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OK you readers from the US, I have been informed that you will only be able to see this episode on Friday, so you need to look out if you don't want any spoilers!

Still, you are very welcome to come back and read / discuss after the show has aired wherever you live.

--------------Spoilers Ahead -------------

I am SO glad.

So glad that this show can still surprise me. So glad that this show has the balls to let the past be past and dive head first into the future. So glad that the show has the courage to disassemble its allegiances so thoroughly and reassemble them so completely differently.
And also: TERMINATORS … or at least people geared up in stuff that makes them look like a beefed up T-888. And the travel through time not-naked so not really terminators after all…

But there is ONE thing that has me confused and I will get back to that later in the recap.

OK on with the recap:

I was so surprised to be thrown into the cold water that was 2039. Did you also get the feeling that something more was going on between those guys in Brad’s unit? It felt like he was sort of an outsider and not completely trusted. The way he tells it, he put his name on a very long list of names and, for some reason, was still chosen on purpose for this mission.

After that mission brief, the conversation continues with:

“(The?) Traveler’s lead lets us knock all the dominos down. He’s got a contact that’ll back you up. Things get too hairy, I want you to use this [hands him the beacon]”.

Did you guys hear that differently about the Traveler? Might the Traveler be Kellog? It would fit him very well, to try and make the biggest time jump, be in control, live forever and ultimately be the master of the universe.

I like Kiera’s outlook on this situation when she says “you know, this is the part where it all goes to hell, right?” It is also the first scene where she says out loud and we as an audience finally know that she knows that she worked for Big Brother. She continues to be emotional and or the first time in a long time her son Sam is mentioned. She feels like Brad is the only one who she will ever be able to talk to about all her emotional time-travel baggage and I suspect she is right.

The next location we visit is in some no-name motel with future-Alec and Emily. It seems those two are playing catch-up with their love making and money stealing. If I understood Alec correctly, he has been transferring small amounts of money from Piron (or from SAD-Tech?) to his own accounts.

Even though Alec says that he has been careful while stealing money, it seems Piron-Alec has found them and his security thugs immediately open fire on their small hotel room. The tracers are flying and that basically forces them to scrap their plans for a covert getaway. It seems they will have to stay and fight, and now it is the turn of Emily’s somewhat more hands-on approach to things.

The other Alec over at Piron in the meantime is practicing his big Halo product presentation speech and almost immediately screws it up. Kellog is not really helping matters as his words are less encouraging and more unnerving to Alec.

Consequently Emily and Alec turn up back at the cabin where Kiera and Brad are staying. I guess it was predictable that the peace and quiet at the lake wouldn’t last very long.
In a scene full of irony Kellog shows up at VPD where it seems like Carlos is in charge and asks him for more police protection at Alec’s product presentation.

“I’m just a cog in the machine now Carlos, I don’t get to play chess master anymore” – “Yeah, somehow I doubt that”.

Man, either Carlos has gotten really disillusioned and untrusting or he can really see through Kellog’s bullshit. It seems that he is reviewing the “Piron Initiative” at the VPD and wants to flatly deny Kellog’s request. But because Piron is financing a big part of the department, it seems like even though Carlos’ intentions are good his actual power to change things is rather small.

When we are with Alec and Kiera in the old SAD-Tech lab, future-Alec lays out what Piron-Alec wants to achieve: get rid of future-Alec and with that make sure that Kiera’s future unfolds. It seems that if Kiera had stuck with the Freelancers and their mission, the choice to keep Piron-Alec and imprison future-Alec would have been the right one. But since she awakened and now looks at the world differently, she changed her mind. Good for her.

Let me explain: The gang is all there, in the old lab: Kiera, Brad, Alec, Emily and Jason. They are basically discussing their plan of attack and laying out their entire strategy. Alec also explains the inner workings of Continuum’s time travel again: “The moment that I came to your timeline, I in effect created your future. That doesn’t mean that other me can’t still prevent it.”

Even Travis is there…

Travis in turn enlists the help of his old buddies. But wait, what is going on?!? Garza is working at a restaurant that fries burgers and pineapple slices? Whoa, I guess time travel does not just mess with your brain but also your taste buds. Uagh. Anyway, Garza is hesitant at first but joins Kiera and Travis and the three of them go and pick up Lucas:

Together they all show up back at the lab and team up for this fight with the rest of the gang. Kiera gives them a very good speech about how Liber8 has been right about her all along and how she now is awake. Nice going General Cameron.

OK let’s take a little break from the recap and discuss something:

Here is what I was thinking about a lot during these scenes: Didn’t Kellog give Jason a pair of spy glasses that would basically enable him to hear and see everything that is being planned? Even at the end of the episode I felt like this had not become very clear.

If Kellog knew everything that would happen during the rest of the episode, did he just let it all happen? One might argue that he even helped the plan along when he motioned for Piron-Alec to stay out on the stage in order to enable Garza to take those shots that set everything in motion. But in the end he could not have known how the fight between the two Alecs would turn out or even that it would happen. Maybe that didn’t matter to him in the end because he would have maneuvered either Alec out of the big seat.

What we also have to consider: Jason did act VERY strange in the last episode and Carlos and Kiera have no reason to trust him after that Halo incident in the park, so why is he even there? He has been working at Piron for so long now, even admits to helping Piron-Alec with creating a “backup slice” for the time travel device. That is the reason why the one slice looks so markedly different from all the others during that fight at the end of the episode. Why do you invite this guy to your war games session? The only reason that I came up with while watching the first time was that maybe they know about the glasses and are playing Jason and Kellog.

Also: where was Julian during all this? Over on the set of The 100? It would have made more sense if the gang had invited him instead of Jason. Yes, he works for Piron but he still seemed a lot more trustworthy than Jason. He doesn’t have the same access to Piron as Jason does but still, he could have been useful especially if you consider that Sonja was always on him to become a leader. Now that maybe a moral leader could have been useful, you don’t invite him? What’s up with that?

In the end this whole aspect sort of disappointed me. I feel like it should at least have been alluded to what happened there. This way it feels like the writers either forgot about or just plain ignored the spy glasses.

OK, let’s get on with it:

The one interesting bit of information that comes out of the next scene where Piron-Alec gets grilled on live TV is that Diana Bolton is praying for Dillon’s recovery. Ha. So he is still alive but severely injured. I knew it, cockroaches are hard to kill :D

Garza playing with guns is not the only thing that is going on in this scene. Brad also explains what the device is he had stored in that safety deposit box: A beacon that can send a signal to mark a point in time as a critical nexus point of change. I think whoever guessed or predicted it to be that gets a thumb’s up from me. The Beacon is also supposed to prevent anyone else from doing the same thing again. It seems that is as far as Brad’s briefing went. It seems that if they succeed and then activate the Beacon, nothing will happen. Interesting.

Finally at the Halo presentation, Carlos does show up with an increased police presence. Garza shows up as well, and she brings her toy:

When the presentation finally begins, Emily sits in the audience. I’m still not really sure why. The presentation itself is creepy when you think about what is being said. When Garza finally takes shots at Alec, the plan is finally put in motion. Piron-Alec is moved off the stage and on his way out of the building. When they are in an elevator, they are all gassed. Garza makes her way out and Emily is arrested. So why was Emily there exactly? I guess we’ll either learn why in season four or we will never know.

When Carlos opens the elevator doors Alec and his cronies are just waking up again. Alec and associates are then moved back to Piron and to safety.

So future-Alec is at Piron and Piron-Alec is with Kiera. When everything is clear Carlos lets Kiera know and she and Liber8 move Piron-Alec out of the building. So it seems Carlos was in on the plan all along. Good to know that Kiera’s fling with Brad doesn’t mean that she and Carlos are no longer a team. I like them working together.

Over at Piron, a seemingly distraught Jaqueline – the lawyer woman – ushers Alec into his office. Once she leaves Alec is searching the office for the time travel device and plants a bug in the Piron systems. I don’t know, but wouldn’t it have been smart if Lucas also gave him the Halo-hack he did for Sonja? He easily could have uploaded that as well and with that neutralized Halo.

Because he can’t immediately find the time travel device Kiera suggests destroying the anti-matter lab again. Piron-Alec plays his last card when he tells her that if she proceeds she will never be able to go back to her family again. Her reply: “I’m counting on it.” She finally got over that as well. Good for her.

That real reason I chose this screenshot is something else though: Notice that dashboard? Carlos is driving but the needle shows 0 km/h. I guess it’s a Canadian car judging by that speedometer? Also: What was the plan here? Where was Carlos taking Alec? Just on a drive around town in order to give future-Alec time to search the office for the time travel device? Did they expect Piron to be able to track their Alec and counted on that to pull the switcheroo in the end?

Anyway, because Piron-Alec has an RFID chip in his arm, Piron’s security detail takes him from Carlos. In the Piron office Alec finally locates the time travel device which was hidden in the ceiling.

When both Alecs run out of the office, Jaqueline is right there and sees both of them run past. I would have expected her to show more of a reaction, but I guess she has been initiated into the whole time travel club by either Kellog or Escher.

As cool as it looks with the three of them showing up, in the end Alec has to fight Alec by himself. Now we come to the kindergarten or sandbox part of the whole story: One guy has the shovel or bucket and the other guy wants it. That results in a fight where one of the parties ends up crying.

Something similar happens here: Piron-Alec will not accept Emily being with future-Alec, he would rather see her die again or even make sure that she does just so that future-Alec can’t be happy with her. You have to be really insecure to be this petty and small.

Meanwhile on the roof, Alec continues to fight Alec. In this fight I felt like the limits of the green-screen technology were shown. As cool as it is to have two Alecs fight each other, you could tell that they used a standin and had to cover his face. Not even Orphan Black did this sort of interaction and they seem to have mastered putting the same actor in a scene multiple times.

In a call-back to the first episode of the season, Garza and Kiera are fighting their way through bad guys on their way to the roof where Piron-Alec seems to be winning and choking out future-Alec until he pulls a last-ditch effort and plunges a piece of the time machine device into Piron-Alec’s throat. Just when Piron-Alec utters his final words Kiera shows up. Kiera justifies herself again for why in the end she broke Alec out of the Freelancer prison. She sacrificed her own future for a better future that she felt she knew future-Alec (now the only Alec) would build.

When they remove Piron-Alec’s body from the Piron HQ, Kiera cuts out the RFID chip and puts it into Alec. He wants to stay behind and do the right thing with running Piron. He is even willing to let Emily go. Again Jaqueline shows up and seems more annoyed than confused by the whole situation.

Back at the lab, Kiera and Carlos finally find the time for some comic relief. Carlos is her inside man with the police now and he is trying to help with releasing Emily.

It seems the former Freelancer lair will now be used by Liber8. Curtis and the Traveler left it pretty much intact except for the device that got Kiera to this timeline.

Kiera goes looking for Brad in the park where he remembered the bombed-out Vancouver. Ultimately he feels that he wants to and has to know if he succeeded or failed.

When the lights go out in the city, Curtis and The Traveler watch from an apartment and the Traveler’s only words are: “It has begun”.

OK, I think, after watching this episode twice, I am committed to saying Kellog is the Traveler. In the close up of his face it looks like his nose and he has a short beard like the Kellog from 2039.

Now, let me say a couple of words to the last scenes:

I felt like the Beacon that was supposed to prevent a further change and mark an important moment in time also acted like a proper beacon: it showed someone else the way. I think that that was always its intended purpose and Brad was just not informed about that. Remember we are talking about Kellog the worm. Nothing is beneath him and he will do everything to further his own advance. So I think the six robot-y looking things that show up, presumably from Brad’s future, are probably his. He gave Brad the Beacon after all, so he knew what it would do and why he wanted it used. To me, it seems like 2039-Kellog is the one who was always pulling Brad’s strings, just as this Kellog has been pulling Piron-Alec’s.

As far as the success or failure question goes, I think for 2039-Kellog the mission he sent Brad on was a full success. If Brad hadn’t used the beacon it might have been a success for him and Kiera. Now, take a second look at that missionstatement from the beginning: "stabilize the incursion site" are the exact words. That would mean it was/is Brad's mission to make sure the future soldiers arrive safely, if we do consider this the incursion.

To the conversation Kellog and Alec had: Kellog lays it all out. He basically removed Alec from the operation of Piron with the help of Jaqueline. He tells us (and Alec) that his motivation was that Piron-Alec’s behavior seemed problematic and that he was worried about the success of Piron. He does not tell us how much Jaqueline knows about time travel and all that but Kellog has definitely been using her.

To get back to my theme from the beginning: I’m so glad that the show runners chose to knock Alec down a notch and basically put him back where he started in season one: a hideout. This way he, Kiera and the gang will not have the resources of Piron at their command when they fight whoever they are going to fight. I think we can be sure that Kellog will be on their list, but maybe the future soldiers are of more immediate concern and then there are Curtis and the Traveler to consider. This way we have a new (big) bad Goliath in Kellog and Piron which now puts Kiera and Alec in sort of a David role. We also have the Traveler with unknown intentions and the future soldiers who are, just judging by their look, not here to have a picnic. I’m glad because I expect Alec and Emily to have a chance after all to be a couple. I’m glad that Kiera and Brad are serious and I’m glad Rachel Nichols finally gets to show a broader range of her acting talents as she will now hopefully have more emotional scenes with Brad. I’m glad because even though the show is still not renewed yet, they chose to go with the cliffhanger-y setup for next season. I’m glad we didn’t learn the identity of The Traveler yet, because that way we all will have something to think about during the hiatus.

They basically reset the series. New time travelers arrived, what’s left of Liber8 is now sort of an ally of Kiera maybe even part of her “gang”. With new enemies come new allegiances it seems and with new powers come new responsibilities, at least for Kellog.I’m really looking forward to the next season and where they take what they have set up in this finale.

If we look back on the entire season, I liked that they chose Kiera's awakening as the midpoint in the story arc. I appreciate that they tried to move the story away from the tried but old formula of Liber8 vs. VPD and Kiera. That would have gotten old very quick. Change is always difficult on a TV show because you always run the risk of loosing viewers or upsetting your fanbase. But the exact same can happen if you don't change at all. To find a middle ground on this question is not always easy and I appreciate that Continuum took that risk with these changes.

I want to thank all of the readers, commenters and silent supporters of this community. Thank you for many interesting and inspiring discussions about on- and off-topic stuff surrounding Continuum. I hope you all will be back for season 4. I’m not promising anything because you never know, but chances are, I will continue recapping in season 4 if TV.com doesn’t decide to have a staff member do their own reviews. It has been a lot of work but I feel like it was worth it.

See you all back here in about nine months. Or of course in other communities on this site.

And finally let me say THANK YOU to @bubujin_2 for spellchecking this recap. So if you notice that the rate of grammar and spelling mistakes in my text has decreased, it is his achievement. Any mistakes that might still remain, are mine :D
Let me also say thank you for many, many intelligent thoughts on the show on what my recap was lacking and on how to improve.


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