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OK you readers from the US, I have been informed that you will only be able to see this episode on Friday, so you need to look out if you don't want any spoilers!

Still, you are very welcome to come back and read / discuss after the show has aired wherever you live.

--------------Spoilers Ahead -------------


Let me say a couple of words before I start the recap for real:

After last week’s episode I listened to the Continuum podcast which airs on Thursdays I think, so after I write my recaps, somewhere in the comments I stumbled upon an observation that I thought was worth sharing with you all:

Taltos writes:
“I'm pretty sure Jason was looking at Kiera's Freelancer dots, not her lack of wedding ring:
Jason: Freelancers... I saw them, then poof... somebody else, just like that. Ooh... [looks at Kiera's hands] Touchy subject, I know.”

I don’t know why I missed that, but in hindsight it seems like such an obvious thing.
That’s stuff from last week, now to this week’s episode:

Usually I skip the recap at the beginning of an episode but this time it seems worth mentioning that we see some of the stuff that happened 3 month ago. It seems that 3 month ago was when the Freelancers took the bodies from the morgue and reanimated (let’s call it that) Curtis. WTF? Do you remember when that happened? Back in episode 2x07! I certainly was surprised to read that, as I had to look it up. Time moves a lot faster in real life than on Continuum.

He looks old with his dreads, but take a closer look at his hands. They look very young as in not wrinkly and well manicured. The first person who comes to mind when looking at these hands is Alec. But we don’t learn his real identity for now. He does look a bit robot-y with the lights on his chest, and Catherine later confirms that when she talks about “technology that is in him”. Creepy. But in this particular moment, in the pic above, I think he looked very much like Darth Vader.

What does he do? He brings Curtis back to life by placing his hand on his head. Damn. That’s not exactly aDarth Vader move, but still impressive. Especially considering that Warren from the Freelancers places a sheet over Curtis’ head because he can’t look at it.

When Curtis, after his reanimation, has a conversation with Catherine, it becomes obvious that Curtis at this point did not know Catherine. She tells him that the technology inside HIM brought Curtis back and that he was “merged”. Merged with what? With his other selves in other timelines? And how does that create a functioning body out of what I suspect was a decomposing corpse?

Anyway, it seems Curtis did not really find a way to cheat death, he had at least some help with that.

It seems that Alec has only recently been tortured (or interrogated with advanced methods) and almost immediately spits out the information the Freelancers want. According to Catherine, she now wants that device because of “loose ends”. Well, I’d say you are a little late, lady.

Alec still has his wits about him though as he takes a couple of verbal shots at everyone and even stabs one of the guys in his clavicle with a pen.

At this point we just wonder what is going on, but it seems what happens at the end of the episode gets its start right here. She is disillusioned but she still tries to convince Julian to help her with a bloodless revolution and she seems to want to take on Alec and Piron one last time.

When next Kiera shows up at the Freelancer lair, she speculates on the identity of HIM (no, not god, just the guy behind the door) as well and she suspects, as some of us do, that he was the original Freelancer. What she really wants is to trade the two Alecs and for that she offers up Brad.

Dillon gets a call from Alec, who wants his time travel device back because he is the boss and well, he feels like whatever he says goes. Dillon seems not too happy about that but ultimately complies.

Julian on the other hand, while in Alec’s office, is acting like he is all happy about the way sales of Halo are shaping up. All the while he is acquiring data and stealing stuff which he promptly turns over to Sonja.

See, I thought Liber8 disbanded too easily at the end of last week’s episode. They did not really give up completely. At least Lucas and Sonja are still in contact and working together. She hands all the stuff over to him and he in turn “hacks” Halo.In this instance Sonja is quite dismissive of Julian and it almost seems like she doesn’t want him involved any further.

Next up is the next awesome moment, at least in hindsight for me after watching the episode a second time. Curtis meets up with Kellog and Kellog tells him that “it is happening today”. Therefore it seems that Kellog knows that Kiera and Brad are going to go in and get future-Alec out of the Freelancer prison. He even tells Curtis that “they will do the heavy lifting, you can piggy back.” How does he know? I could not figure it out.

Curtis in turn tells Kellog that HE “wants you to get what’s coming to you”. At first I thought that that might not be such a good thing, but then I thought maybe he was talking about Kellog’s role as Clan leader from Brad’s future. Curtis’ agenda seems to become a little clearer: He wants to break HIM out of what Curtis considers imprisonment.

On the other side of town, when Dillon assembles the orb right out in the open on his office desk he alerts the Freelancers to its location. It seems fairly obvious that Dillon is not aware of the danger he places himself in by doing that. We don’t know how much Escher or Piron Alec told him about what is going on, but I’m certain he has no idea about the Freelancers. When Kiera walks in on him, she is quite shocked by what he is doing but he basically ignores her and just tells her to redouble their efforts in capturing Liber8 now that they seem to have disbanded.

Meanwhile Lucas and Sonja come up with a plan to dissuade people from using Halo by “scaring the shit out of people”. He immediately demonstrates the effect on Sonja and she seems very convinced that this is the way to go.

Kiera tells Carlos about Dillon and the timetravel device and leaves it to him to take care of that because she has something else to do. After a somewhat ironic “Good luck” from Carlos, Kiera is off to get Alec.

In what feels like an homage to Almost Human and True Detective, Carlos and Dillon have a very honest conversation in the car while driving over to Piron. Dillon presents his motivations (naïve in my mind) and Carlos, while fingering the timetravel device, points out why he is opposed to all that and will continue to ride Dillon on that. Dillon essentially thinks that he is using the corporations and rich people in order to make the city safe but Carlos counters that their job is to work for all the people not just a few who are able to pay the police for their service.

While all this happens in what I would call the main hall of the Freelancer hideout, Curtis is lurking in the background while observing and waiting to make his move.

Kiera takes Brad into the Freelancers’ inner lair through a false wall of mail boxes or bank security deposit boxes.Her plan to use him as a pretend prisoner seems to be working, as they get in the front door without any problems.

On the inside, after taking out the first two guards with ease, Warren and the others are not as easily incapacitated. An awesome and well-choreographed fight ensues in a hallway. That was one of the best and longest fight sequences Continuum has done in a long time. LOVED IT.

He says something to Catherine but I have no idea what. Even after listening to it for three times.

Just before Sonja goes into Piron HQ, she and Travis meet up outside and have a sweet couple’s moment. Well, sweet at the time, because now we know she was essentially saying goodbye to her lover. Travis wants the two of them to "head north” and start a new life in the wilderness. Also worth noting is that the building next door, the one that Kagame bombed apparently, is shown to house the SAD-Tech Corp. as soon as the renovations are finished. My question is: who is running SAD-Tech and what are they developing?

When Sonja makes it into the server room at Piron HQ she flirts with the IT guy she runs across, gets him to leave and plugs in the virus.

A couple of floors further up from Sonja, Dillon and Carlos arrive at Alec’s office and Dillon goes in to get his briefing on Halo with the intention of handing over the timetravel device to Alec. Carlos in turn does not want anything to do with Alec and heads back to the precinct.

Meanwhile, over in the Freelancer lair, Brad gets the device Kiera confiscated during the bank heist from the beginning of the season. The two of them seem almost like an old couple with their bickering about their Plan B but it is nice to get some new comic relief. Curtis of course watches him and in turn confronts him. It seems what Brad is doing is somehow breaking the trust that used to exist between the two of them. Another great fight ensues which Brad ultimately wins by knocking Curtis out with a fire extinguisher. I don’t know if these two fight scenes are the first time that Continuum has used slowmo captures in fights, but I thought it was very well done.

When Sonja runs into Julian on her way out of Piron they have a quick chat while waiting for an elevator. Julian is still unwilling to lead the resistance movement because Jason called him a murderer. Sonja proceeds to try and convince Julian to become Theseus and resist Alec Sadler. She basically pleads with him to become the resistance leader (no, not John Connor) before telling him that he did in fact (in her relative past) kill thousands of people. But she also tries to instill the hope in him, that maybe this time around everything could turn out differently. Overall she feels that it is still important that he continue on his path.

While leaving Piron, Sonja is seen by Carlos and Kellog. Carlos proceeds to arrest her and Kellog brings the info to Dillon and Alec. In the ensuing standoff, Dillon is dead set on shooting her but Carlos handles the situation without any bloodshed.

At the same time, Kiera frees future-Alec from his glass box. He is happy to get out be he is not too happy with Kiera and her decision to put him in there in the first place. Who can blame him for that and what else did Kiera expect? The two of them basically end up blaming each other for the situation they find themselves in right now.

Their escape almost gets spoiled by Catherine and her Freelancers but then this happens:

This seems very final, but still, I wonder if HE can reanimate a guy without a heart as well. Catherine seems very confused about what is happening and clings to the order of things and her beliefs. Kiera on the other hand does not (anymore?) believe in the same things as Catherine and therefore leaves with Alec and Brad.

That was the opening Curtis has been waiting for. He kills Catherine and then heads in to free HIM or the Traveler as Catherine called him. His identity is still not revealed.
You’ve got to love this Alec’s attitude. Even in the direst of circumstances he can’t help himself but crack some jokes. The most interesting things we learn during this road trip are that Brad felt guilty about killing the other Kiera, Alec thinks it’s a good thing that SAD-Tech does not exist in Brad’s future and that Carlos is worried about Dillon and wants Kiera to help.

Sonja sees the real Dillon as a guy drunk on power and hungry for more when she tells him: “You are like every general that’s ever tasted power, you want more and you’ll destroy what is human in us to get it.”

In the end Sonja uses what she earlier injected into her arms to blow herself up and take Dillon with her. So it seems that in this episode we lost: Warren, Catherine, Dillon, Sonja and probably some more Freelancers that were not that important to the story. Or is that Dillon they wheel out of there on a gurney with his head all bandaged up? In the end Kellog seems to confirm that Dillon is dead when he says “down a board member too.” But we have to consider that in a timetravel tv-show that reanimated a cold Curtis, there always seems to be a way back to the living.

After Sonja blows up the VPD, Carlos hands over the disassembled time travel device to Kiera. Maybe I did not understand this correctly, but didn’t Carlos say that Dillon still had it in his suitcase? Does that mean Dillon did not hand it over to Alec or did Carlos steal it from Dillon in the car?

Brad and Kiera do the same thing; they head out into the wilderness and meet up with Alec and Emily. Emily you ask? Where has she been all this time? Building a cabin and hunting deer? But it seems almost like Emily and Alec have never been apart and immediately rekindle their relationship. These two are headed out for a different place and Brad and Kiera will stay at the lake cabin. Also: how did they manage to meet up after all this time? I get that they had planned to disappear before Alec was captured but I’m still amazed that everything worked in the end.
The relationship between Kiera and Brad also seems to develop steadily. There is no indication that any proper sexy-times happened but their actions suggest a deep trust in eachother. Now that they are alone in the cabin maybe they will be able to catch up on that. All this is really amazing considering that Kiera has not completely trusted anyone yet, except maybe Carlos in the end. Apropos Carlos - will Kiera simply leave him behind to deal with the whole Dillon mess?

I really wish Kiera&Brad and Alec&Emily all the best, but I doubt that they will have a very long and peaceful vacation from all the timetravel crazyness.

Why? Because of this guy:

What I suspect are the sales figures on the screen in the back are trending up very nicely. I’m just not sure that that is a good thing for mankind. When Kellog shows him a picture of Kiera and future-Alec driving away in a car, Piron-Alec finally seems to realize that Kiera changed her mind and chose the other Alec over him. I bet that that is a betrayal he will not let go so easily. Kellog is very successful at pushing Alec’s buttons.

For this week I will leave it at that. I think I will draw a more final conclusion of this season after next week’s finale. Let me just say this: Continuum kept the story pace very high this week, just like last episode. I like where the show has taken us so far and I’m really looking forward to where it all ends up next week.

Thank you for joining me again this week. First, let's vote on the quality of the episode and then feel free to discuss it at length in the comments.


And finally let me say THANK YOU to @bubujin_2 for spellchecking this recap. So if you notice that the rate of grammar and spelling mistakes in my text has decreased, it is his achievement. Any mistakes that might still remain, are mine :D

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