on.

Even though Dillon and Kiera both agree the guy is connected to the gas attack, the main difference being that Dillon is convinced that Liber8 hired him while Kiera believes that Liber8 wouldn’t do that and that a merc rather points towards a different perpetrator.

After the broadcast with the files from the whistle blower airs and Sonmanto gets some bad press, we see Julian as he chats with Diana Bolton again and we learn that the whole thing was a setup, the info was fake and the woman and Sonmanto basically played everyone. That not only discredits Julian, it also puts a strange light on Carlos.

In what seems like a last ditch effort, Garza shows up at Kiera’s place to talk. Yes, you heard right, Garza had a conversation that took longer than 3 seconds and did not involve fighting. Amazing :) – I’m really liking the way they take Garza because her just being a female Travis was getting old and boring. Now she, as a character, seems to get more three dimensional, relatable and interesting. I’m really looking forward to how the Garza – Kiera relationship develops further.

Anyway, she once again explains to Kiera that Liber8 had no part in the gas attack and that Lucas found a job-posting in the dark corners of the web for that job. Liber8 suspects that they are being assigned the blame in an effort to reverse the ground and popularity they have been gaining with their current less-lethal tactics. She asks Kiera to look into it and figure out who really is behind the attack and cover-up. Garza finally agrees to forward any info Liber8 uncovers on the issue.

When Garza offers Kiera a handshake and calls her “partner” she takes it a step to far for Kiera. This is the point where we can be sure after all, that last week’s wake-up-call had a big and lasting impact on how Kiera views the world. At the same time it tells us that she is not willing to be partners with Liber8, she is on the other hand, interested in the truth and in bringing the responsible party to justice. For that, she is willing to trust Liber8 to a certain extent. With knowing Liber8’s goals and season 3 M.O. she is willing to draw certain conclusion even if they ultimately exonerate Liber8 to a certain extent.

I think that is a very good was to go forward for Kiera as a character. She did change her world view, but it doesn’t completely change what the character was all about: being a police officer trying to protect the innocent. This, to me, is a realistic, believable and not to radical development.

Back at the VPD, when Kiera tells this newly acquired info to Betty, she is as surprised as we were that Kiera seemingly “switched horses”. We can also see in the background that more and more Piron stuff is being moved in over at the VPD.
Carlos on the other hand has not such a good morning. When he wakes up, the girl is gone and he finds this:

On the phone he gets the info that everything was a plant and that Sonmanto and the woman played him. Poor guy – but at least he has her phone number, and when Carlos tracks her down, she still asks him for a repeat performance. Well, Carlos, what will it be? Conscience or sexy time or will he (as I suspect) use her as some sort of source or inside contact in the future? What do you think?

When Carlos finally shows up at the VPD, Dillon is ready to dismiss his failure. From his point of view, the whole thing has worked in their favor because the whole thing discredited Julian, the whistle blower and what he calls “the Sonmanto nay-sayers” – whoever they might be.

When Kiera tells Dillon that it seems that Liber8 approached his daughter for recruitment, he (predictably) reacts very mildly and just wants to be kept up to date. Kiera does become suspicious of that almost immediately.
I bet, coupled with the strange reading she got of her CMR while interviewing the daughter back when she was caught, that whole plot will not remain a secret for very long.

Betty finally figures out who the merc is: His name is Neelon (according to IMDb) and he has been a merc for a long time, working for Greypoint Security. Greypoint – Blackwater, not exactly close but it seems like the analogy the show was going for. When Betty suggest a connection between Sonmanto, Greypoint and Fermitas, Dillon basically ticks out and orders them to pin the whole thing on Liber8.

When Betty comes up with the info that Sonmanto owns Greypoint, the picture starts to clear up a lot for Kiera, Carlos and Alec. The Bibby guy from the start of the episode also requested a meeting. All this is discussed at the desk where Neelon planted the bug, so basically he heard everything. That becomes apparent in the last scene.

Garza then again does something un-Garza like, she tracks down Julian and confronts him. She wants him to toughen up and take charge of his own life. Garza this week was almost the comic relief of Continuum – how does that happen? But she is right, Julian is “about as threatening as a head cold right now” and if he wants to become the Julian from 2077 (and before) he seriously has to reconsider his approach to rebellion.

I’m not sure if Garza is just following Sonya’s orders or if she comes up with these little missions on her own, but I like how they are using her.

Carlos and Kiera basically put everything about the gas attack together but they don’t have any solid evidence that points to one or more people that they can arrest. Carlos then also realizes that, had he and Kiera been working together on the whistleblower thing, Kiera would immediately have realized that they are being lied to. Therefore they suspect that Dillon knew all this was going to happen and therefore deliberately split them apart.

I agree, and that does have further implications: either Dillon knows about Kiera and her lie-detection skills (and therefore her CMR) or he is simply following some else’s orders on the issue. When they both finally confront Dillon with everything they figured out he ignores it all. He seems set on blaming Liber8 and ignoring any and all wrongdoing by the corporations.

In the last scene, Carlos, Kiera and Betty go out to have drink after a late night working on some seriously complex conspiracy-boards. And not to forget, Betty finally did get rid of her ankle bracelet.

When Bibby contacts them and wants to meet Betty (Bibby and Betty…LOL) this happens:

Neelon not only kills Bibby, he also kills Betty. Kills her dead. Man, that is tragic. She finally got her freedom again, found partners in Kiera and Carlos and could not even enjoy her beer. Poor Betty. Someone just made a serious enemy in Kiera and Carlos.
And that brings me to my next theory: Could it be that those two, Kiera and Carlos, with Julian become the movement that in 2077 is known as Theseus and that will ultimately loose the war against the corporations? A third party in the conflict between corporations and Liber8 would make sense. A side that is neither terrorist nor corporation, but rather interested in civil liberties and the truth? We’ll see.

Questions of Time:

  • Will Dillon use his leverage over Alec? How?
  • What is Curtis’ all about?
  • Will Theseus, Kiera and Carlos end up together as a team?
  • Ok you ladies among us, shirt-less Carlos: hot or not?

Oh and just to let you people know, some of the issues we had previously, have been addressed by people working on Continuum:

  • The thing about an antidote to a chemical weapon was addressed by none other than Simon Barry himself in a tweet.
  • The question of how Kiera knows about stuff that happened when she wasn’t present in last week’s episode was addressed by a writer on IMDb.
I thought that was pretty neat that they adressed those issues at all. Doesn't happen very often.

Also, just to remind you, with every episode Showcase will release a webisode. If and when I find a link that is accessible outside of Canada, I will post it in the comments or in the next recap.

Thank you for joining me again this week. Lets first vote on the quality of this weeks episode and then discuss it in the comments!


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