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Syfy (ended 2015)
There's a new kid in town, Rewind, on Sy Fy channel, and it may be a one-timer, or a new series. The TV movie aired on SyFy this week, and I for one really enjoyed it. It started out as a bit of a rip-off of UPN's "Seven Days", then settled into its own.

Unfortunately for TV Sci-Fi these days, you've got to get to it quickly and dazzle us with your brilliance, or folks will quickly tune out. So a lot of corners are cut to get to the chase. That's how Rewind came off from the beginning. If you have a possibly unstable time travel device in house, you need to proceed with caution--unless somebody decides to nuke New York to get the ball in play. This was where the similarity between "Seven Days" and Rewind came into play, but then the movie took off in it's own direction. The explanation for everything was both plausible and intriguing, and the production was well done. Jeff Fahey ("Lost", and "Under the Dome", in which mercifully he was killed off in the first epi) was the only one I recognized, but the acting was competent and believable. Of course, no one's going to put up a time travel pilot where they fail, so success is a given from the start. Great care was taken to change the past just enough to save the day--and if they failed, suicide was their only option.

It is not known at this time whether the movie will result in a series or not, but it ended on quite the cliffhanger to episode two--they completed the initial story, but then left us hanging. Here's hoping they make this a series, because you can't have too much sci-fi on TV. At least is how I see it, what do you guys think?

IMDb - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2193185/
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i am in tears. syfy dismissed the series. difficult enough, waiting for Continuum's third season, and now an excellent filler -in the mean time- got booted. thanks a lot syfy. you said it. key word tv. on tv! i dislike watching programs via computer. what now?
yes, i too greatly enjoyed it. all for nought. :(
Actually, we have it at tv.com as well. It's pretty much complete, although since it's listed as a movie at this time, I can't add a recap.

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