Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2012 on Syfy

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  • Pebble on the beach

    I rewatched the final episode yesterday tot prepare for the new season. It was as I remebered it, a great final with good cliffhangers. Like, is Alec a good or bad guy or do those distinctions not exist in this series?

    I loved the pebble and tsunami story as it reminded me of a brilliant one in Babylon 5: 'The avalanche has already started; it is too late for the pebbles to vote '. Pebbles from two sides of the ocean.
  • Breathtaking conclusion!

    This season finale was unbelievably entertaining and so suspenseful! And it finished off absolutely spectacularly with an amazing cliffhanger that has got me impatiently waiting for season 2.

    The events that occurred were really interesting, and there were multiple cliffhangers - one with Sonya and what she was up to, and then the biggest one of all for Alec to discover.

    It is just too good!

    I hope Season 2 is near! I can't wait!
  • I agree its pretty bad

    Aredo3604 I agree with most of what you say. I don't want to sound hyperbolic, but I agree that it makes her enough of an unsympathetic character that I'm not really interested in watching the second season anymore. It also pretty much makes it impossible for the show to end well. Assuming she does make it home she has to admit to her husband and son that she had an affair while she was away. Lets assume her husband turns out to be evil she didn't know that at the time and she also still betrayed her son.

    Aredo3604, I'm not sure about you but the main reason I find this disappointing was becuase it takes a charter who has one of the stronger female heroines on TV and makes her pretty unheroic. Betraying your husband and young son pretty much makes you a louse.
  • Suspension of disbelief officially gone

    A shoulder wound kills a guy outright? The SWAT team just decides to snipe a guy that may or may not be the ringleader? Seriously? Tighten up the writing, folks.
  • Kiera having sex with Kellogg is the show jumping the shark. It's over.

    The creator/showrunner/executive producer Simon Barry and his crew of writers killed the show. They wasted the main character Kiera negating all previous episodes flashbacks to show us her morals and her being a soldier.

    For the lamest possible "shock factor" sex scene ever they wasted Kiera turning her into a crying w*ore that all of a sudden goes to terrorist Kellogg to have sex with him.. Only an hack could write such lame soap trying to sell it as sci-fi.

    Everything else doesn't matter anymore. The whole plot and characters just fell apart.

    There is no way to fix it. The only option they had of another Kiera from an alternate timeline going to Kellogg.. there's no chance for that, writers not up the task.

    Just like the mess with Stargate Universe that was a soap Melrose Place in space and fake sci-fi.

    You can't turn a sci-fi show main character into a soap show one all of a sudden and expect things to work. Nothing works on the show anymore!

    Everything that it was written about Kiera has been wasted in a couple minutes.

    Simon Barry and the whole production crew need to be fired. Simon Barry should stick to soaps. Don't know who wrote the previous episodes for Simon Barry but surely someone else and then he must have thought of writing it on his own instead.. and it shows.

    Simon Barry you are a shame! Just like those that ruined Stargate Universe failing franchise fans expectations completely.

    This show doesn't deserve a second season anymore.

    It's time to cancel it already. Simon Barry screwed it up completely.