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what do the dods really mean? (spoiler alert for continuum season 2 episode 10)

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    [1]Jul 19, 2013
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    the dead guy in the morgue had them, Esher has them, and after re-watching last weeks episode, Isaw that Curtis Chenalso had them..

    A few episodes back, Esher told Kira that they were a mark of the freelancer time travelers, but I guessthat would make Curtis a freelancer posing as a liber8 member??

    I don't remember seeing the marks on any of the other liber8?smembershands, andKellog clearly did not know about the freelancers, as I remember him puzzling about ita few episodes ago when his new business venture was taken from under his nose by Esher.

    At any rate this could mean thatthereare more freelancer"sleeper agents" not onlyin the liberate terrorist group, but also incharacters previously thought to be from this time...

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    You must be watching it in Canada because U seem to be at the episode I just saw. I was wondering the same thing. I mean is that guy really dead or not? Escher? Who is he or better when is he from? I wonder possibly if he is Kiera's son? Problem with time travel is...once the tech is out there it can be used for good and evil. I just do not see where this season is going. Last season made sense. This season has way too many irons in the fire and little answers...I still like it but am having a hard time seeing where it is going.

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