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Aug 24, 2015
Season 4 Premiere Broadcast Online by Showcase
Showcase Canada is now broadcasting the first episode of season 4, from August 21st.
Apr 06, 2014
Continuum : The Story So Far...
So, American audiences finally get to watch Continuum after it being on for 3 weeks in Canada. And wow, does this show deliver. And deliver BIG.

It really speaks to Simon Barry's complex universe that so many different things can be happening all at once and still make sense. Everything we learn in this show or everything that happens always (sort-of) feels organic and never out-of-left-field (at least for me). Which is due, I think, largely in part to the writing and acting.

We got a lot answers but also a lot of questions. The show is about a cop who gets sent back in time with a group of terrorists and needs to get back home. But, is it really about her and them?

The story we know and story in the GRAND SCHEME of things are completely different.

Kiera and Liber8 are obvious pawns on what can ...Read more
Discussion About series similar to CONTINUUM - in the future
Nov 01, 2013
Upcoming Shows (2014): Sense8, The After, and Lantern City
Upcoming Sense8 from theWachowskis, who made The Matrix, V for Vendetta and Cloud Atlas, seem like a close fit to Continuum. It will be a 10 episodes show about mentally linked individuals. This makes me think of eXistenZ (1999)

The After
will follow eight strangers who find themselves forced to work together to survive the moments after the apocalypse. From X-files creator Chris Carter.

To tie this up we have Lantern City, a steampunk adventure from Bruce Boxleitner.

The future looks bright. Better get them steampunk goggles out from the drawer.

What are you hoping for next year? Any new shows that catches your fancy?
Aug 31, 2013
When Paradoxes occur new timelines are created, but are there other reasons for timelines to occur? Star Trek: The Next Generation put up an episode in season six, episode 11 entitled "Parallels", in which it stated that there is a theory in quantum physics that says, "For every choice we encounter in life, a new timeline is spun off until another choice comes along, and then the process is repeated again and again throughout one's lifetime." This seems a bit much considering how many people there are and how many choices are encountered in a lifetime, but when you consider just how much room there is in infinity, it is theoretically possible. That would mean that there are millions upon millions of alternate timelines for each person in our single universe. Whether this is true, or not is a moot point, since it is neither provable, nor has ever ...Read more
Aug 30, 2013
Hey, anyone watch SyFy's "Rewind" this week?
There's a new kid in town, Rewind, on Sy Fy channel, and it may be a one-timer, or a new series. The TV movie aired on SyFy this week, and I for one really enjoyed it. It started out as a bit of a rip-off of UPN's "Seven Days", then settled into its own.

Unfortunately for TV Sci-Fi these days, you've got to get to it quickly and dazzle us with your brilliance, or folks will quickly tune out. So a lot of corners are cut to get to the chase. That's how Rewind came off from the beginning. If you have a possibly unstable time travel device in house, you need to proceed with caution--unless somebody decides to nuke New York to get the ball in play. This was where the similarity between "Seven Days" and Rewind came into play, but then the movie took ...Read more
Aug 05, 2013
Thoughts on the Continuum Finale?

For all the Canadians who just watched the finale, I was just curious about your thoughts on the episode? (I will try to keep mine spoiler free!) Wow though, that was a bit of an insane episode. I was both a little confused and shocked, which is great because I was starting to get bored the last few episodes. I cannot wait for the next season now!

Jul 05, 2013
Is the second season better than the first?

When I first heard about Continuum before it aired in the states, I marathon-ed all of the episodes I had missed and eagerly anticipated the next weeks episode (all legal of course NSA/FBI). Then I watched the episodes again when the SciFi channel aired them. I loved the show, but sometimes it felt a little flat. So far in this season, I haven't had that thought even once. The acting and the writing just seem much more crisp this season. I'm not sure if it's because they shook off the nervous jitter cobwebs, or because somehow Rachel Nichols has gotten even hotter this season, but I definitely feel like this season is much more fluid than the first. Thoughts? Agreements that Keira is super-er sexier and flows better? Hard nos with pitch-forked angry mob riots?

Jun 26, 2013
Welcome to the Continuum community!

As the title says, welcome! I didn't start this, but I'm glad to see Continuum gaining ground!

Spam your friends! Spam youtube, let's get this page up to 10,000+ members :D

- Jasper.

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Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols), a Vancouver City Protective Services officer, is transported from the year 2077 to 2012 when eight ruthless terrorists, known as Liber8, attempt to escape execution through time travel.

With the help of 17 year old tech genius Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen) and VPD officer Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster), Kiera must survive in our time period, and capture Liber8 before they can alter the course of history and change the future.