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Season 1 Episode 4

Matter of Time

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 17, 2012 on Syfy
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The murder of a scientist working on developing a source of clean energy forces Keira to make a difficult choice - do the right thing or preserve the future. Meanwhile, Edouard Kagame arrives in 2012 and Kiera and Carlos are determined to find him before Liber8.

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  • Superb storyline!

    This was yet another brilliant instalment of Continuum! This show is getting better and better - which is saying something because it was so great to begin with!

    I really enjoyed the whole storyline and there were some surprising developments there towards the end!

    Wonder if anyone else got blasted back in time?

    Can't wait for the next episode! Very, very good show!
  • Getting better and more complex

    Those who give this show a hard time because they don't know who to side with need to grow a brain and think a little. It's pretty obvious where the general story arc of the show will head, I am interested to see how Kiera will react when she realizes that her future is flawed. Because changing the future will mean rendering her family extinct. I want to see where this is heading, and each episode seems to be getting more layered and better than the last. Don't hate on this show because you are too closed minded to see that it is smarter and more entertaining than just about anything else being transmitted in DVBT!

    Keep watching this one guys and gals, its gonna be a cracker.moreless
Zahf Paroo

Zahf Paroo


Guest Star

Jesse Moss

Jesse Moss

Shane Mathers

Guest Star

Mayko Nguyen

Mayko Nguyen

Dr. Melissa Dobeck

Guest Star

Brian Markinson

Brian Markinson

Inspector Dillon

Recurring Role

Jennifer Spence

Jennifer Spence

Betty Robertson

Recurring Role

Richard Harmon

Richard Harmon

Julian Randol

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Kiera: You're under arrest.
      Kagame: For what?
      Kiera: For what you're going to do.
      Kagame: How do you know what I'm going to do?
      Kiera: Given your past history and your indiscretions, play God, change history.
      Kagame: I've spent my entire life making decisions that could affect millions. That's what I do.

    • Carlos: What's your guess?
      Kiera: Motive? Too early to tell.
      Carlos: Oh, play along.
      Kiera: Well, you clearly have a theory and you clearly want to tell me.
      Carlos: You first.
      Kiera: Fine. You think he murdered Ames and covered up the crime, but based on what evidence?
      Carlos: Based on listening to my gut. You should try it sometime.
      Kiera: I listen.
      Carlos: No. You watch and you calculate. Which is a good tactic, but I think you should trust your instincts a little.

    • (seeing a news piece showing Kagame)
      Kiera: That's Edouard Kagame.
      Carlos: The leader of the gang?
      Kiera: It's heart and soul. He's the one behind all of their activity. We need to stop this broadcast.
      Betty: It's already been in rotation, like 40 minutes.
      Kiera: Then it's only a matter of time before the killing begins in earnest.
      Carlos: Unless we find him first.

    • Maddie: (looking at dress in shop) Wow.
      Kellog: You like that?
      Maddie: It's freaking beautiful.
      Kellog: Let's go try it on.
      Maddie: Wait. You know, my mom and I, we're really grateful for your helping to fix up the house and paying off the mortgage,'re, like, old enough to be my dad.
      Kellog: It's not, it's not like that. Nothing like that. At all. I told you, your father looked out for me. He was kinda like an older brother. I know how hard you and your mama had it since he died. I'm just trying to pay it forward.
      Maddie: (smiles) Okay. Good.
      Kellog: Okay. Let's go try on some dresses. Hey, just do me one favor, okay?
      Maddie: What's that?
      Kellog: When you have a grandson one day, and you will, promise me you'll let him jump on the bed and eat lots of candy, okay?
      Maddie: Okay, I promise.

    • Broker: Your timing has been spectacular.
      Kellog: Well, maybe I'm from the future and know what's about to happen.
      Broker: (laughs) Yeah, well future or not, you, my friend, are now a very rich man.
      Kellog: (hands Broker a slip of paper) Here are the new companies I want you to invest in.
      Broker: Synthetic boot production? Disaster insurance bonds? What are you expecting, the end of the world?
      Kellog: Something like that.

    • Kagame: Who has been in charge in my absence?
      Travis: I have.
      Kagame: You've lost soldiers.
      Travis: We've become more vigilant.
      Kagame: We have to be. There's a war coming.
      Sonya: How can you be so sure?
      Kagame: Because we're going to start it.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: October 18, 2012 on Syfy/Syfy HD
      United States: February 4, 2013 on Syfy
      Australia: March 7, 2013 on SCI FI
      Sweden: March 14, 2014 on TV6