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Season 3 episode 1 (spoilers)

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    [1]Mar 17, 2014
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    Wow just wow.

    awesome episode, if a little weird at first,

    and then my mind just sploded in the final 5 minutes.

    esher poof 'gone' ? and by that person, how did kellog get her to do it ? or was that 'original adam' ?

    and alt keira just wow i cannot believe they tied that little issue up so neatly ! kiera shot her self but not her self...

    but no explanation of that 'dead' guy coming back...he was pretty dead right ?

    anyone else confused a little ?

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    [2]Mar 18, 2014
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    The Asian dude is from the past, at least from what I understand. He will go on and become a terrorist in the future, but his current 2014 self is the *real* him, the first him.

    It was a good episode but I feel like they kind of rushed things, I would've prefered this to be stretched to an hour episode or split into two episodes with a little more explanation and taking their time. A lot of things just happened one after another with little to no connecting scenes.

    I just hope the show goes back to season 1's big bad: Alec Sadler. I'm really not sure what they're doing, have been doing and will do with Esher though. His character at this point seems like a filler and complete waste. Especially since he's dead in this timeline.
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    [3]Mar 24, 2014
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    I agree that Episode 1 was a lot to take in. I have just watched Episode 2 and I think it was really great. I like the new darker tone and the photography has changed as well.

    I wouldn't put any character out of the picture for good, even if they die, especially if they belong to a family whose business is time travel!

    There are very few shows which keep me interested, rather than just entertained, but this is one of them.

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