A Continuum Community
Friday 10:00 PM on Syfy
So, American audiences finally get to watch Continuum after it being on for 3 weeks in Canada. And wow, does this show deliver. And deliver BIG.

It really speaks to Simon Barry's complex universe that so many different things can be happening all at once and still make sense. Everything we learn in this show or everything that happens always (sort-of) feels organic and never out-of-left-field (at least for me). Which is due, I think, largely in part to the writing and acting.

We got a lot answers but also a lot of questions. The show is about a cop who gets sent back in time with a group of terrorists and needs to get back home. But, is it really about her and them?

The story we know and story in the GRAND SCHEME of things are completely different.

Kiera and Liber8 are obvious pawns on what can only be classified as a larger-than-life space-continuum chess board. But, who is making the moves? Future Alec? Corporation heads?

What is the story so far? The REAL story?
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