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    [1]Apr 2, 2014
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    This is a rather touchy subject but I have been wondering for a while, and I am an American so bear with me, if the American society is heading down the path towards a future like the one in Continuum?

    Our government is being funded and often controlled by the corporations and their CEOs and these same CEOs and their kin are currently above reproach by the law (Ethan Couch- vehicular manslaughter and Robert Richards IV-rape of his 3 year old daughter being only two examples) as well as there truly being no regulation on the corporation's actions. Could this governmental reliance on the corporations and attitude towards those privileged to be a part of them be leading to our fall into the future which we are shown on Continuum?

    Are the budgets currently proposed ones that could lead us into the sort of debt system shown in the series, where there is basically a system of indentured servitude for the people and forced poverty?

    Finally, if this system occurred, would you actually fight against it, like Liber8, or would you simply become a complacent citizen within the new regime, never directly challenging the rulers?

    I realise that this is a stretch and it does not follow the course of action explained in the show, but do you think that it is possible?

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    [2]Apr 14, 2014
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    Also as an American, I believe you can see similarities between where current policy is headed, in relation to corporate rights, the role of money in politics, and efforts to suppress the well as the exponential improvement in technology that allows the type of surveillance we see depicted in the show....and I think you have your answer. Democracy as it stands now is already on it's death-throws....anyone who actually thinks their vote actually matters is hallucinating as the political process is already owned by the money'ed interests...sure there may be 1 or 2 politicians willing to stand up to the corporations, but IMO that's just show to make people feel they are being looked out for. As far as fighting against this type of system...I think that by the time we get to this point it'll be my children fighting for their stolen rights. BTW, I love the show...and rather surprised that it has lasted this long considering it's content relevant to effects currently unfolding.

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